[Audio] LoFrames’ ‘Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love)’



We’ve been waiting for this one for a while now. You may have noticed that the B-Side of the electronic rumors released Freak You’s There You Are was titled The Last Track. This was because it was literally Freak You’s last track as he left the Freak You moniker behind to team-up with long time production collaborator James Yuill (who also mixed There You Are) to form the brand new outfit LoFrames. James and Franck’s début single is released next month, check out Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love).

Seamlessly blending epic Pop, Deep House and warm Electro, LoFrames serve up a track that strips dance music and electronic Pop back to it’s core elements. Concentrating on the minimum viable product (that’s a business term!) the duo offer refined SynthPop, perfectly crafted for both the heart and the feet. Warm bass and razor leads drift over a solid groove to create a strong foundation for an introspective and heartfelt vocal. The icing on the cake is a drifting dusting of Sax that floats through the track like smoke amid the machines. This is seriously luxurious stuff.

♫ LoFrames – Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love)

LoFrames’ Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love) is released 9th March.

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[Audio] Fred Falke reMixes Prides’ ‘Higher Love’



Ahh, Fred Falke. We’ve not heard that much from him lately, but the man is one of the best in the business. Responsible for a plethora of massive, massive classic productions the Frenchman has taken on the new single from Glaswegian ElectroPop rising stars,  Prides. The Scottish trio have been going crazy with the hype recently, not least being shortlisted for the Blog Sound Of 2015, and now Falke brings the emotional SynthPop sound of Higher Love to the dancefloor.

Falke, as we would have expected, serves up exactly the kind of exuberant carefree jam that you’d expect from this French Touch pioneer. Loaded with filtered riffs and those big chords we love him for, this tune mixes the upbeat introspection of the original with a glistening vintage dancefloor feel. We always love a Fred Falke reMix, but it’s rare that the reMix is of a track that we already love; Falke’s reMix of Prides’ Higher Love is a double whammy.

♫ Prides – Higher Love (Fred Falke reMix)

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[Video] Divine Knights’ ‘Let’s Get Started’


Divine Knights   Let s Get Started   YouTube

Australian SynthPop outfit Divine Knights have a new single in the offing. The retro flavoured Let’s Get Started is released today, and here’s the music video to support it.

Glossy and glamorous, the video is a slick performance clip that takes it’s inspiration from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Divine Knights’ Let’s Get Started is out now.

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[Audio] Pawws’ ‘Turnaround’



North-London’s ElectroPop songstress Pawws is back on the scene, following up on her awesome Sugar EP of last year. She’s got a brand new track in the offing, this one comes courtesy of Kitsuné Music’s latest compilation album, Kitsuné New Faces II, released later this month. Welcome back Lucy Taylor’s particularly enchanting brand of sweet SynthPop with Turnaround.

The track launches with some particularly 80s synths before pairing them with a quaint 60s vibe, a-la Saint Etienne. Both bittersweet and tongue-in-cheek, Pawws presents a decidedly British taken on ElectroPop whilst delivering something with universal appeal. Sparkling leads and waves of warm synths form a lilting backing for Lucy’s introspective and relatable vocal. She’s working on her début album right now, we can’t wait.

♫ Pawws – Turnaround

Kitsuné New Faces II is released 23rd February.

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[Video] Prides’ ‘Higher Love’


Prides   Higher Love   YouTube

Glaswegian ElectroPopsters and Blog Sound Of 2015 shortlisters Prides have a new single on the approach. Higher Love is an epic SynthPop ditty that pits blippy keys against a majestic anthem. The best of both worlds!

Check out the video directed by Ian Greenhill and Jordan Laird. Best gig ever!

Prides’ ‘Higher Love’ is released 23rd March.

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[Audio] Allies For Everyone’s ‘Bunker’


Allies For Everyone

New York based producer Brian Suarez, better know as Allies For Everyone is releasing his brand new EP this week. Titled Bunker, the release is a departure from his Housier works into something a little more emotive and mature. Check out the EP’s lead track below and keep an eye out for the release coming up on KID Recordings.

Making an immediate, sweeping, generalisation; Bunker sounds like Maya Jane Coles meets Dirty Vegas. Generalisation that may be, but it’s also a massive compliment. The track rides on an undulating and mysterious Deep House groove while Suarez croons and brushed an acoustic guitar over the top for a little Balearic flavour. Nice, emotional and irresistible groovy stuff.

♫ Allies For Everyone – Bunker

Allies For Everyone’s Bunker is out

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[Download] Kids At Midnight’s ‘Survival’


Kids At Midnight

The wonderful Kids At Midnight dropped a brand spanking new track this week for absolutely no money whatsoever. That’s right, this silky slice of electronica can be your for the price of nothing, so you need no reason other than loving this emotional bliss to get involved and let this carry you along in your headphones all day. Jane is really going from strength to strength these days with each track deeper than the last.

Survival is like a blast of warm air. A glowing wrap of sound; resounding chords and sparkling chines, layered over a solid yet laid back beat create a comforting soundscape. But it’s the multi layered atmosphere’s of Jane’s voice that take centre stage here, weaving in and our of each other while she singer her heart on her sleeve. Both melancholic and uplifting, the perfect lazy summer song.

Kids At Midnight – Survival

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[Video] Hot Chip’s ‘Huarache Lights’


Hot Chip   Huarache Lights  Official Video    YouTube

Huarache Lights is the surprise new single from the awesome Hot Chip. A pre-cursor to their forthcoming just announced album Why Make Sense? it’s a particularly Hot Chip slice of ecclectic Indie-Electro.

Andy Knowles directs the video, A one-take visual piece and dance of lights.

Hot Chip’s Why Make Sense? is released 18th May.

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[Video] Vanbot’s ‘Trooper’


Vanbot   Trooper  Official Video    YouTube

The utterly amazing Vanbot is back. Our favourite Scandinavian has a new album forthcoming. Her long awaited sophomore record is due out later this year, but ahead of that check out the awesome Trooper, the new single, a massive, emotional, ElectroPop tune.

Directed by Rikkard Häggbom, the song’s video is a monochrome and moody classy treatment that feels comfortably nostalgic.

Vanbot’s Trooper is out now.

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[Audio] Scarlet Soho’s ‘In Cold Blood’


Scarlet Soho

Next month sees the release of the third studio album from UK SynthPoppers Scarlet Soho. If fair to say that this duo are one of this country’s hidden gems. Them being largely unrecognized and tucked away on the stale Goth/Industrial end of the SynthPop scene is a massive shame as these guys, particularly in the last couple of years, are producing some of the catchiest and most relatable electronic Pop music around. They would easily be able to be high flyers on the Indie-Elector scene, or the proper SynthPop scene with the consistent quality they put out. Hopefully this new full length offering, In Cold Blood, will get them out to the wider audience they definitely deserve.

Waiting no time in pulling on your heartstrings, In Cold Blood launches with it’s title track; a dramatic and rousing slice of vintage Pop that set a tone for the rest of the album, delivering something a little more epic and rich than past Scarlet Soho albums. When The Lights Go Out is the first of the last couple of year’s EP’s lead track to feature on the album, Solo KO and Two Steps From Heartache are also represented and are amongst In Cold Blood’s highlights. When the Light Go Out was featured as one of our top twenty songs of 2012, and amongst it’s album contemporaries sounds as fresh and exciting as ever. What You Need is a nice combination of retro songwriting and modern production, a synergy you’ll find in numerous places on the record, and one of the qualities that make it a standout release. The majority of the listening experience you’ll get on In Cold Blood is an upbeat, nostalgic one; there’s a thread of energy and emotionality running through it’s nine track that is hard to resist, although you will also find quieter moments like the downtempo Depeche Mode of This Town Is Mine that sees James channelling a soloing Martin Gore and surprises such as 2015, a tune best described as ‘Scarlet Soho go full SynthWave’. If we had to guess at the next single, we’d probably pick Gigolo, a song that takes it;s time to grow on you, but soon it’s racing apreggios and utterly epic chorus draw you in and stick in your head. In Cold Blood isn’t a perfect release, Make The Final particularly feels like a mis-step, it’s muddy production doesn’t seem to sit right with it’s peers, but on the whole Scarlet Soho’s third offering is confident, classy and thoroughly deserving of your attention. Also, hidden track!

♫ Scarlet Soho – When The Lights Go Out

♫ Scarlet Soho – Two Steps From Heartache

♫ Scarlet Soho – Solo KO

Scarlet Soho’s In Cold Blood is released 13th February.

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