[Video] Mirror Kisses’ ‘Genius’


Mirror Kisses   Genius  Official  on Vimeo

The track Genius is the subject of the new video from ElectroPoppers Mirror Kisses. A driving retro Synth Pop monster that taken from the outfit’s free album, Heartbeats.

The video was put together by George Clanton (Mirror Kisses), Adrain Harris, Brendon Hall and Robb Payne and features the contacting footage of a monochrome mural and Mirror Kisses Technicolor performance.

Mirror Kisses’ Heartbeats is out now.

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[Audio] Chrome Sparks’ ‘Goddess’



Out soon via Future Classic is the new EP from Brooklyn’s Chrome Sparks, Goddess. Chrome Sparks music is always an interesting proposition. Cosmic analog synthesizer goodness, much like the other Brooklyn based Chrome, washed over the title track of the release. Check it out below.

Goddess truly is a galactic SynthWave journey, stopping off at Italo, Disco and cinematic Space Synth. Beautiful, undulating synth sounds and sweeping pads glide through a star-field of  distant arpeggios and gentle drums. Like a soundtrack the tune rises and falls with it’s narrative, carrying with it a sense of drama as Goddess speeds toward it’s distorted synth crescendo. Amazing, emotional, stuff from Chrome Sparks, we can;t wait for the whole EP.

♫ Chrome Sparks – Goddess

Chrome Sparks’ Goddess EP is released 24th April

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[Download] Luke Million reMixes Midnight Pool Party’s ‘Linger’


Midnight Pool Party

We do love a Luke Million reMix. The Australian Italo-Disco producer always goes to the synth next-level. Out this week is his reMix from fellow Aussies Midnight Pool Party and their new single Linger. We found the original of the track a little tame, in a by-the-numbers way, but no fear, Mr. Million is here it inject the tune with his particular brand of synthesizer love.

Leading in and out with the originals Disco lick, Luke Million eschews the original’s Indie-Pop vibe for a deeply funky Italo style. Heaping vocoded versions of the vocals with undulating and soaring synth leads gives the track a much needed epic quality. We could listen to those magical keys all day and Luke Million shreds his way though SynthWave solos set to his carefree Disco beats.

Midnight Pool Party – Linger (Luke Million reMix)

Midnight Pool Party’s Linger is out now.

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[Audio] Blende’s ‘Paramount’



London based Swede Blende is at it again. Having pinched the top spot of our favourite tracks of 2013 with his storming single Rikki, Johan is releasing a brand new EP later this month vie Eskimo Recordings. Titled Paramount, the EP boasts three new original tracks, each packed with uplifting and funky vibes. Have a listen to a couple of them below.

The EP’s title track nicely blends (pun intended) a Disco funk with some slick SynthWave. With, what feels like, a decidedly British Pop slant, this five minutes of synthesiser bliss rolls with a mid-80s flavour pushing synth solos and popping electro toms to the forefront and then couples that with a late 70s piano Disco groove. It’s heady combination that is sure to be stuck on repeat.  Elsewhere on the EP you’ll find Plush, which sees Blende going even further into cinematic 80s synth territory. Heavy synth bass and plucky synthesized guitars conjure the best in 80s straight-to-video Sci-Fi to mind. Sweeping keys pick up the track’s mood while sparkling melodies dance around the dystopian soundtrack. Heavy, but optimistic stuff. Another killer release from Blende.

♫ Blende – Paramount

♫ Blende – Plush

Blende’s Paramount EP is released 7th April.

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[Audio] Starcadian reMixes Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’



When he’s not releasing one of the best albums around right now, New York SynthWaver Starcadian does a nice line in reMixes too. Although they tend to be few and far between, he always knocks it out of the park. the latest subject for one of his Sci-Fi Disco makeovers is Katy Perry’s single Dark Horse.

Rich. That’s the best work to describe this reMix. Rich and enthralling. Thick, rousing synths and Starcadian’s particular brand of orchestrated strings blend together with a seasoning of Cosmic zaps and pows to create a warm, emotionally evocative synthesizer soundtrack. Perfect for a slightly modulated version of Ms. Perry’s vocals, and a hint of Starcadian’s vocoder wizardry. Pure magic.

♫ Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Starcadian reMix)

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[Audio] Timecop1983′s ‘Hold Me’



Dutch SynthWaver Timecop1983’s new EP, Daydreaming, is the next release on Futurecop!’s new WeAreTheFuture imprint. If you want some laid back, nostalgic vibes to ease you from your work-a-day week into a chilled weekend then you’ve come to the right place. Press play, lie back, and dream.

Featuring the vocals of Hannah Edwards, Hold Me serves up a plethora of pulsating synths, smoothly easing the track ever onward amidst a sea of shimmering pads and razor sharp keys. Slow and steady, this track swirls around you, helped by Ms Edwards smokey vocal. It’s got kinda’ high school vibe, a bit raw, a bit naive, but that’s part of it’s charm. An enveloping track on an interesting EP.

♫ Timecop1983’s (Feat. Hannah Edwards) – Hold Me

Timecop1983’s new EP is out 28th March.

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[Video] Teals Boy’s ‘Dream Machine’


Tesla Boy   Dream Machine   YouTube

Dream Machine, the opening track from Russian Dreamwavers Tesla Boy’s amazing The Universe Made Of Darkness album has got itself a shiny new official video. Does this mean it’s forthcoming as a single? Who knows, but check out the clip below.

Daniil Kochkin directs the video, an atmospheric journey with a lost girl.

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[Audio] Plastic Plates’ ‘Nothing Like You’



Hot on the heels of his collaboration with Sam Sparro, here’s Felix Bloxsom, better known as Plastic Plates’ new single. Getting it;s long awaited release at the end of the week on Sweat It Out!’s Club sweat imprint, Nothing Like You serves up five minutes of feel-good party sounds to kick you into the summer.

Slickly spreading some punchy Nu-Disco keys over a rock solid House beat, Felix brings the irresistible dance vibes to your speakers with this one. A chopped-up, soulful, vocal sample neatly ties the track together while warping synths bubble in and out of focus, allowing the track to ebb and flow with them. All underpinned with a stuttering funky bassline, Nothing Like You is a dancefloor workhorse that’s guaranteed to keep ‘em happy every-time.

♫ Plastic Plates – Nothing Like You

Plastic Plates’ Nothing Like You is released 21st March.

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[Download] Emeron & Fox’s ‘Windup’


Emeron & Fox

After a few months hiatus Brooklyn based SynthWavers Emeron & Fox are back and getting their House groove on with their new tune Windup. Last time we heard from these guys was early last summer with Arms Out, so take a peek below and see whether they have been hard at work in the intervening months, or just mucking about.

Sounds like it’s the ‘working hard’ option. Windup effortlessly blends a myriad of styles into one funky whole. From the Disco bassline and SynthWave pads, to the Baroque Electro arpeggios, Windup is a bubbling melting pot of synth sounds. The spliced up vocal samples provide the ribbon that neatly ties the track together. Awesome, and slightly mysterious, work from this duo. Ends a but quick though.

Emeron & Fox – Windup

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[Download] Mild Peril’s ‘Excalibur’ EP


Mild Peril

London’s finest purveyor of Italo and Space Synth Mild Peril with a new three track EP is cosmic, electronic, voyages. Serving as a precursor to his forthoming second album, Excalibur delivers three tracks of what Mild Peril called “Mediaeval Synth”, and we’d call beautiful, funky, synthetic dreams. Strap in.

The EP’s title track serves up a platter of pounding Industrial beats and blissful vintage synths. The mixture of punchy sounds and hazy, sweeping keys that we’ve come to expect from Mild Peril is present and correct. Rich and emotive, Excalibur is just he first part of this journey, but one that completely enthrals over it’s seven minute length. As Excalibur  is a reworking of Sequence 1, Galatine re-treads ground covered by Sequence 2 sending it into strange magical places backed with a stomping EBM beat, peppering it with zippy synths and a bouncy European basslines, all leading up to a soaring and involving solo. First featuring on his Themes EP Mild Peril’s cover of the Game Of Thrones theme, Throne Of Swords, is given a dark ages danceable tweak with this new version, a track to surprise and delight seedy Italo dancefloors. We can’t recommend Mild Peril enough for serious synthesizer music fans.

Mild Peril – Excalibur

Mild Peril – Galatine

Mild Peril – Throne Of Swords (Red Wedding Dance)

Mild Peril’s Excalibur EP is out now at Bandcamp.

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