[Audio] Xeno & Oaklander’s ‘Interface’


Xeno & Oaklander

New York Minimal Synth duo Xeno & Oaklander signed up with Ghostly International late last year, which strikes up as a fitting pairing. They’ve just announced their first release for the label, their new album Par Avion, due out in June. The record was inspired by synaesthesia, and you can hear the opening tune below.

Interface feels like a more focused Xeno & Oaklander than ever. It’s a spacious SynthPop tune that flutters in and out of a early New Order-y vibe and washes it was a distinct Shoegaze sound. Imagine Horrorhead era Curve and Joy Division collaborating on a track produced by Kraftwerk and you’re somewhere in the right ballpark. Blissful to listen to, this definitely has us interested to see what direction the new album takes.

♫ Xeno & Oaklander – Interface

Xeno & Oaklander’s Par Avion is released 24th June.

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[Video] Marnie’s ‘Hearts On Fire’


Marnie   Hearts On Fire  Official Video    YouTube

The track Hearts On Fire is the subject of the new video from Ladytron’s Helen Marnie. It’s from her album Crystal World, one of our favourite records of last year and the Ladytron album we’d been waiting for.

The clip is directed by James Slater, who tempers the tracks epic scope with a simple, but effective, visual style.

Marnie’s Crystal World is out now.

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[Audio] Bright Light Bright Light’s ‘She Carves Her Desire’


Bright Light Bright Light

Out this week is the I Wish I Were Leaving single from Bright Light Bright Light. The title track sees BLx2 performing his critically acclaimed duet with Sir Elton John, but it’s also packed with a couple of B-sides, one of the being the expansive She Carves Her Desire. A mesmerizing SynthPop tune that is epic in both scope and sound. Have a listen.

She Carves Her Desire is a sprawling ElectroPop opus. Backed by shuffling mid-tempo beats, Rod’s voice rises and falls with the string’s swelling, while haunting piano and burbling synths craft out the tracks atmosphere. From Rod belting out the chorus the the piercing synth lead, this is goosebump inducing stuff.

♫ Bright Light Bright Light – She Carves Her Desire

Bright Light Bright Light’s I Wish I Were Leaving is out now

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[Video] Mirror Kisses’ ‘Genius’


Mirror Kisses   Genius  Official  on Vimeo

The track Genius is the subject of the new video from ElectroPoppers Mirror Kisses. A driving retro Synth Pop monster that taken from the outfit’s free album, Heartbeats.

The video was put together by George Clanton (Mirror Kisses), Adrain Harris, Brendon Hall and Robb Payne and features the contacting footage of a monochrome mural and Mirror Kisses Technicolor performance.

Mirror Kisses’ Heartbeats is out now.

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[Audio] Moderns’ ‘Sub Urban’



Moderns is the new project from out very own Let Em Riot. Alan isn’t alone in this venture, some Dude called Chris is along for the ride too; and between the two of them they are making some sweet, evocative SynthPop. The journey begins with Sub Urban, and a staggeringly impressive début it is too.

Sub Urban is a big cinematic slice of ElectroPop, but not one that eschews emotion for pomposity, this track has soul in truckloads. There’s an obvious comparison to Let Em Riot, with an added cleanness and sparkle.With a punchy bassline to power the track along, Sub Urban is loaded with starlight snyths and playful purcussion, tempered only by the occasional electronic growl. Alan’s vocals and as passionate and emotive as ever and nicely tie the tune together. We’re very excited to see where this is going.

♫ Moderns – Sub Urban

Check out more from Moderns on SoundCloud.

[Audio] André Obin’s ‘Loaded Soul’


André Obin

Boston based producer André Obin made some ripples last year worth the release of his The Arsonist album. He returns in the first half of this year with another collection of eclectic electronic tunes called Ways Of Escape; the first track form which is Loaded Soul, and EBM lite Germanic opus that should have him nervous that Goths might like him, ‘cos then his career will be over.

A lot of people are throwing around the word ‘Darkwave’, and whilst those word throwers have probably never heard of Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Project Pitchfork or Das Ich they do have a point. The simplistic, growling synth bassline and whispered vocals are loaded with Teutonic, mascara fuelled, connotations. There’s a little House flavour in there too, and a surprising funk, amidst the synthesizer swirls and Loaded Soul turns-in a confident and engrossing SynthPop soundtrack.

♫ André Obin – Loaded Soul

André Obin’s Ways Of Escape is released 29th April.

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[Video] Labyrinth Ear’s ‘Urchin’


Labyrinth Ear   Urchin  Official Music Video    YouTube

It’s another new video from London based ElectroPop duo Labyrinth Ear, hot on the heels of their new single Crescent Moon. This one’s called Urchin, slightly more abstract but backed with a pulsating ethereal Italo groove you may remember from last year.

Sébastien Rippon directs the clip, set against gorgeous Parisian architecture and chilly winter.

Labyrinth Ear’s The Orchid Room is released 14th April.

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[Audio] Strangers’ ‘Wolf At The Door’



Big beats and moody warbles up now with the new single from UK SynthPop heroes Strangers. Still riding high on the success of their Close EP and a whole heap of acclaimed track last year, the guys unleash their new tune, Wolf At The Door, already set to do bit things when it is released this summer.

Wolf At The Door injects a little groove into Strangers optimistic melancholy (yes, that’s a thing). A swirl of heady synths set to a huge beat with a head nodding swing, this new single grabs you by the ears and doesn’t let go until it’s done. Epic electronics, energy and emotion (the three E’s!) fill every second of Wolf At The Door as it delivers good stuff for your feet, head and heart. Why aren’t Strangers dead famous yet?

♫ Strangers – Wolf At The Door

Strangers’ Wolf At The Door is released 2nd June.

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[Video] Christianoshi’s ‘Trust’


Christianoshi   Trust  Official Music Video    YouTube

London SynthPopper Christianoshi’s single Trust, is getting a massive re-release. Originally out in 2012, the new soaped up version of the Erasure-esque track comes with a reMix from Friends and Christianoshi’s first video.

Directed by Mikko Makela, the clip is all kinds of gay, and all kinds of druggy. I think it might have been Christianoshi’s birthday.

Christianoshi’s Trust is out now.

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[Audio] Colleagues’ ‘Tears’



I should make it absolutely clear tha Sweedish outfit Colleagues aren’t actually my colleagues. I’m nit sure whose colleagues they are, I would presume their won. With actually makes them the most literally named band since 2 Men, A Drum Machine And A Trumpet. I guess they could be called Five Sweedish Colleagues Who Work Together In A SynthPop Band, but that’s a bit of a mouthful.

On to the track! Tears is their second single, and it’s a euphoric four minutes of bliss that takes a The Sound Of Arrows deep ScandiPop sound and gives it an Indie-Electro twist. The synths are all damned chipper and the vocals all heartfelt and earnest. It’d be pretty hard to be in a bad mood with this blaring out of your speakers, dishing out audio candy to everyone in sight.

♫ Colleagues – Tears

Colleagues’ Tears is released 14th April.

Check out more from Colleagues on SoundCloud.