[Video] Todd Terje’s ‘Leisure Suit Preben’


TODD TERJE   Leisure Suit Preben  sort of official video    YouTube

Leisure Suit Preben is taken from Norwegian Cosmic Disco king Todd Terje’s frankly stunning new album, It’s Album Time. A playful slice of jazzy Disco with a lean Italo bass.

Espen Friberg & Emil Høgset direct this ‘sort of official’ video, following a day in the life of Preben.

Todd Terje’s It’s Album Time is out now.

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[Video] Factory Floor’s ‘How You Say’


Factory Floor  How You Say   official music video    YouTube

Here’s the video for DFA Abrasive AcidElectroPoppers Factory Floor’s new single How You Say. An energetic and hypnotic slice of IndustroPop with a House groove.

The clip was directed buy Dan Tombs & Nik Colk Void and features singer Void on TV and loads of stripes.

Factory Floor’s How You Say is released 14th April.

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[Video] Blank Paper’s ‘Ambien’



Brooklyn based SynthPoppers Blank Paper are about to release their new EP, the follow up to last years Tape Dreams EP. the lead tune, Ambien, is an insanely good, catchy, raw, ElectroPop stormer with an epic chorus.

Directed by Patrice Lighter, here’s the video for the track, a New York noir that sees the band coming to conflict.

Blank Paper’s new EP is out soon.

Check out more from Blank Paper on SoundCloud.

[Video] Mirror Kisses’ ‘Genius’


Mirror Kisses   Genius  Official  on Vimeo

The track Genius is the subject of the new video from ElectroPoppers Mirror Kisses. A driving retro Synth Pop monster that taken from the outfit’s free album, Heartbeats.

The video was put together by George Clanton (Mirror Kisses), Adrain Harris, Brendon Hall and Robb Payne and features the contacting footage of a monochrome mural and Mirror Kisses Technicolor performance.

Mirror Kisses’ Heartbeats is out now.

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[Video] Psychemagik’s ‘Black Noir Schwarz’


Psychemagik   Black Noir Schwarz  OFFICIAL VIDEO    YouTube

Bass heavy, imposing, House with a swing now from Psychemagik. His new single, Black Noir Schwarz, and both eerie and funky in equal quantities.

Charley Bayliss directs the track’s video, which really takes the title and runs with it.

Psychemagik’s Black Noir Schwarz is out now.

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[Video] Clean Bandit’s ‘Extraordinary’


Clean Bandit   Extraordinary feat. Sharna Bass   YouTube

DancePop powerhouse Clean Bandit team up with Sharna Bass for their new single, Extraordinary. A House lite ElectroPop tune so catchy there’s no way it won’t chart.

Anna Patarakina and Daria Novickay put the clip together, which is just all kinds of chaos in Cuba.

Clean Bandit’s Extraordinary is released 19th May.

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[Video] Florrie’s ‘Free Falling’


Florrie. Free Falling      YouTube

Bristol’s finest ElectroPop export, Florrie has unleashed another track and video from her forthcoming Sirens EP. Free Falling is full fat SynthPop power.

Directed by Jack A. Bowden, which seems to be about how rich people live.

Florrie’s Sirens EP is due out in Spring.

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[Video] Joakim’s ‘On The Beach’


- Joakim   On The Beach  Official Video    Vidéo Dailymotion

Here’s the video for Tigersushi boss man Joakim’s awesome moody ElectroPop tune On The Beach, a cover of the Neil Young track.

Joakim’s put the clip together himself, a collection seemingly random of stark imagery, on the beach.

Joakim’s On The Beach is out now.

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[Video] Labyrinth Ear’s ‘Urchin’


Labyrinth Ear   Urchin  Official Music Video    YouTube

It’s another new video from London based ElectroPop duo Labyrinth Ear, hot on the heels of their new single Crescent Moon. This one’s called Urchin, slightly more abstract but backed with a pulsating ethereal Italo groove you may remember from last year.

Sébastien Rippon directs the clip, set against gorgeous Parisian architecture and chilly winter.

Labyrinth Ear’s The Orchid Room is released 14th April.

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