[Video] Tear Council’s ‘Anywhere’


Tear Council    Anywhere   Official Video    YouTube

The gloriously retro début single from ex-Van She man Matt Van Schie and ex-Van She man Touch Sensitive, Tear Council’s Anywhere, has not as a spanking new music video to go with it’s lavish, emotional SynthPop.

Miška Mandić directs the clip, a suitably vintage affair that pains the duo with a sixties spy thriller performance vibe featuring a guest appearance from backing vocalist Holiday Sidewinder.

Tear Council’s Anywhere is out now.

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[Video] Chløë Black’s ’27 Club’


Chløë Black   27 Club  Official Video    YouTube

Moody SynthPop songstress Chløë Black’s rousing 27 Club first broke ground mid-last year, but it now due for a proper single release next month, in advance of which here’s the brand new video.

British director Calum Macdiarmid helms the clip featuring a monochrome, film noir, vibe.

Chløë Black’s 27 Club is released 26th April.

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[Video] Johan Agebjörn’s ‘You Passed Through’


JOHAN AGEBJORN   YOUNG GALAXY   You Passed Through   YouTube

Sweedish ElectroPop superstar Johan Agebjörn’s new album of quieter, more introspective pieces, Notes, is our now. The albums collaboration with Young Galaxy, You Passed Through, has got itself an companion video.

Directed by Jarrett Sitter, the clip is a dreamlike, shadow theatre animation. The perfect melancholic accompaniment.

Johan Agebjörn’s Notes Is our now.

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[Video] Flight Facilities’ ‘Down To Earth’


Flight Facilities   Down To Earth   YouTube

The title track from Australian DiscoPop duo Flight Facilities’ amazingly infectious album Down To Earth has got itself a brand new video. Check it out below.

The clip was directed by Rhett Wade and features Sam Rockwell getting his groove on to out-Weapon Of Choice Christopher Walken.

Flight Facilities’ Down To Earth is out now.

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[Video] Divine Knights’ ‘Let’s Get Started’


Divine Knights   Let s Get Started   YouTube

Australian SynthPop outfit Divine Knights have a new single in the offing. The retro flavoured Let’s Get Started is released today, and here’s the music video to support it.

Glossy and glamorous, the video is a slick performance clip that takes it’s inspiration from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Divine Knights’ Let’s Get Started is out now.

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[Video] Madeon’s ‘Pay No Mind’


Madeon   Pay No Mind ft. Passion Pit   YouTube

French wunderkind Madeon is like a proper Pop star now, with a proper video and everything., Here’s the clip for his new single with Passion Pit, Pay No Mind.

Well, someone’s investing in Madeon. This video is a glossy and expensive special effects laden blockbuster.

Pay No Mind is take from Madeon’s début album, Adventure, our soon.

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[Video] Prides’ ‘Higher Love’


Prides   Higher Love   YouTube

Glaswegian ElectroPopsters and Blog Sound Of 2015 shortlisters Prides have a new single on the approach. Higher Love is an epic SynthPop ditty that pits blippy keys against a majestic anthem. The best of both worlds!

Check out the video directed by Ian Greenhill and Jordan Laird. Best gig ever!

Prides’ ‘Higher Love’ is released 23rd March.

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[Video] MNEK’s ‘The Rhythm’


MNEK   The Rhythm   YouTube

MNEK bass fuelled new single, The Rhythm, is due to drop next month; loaded with jump-up beats and warping synth bass alongside his instantly recognisable vocals. It’s not a new track, but the new release comes with a shiny new video.

Check the video as shop assistant MNEK is amused by various flying dancers.

MNEK’s The Rhythm is released 15ht March.

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[Video] Satin Jackets’ ‘Shine On You’


Satin Jackets feat Esser   Shine On You  Official Video    YouTube

A couple of days ago we made some noise about the MiGHty mOUse and Ben Macklin reMixes of Satin Jackets and Esser’s forthcoming new single, Shine On You. Now check out the new video for the track. Visuals!

The clip is directed by Chris Ullens with funky animation over vintage video. Nice.

Satin Jackets’ Shine On You is out now.

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[Video] Vanbot’s ‘Trooper’


Vanbot   Trooper  Official Video    YouTube

The utterly amazing Vanbot is back. Our favourite Scandinavian has a new album forthcoming. Her long awaited sophomore record is due out later this year, but ahead of that check out the awesome Trooper, the new single, a massive, emotional, ElectroPop tune.

Directed by Rikkard Häggbom, the song’s video is a monochrome and moody classy treatment that feels comfortably nostalgic.

Vanbot’s Trooper is out now.

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