[Audio] Betamaxx’s ‘Dreamer’



It’s nearly time for the release of the new album from Pittsburgh based SynthWaver Betamaxx. The new full length records, titled Plug & Play, is due out later this month via Telefuture Records and promises some gloriously vintage synth sounds if this just unleashed teaser is anything to go by. Featuring vocal work from Rat Rios, check out album track Dreamer.

Kicking off with an authentically 80s synth riff, Dreamer bodes well for the forthcoming album. A warm and catchy track in which Betamaxx’s lush retro SynthPop is perfectly paired with Rat Rio’s particularly 80s sounding vocal arrangement. Driving and energetic, the track builds and builds toward it choruses which explode in a cascade of energy. An absolute must for SynthPop lovers. We can’t wait for the LP.

♫ Betamaxx (Feat. Rat Rios) – Dreamer

Betamaxx’s Plug & Play album is released 12th March.

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[Audio] Let Em Riot’s ‘We Were Young’



LA Dreamwave hero Let Em Riot is back with another new cut from his forthcoming new EP, Lines. He’s already teased with The Manual at the start of the month which already had us excited for Lines’ March release, this new tune just whets our appetite even more. Check out We Were Young.

We Were Young takes us back to everything we love about Let Em Riot; beautiful, emotional songwriting and authentic sounding, non-pastiche, retro electronics. It’s a stripped back tune, serving up the core elements of Let Em Riot’s sound and utilizing them to their fullest. Sparse synths and a choice beat deliver an introspective soundtrack for Alan’s heartfelt performance. Great stuff!

♫ Let Em Riot – We Were Young

Let Em Riot’s Lines EP is released 10th March.

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[Audio] Miles Prower’s ‘These Waves Between Us’ and ‘Lock And Load’


Miles Prower

Bristol’s finest SynthWave export Miles Prower is back in business with two new tracks. Both recently revealed tune are taken from the forthcoming new Prower EP, Azurea. Azurea is due to drop this spring, but you can check out these two track, These Waves Between Us and the Dana Jean Phoenix featuring Local And Load right now. Check ‘em out.

These Waves Between Us is a departure from Prowers previous 80s-influenced sounds into something that sound pretty authentic. A lot of SynthWave has the 80s heavily in it’s DNA, but by no means actually sounds like something from that decade, These Waves Between Us starts to creep slowly in that direction. It’s got that 90s Trance arrangement that seems to be central to the SynthWave sound, but makes it more organic with Electro Soul beats and a Boogie bassline. However, the Prower is at it’s best with vocals and Lock And Load puts Dana Jean Phoenix’s voice to work hard for a dramatic and haunting electronic excursion. A theatrical tune that brings together 80s Sci-Fi soundtracks and 90s Pop to keep the listener enchanted.

♫ Miles Prower – These Waves Between Us

♫ Miles Prower (Feat Dana Jean Phoenix) – Local And Load

Miles Prower’s Azurea EP is out this Spring.

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[Download] Polygrim’s ‘Memories That Hurt’



Ukrainian artist Volodymyr Dzitsiuk A.K.A. Polygrim has just hopped on-board with the Synth Records posse for the release of his latest offering. The Pivot EP is seven tracks of intricate electronic beatscapes (yup, just invented the word ‘beatscapes’, deal with it), the lead track on the EP being Memories That Hurt. Check it out.

Memories That Hurt perfectly shows off Polygrim’s skills. It neatly delivers on two levels. One is a hazy and dreamlike synthesizer odyssey, layered with rich pads and warbling leads, the other compelling future R&B beats and rolling basslines. The result is very a Röyksopp-esque symphony sound. Memories That Hurt is quite the narrative composition, laying out a story as it’s densely packed arrangement unfurls. Definitely one to check out if your a lover of chilled synthesizer music.

Polygrim – Memories That Hurt

Polygrim’s Pivot EP is out now.

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[Download] Chromatics’ ‘Just Like You’



Johnny Jewel’s amazing Chromatics have announced the release of their forthcoming new album. Titled Dear Tommy, the follow up to 2012’s dreamy Kill For Love, is due out in a month and is eagerly anticipated by just about everyone we know. Johnny has taken to SoundCloud to announce the release and give away the albums first single, Just Like You as a free download. Check it out.

Just Like You is just the first in a string of new singles. Jewel will be releasing one a week until the albums March release and he has certainly chosen a belter to kick things off with. A swirling electronic symphony blessed with sweet vocals and lush (like, really lush) synths over a smooth steady beat. It’s an intoxicating SynthPop dream with a dark undertone. We’re very much looking forward to the album.

Chromatics – Just Like You

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[Download] AIMES’ ‘Harmonique Cosmique’



Harmonique Cosmique is the latest single from one of our faves, Brooklyn’s Discomeister AIMES. Goin’ all musical high-brow, the man had dropped a concept single where he delivers four version of the same track, all targeted toward different dancefloors. There’s the AM Version, the Beach Version, the Late Night Version and the Disco Version; which you can check out below.

The Disco Version of Harmonique Cosmique plays to AIMES strength. It’s a synthetic Robo-Disco masterpiece, loaded with vintage futurism and late 70s/early 80s Sci-Fi Disco tropes all wrapped up in some sick synthesizer funk. The machine bass commands you to dance while all manner of popping and zapping electro plays out over a  tapestry of attention seeking lead lines. Upbeat and energetic, this is AIMES’ comfort zone and he nails it.

AIMES – Harmonique Cosmique (Disco Version)

AIMES’ Harmonique Cosmique is out now.

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[Audio] Let Em Riot’s ‘The Manual’



Although he’s been busy recently with his new band Moderns, Dreamwave genius Alan Oakes hasn’t forgot about the moniker that made us fall in love with his music. Let Em Riot is back with a brand new EP, which is pretty damn exciting news! Lines will be available in March, but here’s a taste of what’s to come in the form of the EP’s lead track, The Manual. Get involved!

The Manual clearly shows off why Let Em Riot stands head and shoulders above his contemporaries. Rich and involving retro SynthPop, loaded with buoyant synths and skippy beats, carries the song; spiky synth bass and sparking chines flowing in that organic way Let Em Riot coaxes from his machines while Alan puts in one of his top emotional vocal performances. A very welcome return indeed.

♫ Let Em Riot – The Manual

Let Em Riot’s Lines EP is released 10th March.

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[Audio] God Made ME Funky’s ‘So Complicated’


God Made ME Funky

It seems that when Dana Jean Phoenix isn’t being a retro Pop star, or the voice of choice of the SynthWave scene, the Torontonian is part of eight-piece Funk collective God Made ME Funky. A brief skirt through their back catalogue revels an Acid Jazz heavy collection of smooth Funk and R&B grooves, but Dana recently uploaded a new tune to her SoundCloud page, and it’s pure ElectroPop brilliance. It would appear he SynthWave is starting to affect the rest of her band!

So Complicated is vintage Soul Pop gold. Hints of Jam & Lewis, Chromeo and even Five Star glisten though the track as thick, nostalgic, synths rub shoulders with wicked little licks and the occasional talkbox accompaniment. Dana is at her 80s finest here and her huge vocal is perfectly balanced in the track; there’s a lot going on here, but it never feels cluttered. This is the first we’d heard from God Made ME Funky, but we’ll definitely be checking out their new album, Funky Fly ‘N’ Free, when it’s released in March.

♫ God Made ME Funky – So Complicated

God Made ME Funky’s Funky Fly ‘N’ Free is released 24th March,

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[Audio] Satin Jackets’ ‘Shine On You’ reMixed by Ben Macklin and MiGHty mOUse


Satin Jackets

Early next month Eskimo Recordings drops the new single from German Disco dons Satin Jackets. This new one featured vocals from London based crooner Esser, and the already awesome single comes backed with two even awesomer reMixes. Satin Jackets sure know how to pick ‘em as they serve up reworks from two of our favourite producers around right now. SynthWave maestro Ben Macklin and Cosmic Disco don MiGHty mOUse. Check out the reMixes of Shine On You.

The Macklin Dub eases you into it’s laid back groove with dreamy tones and sample snatches. Soon you;’e treated to a warm House vibe. Laid back and too cool for school, this reMix strips things back to pure dancefloor necessities and utilises them to full effect. Countering a deep bass with shimmering chines, Macklin offers up a chilled House anthem that we’re going to save for those lazy summer nights. MiGHty mOUse’s take on the tune immediately drops you into high energy Sci-Fi Disco territory. This in turn get peppered with classic UK House elements; the raw Cosmic bass playing up against sparkling arpeggios. As the Esser’s vocals glide frictionless across this soundtrack, things are taken to the next level with an array of soaring leads that lend the track in intense and euphoric dramatic quality. There’s a perfectly times build too. Amazing stuff.

♫ Satin Jackets (Feat. Esser) – Shine On You (Ben Macklin Dub)

♫ Satin Jackets (Feat. Esser) – Shine On You (MiGHty mOUse reMix)

Satin Jackets’ Shine On You is released 2nd February.

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[Download] Nude Disco edits Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder’s ‘Be My Lover Now’



London synth Disco collective Nude Disco are gearing up for the release of their second compilation album. Out soon, if Selections Vol. 2 is anything like the first album we’re in for a treat. To hype thing up a bit, Vern is releasing some of his own edits to get your musical juices flowing. First up is this stomping dancefloor take on Lord Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder’s third single from their self titled 1984 album; Be My Lover Now.

This is an edit in the truest sense of the word. Vern has taken what works best from his years of DJing experience, taken the track apart, and re-rolled it into the kind of thing that packs his monthly Brixton club night. Bigger sounding beats, bigger sounding bass, driving hi-hats; but leaving the spirit of the song intact; ‘cos you don’t fuck with Oakey and Moroder. The result is a nice crate secret weapon. Apparently there’s more on the way.

Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder – Be My Lover Now (Nude Disco Re-Edit)

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