[Audio] Little Boots’ ‘No Pressure’



We’ve got a feeling that there’ll be a few posts featuring new tracks from UK’s ElectroPop queen Little Boots in the run up to the release of her third full length album, Working Girl, next month, as she drip feeds us fresh material on her SoundCloud page. We’ve already been treated to the first single, Better In The Morning, and the album’s title track, and now Boot’s had unleashed the record’s second single, No Pressure. Give it a listen while you wait for that vinyl you pre-ordered (‘cos you did, didn’t you?) to drop.

No Pressure just adds to our excitement about the new record. Taking a different angle, again, from Better In The Morning’s avant-Pop and Working Girl’s UK House overtones No Pressure is a curiously enchanting mix of Chicago House, Synthwave (is Com Truise’s hand at play here?) and Deep House with a stripped back rawness to it. Over this heady mix of analog beats and droning synths comes an almost Balearic hook alongside Victoria’s impassioned vocal. It sees Little Boots is taking no prisoners on this new LP, ignoring rules and genres to deliver something truly her own.

♫ ♫ Little Boots – No Pressure

Little Boots’ Working Girl is released 10th July.

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[Audio] Little Boots’ ‘Working Girl’


Little Boots

Oh yeah. Little Boots, along with opening up the pre-orders for the vinyl of her eagerly anticipated third album, Working Girl, has dropped the records title track. Working Girl (the track) follows on from Better In the Morning to build up a picture of how this new full lengther will sound, and come across conceptually. Utilizing a slick mid-80s yuppie aesthetic to convey the empowerment of being her own boss (Working Girl comes out on Little Boots’ own On Repeat imprint) and her experience of the industry. It sounds like personal and insightful stuff, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s funky as hell.

Co-written with On Repeat artist Tom Aspaul and Grades, Working Girl show off a deeper groove that it’s predecessor. Easing you in with a silky smooth, undulating, hook and Victoria’s hushed vocals Working Girl soon escalates into a sublime mixture of UK Deep House and DiscoPop, cherry-picking the best of both. In fact, Working Girl feels like distilled Little Boots, encompassing everything we’ve grown to love about here over the past decade. Those hazy, yet catchy vocals, those warm club tones, that slightly left-field approach to a storming Pop tune. We can’t wait for the album.

♫ Little Boots – Working Girl

Little Boots’ Working Girl is released 10th July.

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[Audio] TVÅ’s ‘Always Be’



CSCN, Casine’s singles label, is going from strength to strength. It’s a really good idea for a sub label; keeping the artist development with Cascine and letting CSCN just be a celebration of songs that they love. This time it’s Swedish duo TVÅ who get some CSCN love. Their single, Always Be (backed with Keep Me A Secret) gets a single release. Prepare for some ScandiPop goodness.

This brother and sister pairing have come up with a couple of beautiful and lush SynthPop tunes. Always Be is a glistening, gentle array of tundra synths. Turning icy elements into a warm and inviting whole, TVÅ deliver a tune that swirls around you and wraps you in it;s emotional depths. Incredibly understated, Always Be incorporates sparse drums and distant keys into a track that sounds full as the biggest production. Sublime stuff.

♫ TVÅ – Always Be

TVÅ’s Always Be is out now.

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[Audio] Prides’ ‘Messiah’ reMixed by Giorgio Moroder



Amazing Glaswegian ElectroPopsters Prides’ track Messiah, a tune taken from their really quite good The Seeds You Sow EP of last year has been given a chugging workout be none other than synthesizer legend Giorgio Moroder. Moroder’s modern music can be irritatingly hit or miss, so any new offering is approved with hesitation. In all honestly this one didn’t grab us immediately, sounding a little too close to Giorgio’s attempts to court the American Dance music mainstream (yeah, those ’orrible three letters), but has actually massively grown on us, in all it’s in-your-face glory.

The more we listen to it, the more it starts to sound like some amazing Electro-House track from 2007, back when everything was all Indie vocals over chainsaw synths and relentless beats. The main hook itself is a powerhouse riff that shakes you until you are paying attention while the rest of the track is an odd mixture of pounding big room rhythms, richly layered synths and Prides’ heartfelt vocals. We’re not sure about the lowest-common-denominator builds, but on the whole the track just seems to work. Weird…

♫ Prides – Messiah (Giorgio Moroder reMix)

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[Video] Little Boots’ ‘Better In The Morning’


Little Boots   Better In The Morning  Official Music Video    YouTube

The first single from  the chairwoman of the board, Little Boots’, soon to be released third album, Working Girl, can now be presented in it’s fresh video glory. Better In The Morning is the epitome of catchy, quirky, ElectroPop and the video suits it well.

The clip, directed by Nova Dando, is a GIF ready hangover remedy; where Victoria continues her favouritism for still, snapshot, camera work and 80s yuppie styling.

Little Boots’ Working Girl is released 10th July.

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[Video] Leitbur’s ‘Strange In L.A.’


Leitbur    Strange in L.A.   Official Video    YouTube

The lead track from L.A. Dreamwave outfit Leitbur’s The Moment That I Knew You EP, the wonderful Strange In L.A., has gone and got itself a brand new video. Peep this!

The clip, directed by Jaron Widman, is pieced together from creative commons clips, with an added layer of the surreal served up by some slick animation. It really is strange in L.A.

Leitbur’s The Moment That I Knew You EP is out now.

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[Audio] Leeuw’s ‘Waters’



OK; first things first. Leeuw is pronounced “Lay-U” (apparently Dutch for ‘lion’). I know, I know, it’s hard to get used to, but it’s best that you start saying it right now because you’ll probably be saying it a lot in the future. The reason you’ll be saying it a lot in the future is because it’s only a matter of time before Leeuw become huge. That’s just a fact. Leeuw is otherwise knows as Californian Laura Maus (ex-of an indie-folk duo called Sense Motive) who is making some of the most compelling ElectroPop we’ve heard for a while (and that’s saying something, being the website that we are). She’s teamed up with producer Wolves for her début single. It’s called Waters, press play below.

Riding over skippy, almost Trap-y beats, Waters serves up layers upon layers of crystal clear synths for Leeuw’s heartfelt vocal delivery to glide over like silk. Kinda’ like an L.A. version of Avec Sans, there’s similarities of sound between the two, with Leeuw adding a west coast Funk quality to the mix. Managing to be both uplifting and haunting at the same time, Waters’ stacked soundscape is loaded with mystery while Laura’s introspective vocals feel very close and personal. After this kind of assured début, we’ll definitely be keeping an ear our for more from Leeuw.

♫ Leeuw – Waters (Prod. By Wolves)

Leeuw’s Waters is out now.

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[Audio] HURTS’ ‘Some Kind Of Heaven’



We’ve got no idea what’s going on with HURTS anymore. So, when they emerged, rising from the ashes of Daggers, with the Wonderful Life single it was like a shining beacon of hope for enigmatic British SynthPop. A mantle they more than lived up to with their début album Happiness. All their tongue-in-cheek Berlin posturing and bombastic, emotional dark SynthPop went out the window, however, with their sophomore album cycle. Exile, and it’s accompanying singles and live shows, was Rock posturing at it’s worse. Clichéd Electro-Rock and tired Goth imagery practically ruined everything that went before it. Once we saw Theo high-kick and attempt to head bang his slicked back hair onstage, without a hint of irony, we knew it was all over for our love of HURTS. And then this happened.  From no-where HURTS have released a brand new single, presumably the first from their forthcoming third album. It’s called Some Kind Of Heaven and it’s nothing like Exile whatsoever; and it’s nothing like Happiness either.

Wielding a strong 90s Indie vibe, Some Kind Of Heaven is all shuffling Indie breaks, big hooks and sing-along vocals. Anthemic in that particular way that HURTS do best, Some Kind Of Heaven doesn’t hark back to the brooding SynthPop for their first record, but eschews the chugging guitar and hackneyed edginess of the second. It’s an entirely new beats and one that, if they keep up sounding like this, bodes well for the forthcoming record. It’s majestic, catchy, and passionate as we’d expect from pre-Exile HURTS, but more than anything there is a return to that sense of fun too. We are tentatively, nervously, hopeful for the future of HURTS.

♫ HURTS – Some Kind Of Heaven

HURTS’ Some Kind Of Heaven is out now.

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[Video] LIGHTS’ ‘Same Sea’


LIGHTS   Same Sea  Official Music Video     YouTube

Same Sea is the latest single to be taken from Canadian keytar warrior LIGHTS third album, Little Machines. It’s now available in music video form, as slick as the tune itself.

Directed by Amit Dabrai, the clip sees a far future LIGHTS scanning for various LIGHTS throughout her history. It’s a shiny and clean Sci-Fi epic.

LIGHTS’ Little Machines is out now.

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[Video] Bright Light Bright Light & Ana Matronic’s ‘Good Luck (reMix)’


Bright Light Bright Light   Ana Matronic   Good Luck  Remix    Official Video   YouTube

UK Pop genius Bright Light Bright Light and Scissor SistersAna Matronic are at it again. Last seen together on their cover of Pet Shop Boys’ West End Girls the duo have teamed up for ElectroPop epic Good Luck. Here’s the official video for the House-y reMix.

Directed by James Barker, Del Marquis and Rod Thomas (BLBL) himself, the video is very Bright Light Bright Light. Camp, 90s and some boxing.

Bright Light Bright Light & Ana Matronic’s Good Luck is released 18th May.

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