[Audio] King Deco’s ‘Ocean’



Out soon is the début EP, Tigris, from new New York based artist King Deco. A nexus for Future R&B, Chillwave and avant guarde ElectroPop, King Deco is about to release an ambitious record, but one she seems to nail quite comfortably. The highlight of the Brooklyn based Jordanian’s EP is the electronic Pop dream that is Ocean. Wade in.

It’s hard to pinpoint what our favourite element of King Deco’s Ocean is. It’s a toss up between King Deco’s effortlessly beautiful voice or the ghostly electronic beats. Fittingly for a track called Ocean, the synths seem to swim around the track. There’s a very fluid feels to the swirls of rich pads and hazy melodies. A slight Industrial purcussion set injects the track with an icy edge that is tempered only by Kind Deco’s mesmerising vocals. An impressive start.

♫ King Deco – Ocean (Prod. Ryland Blackinton And One Love)

King Deco’s Tigris EP is out this week.

Check out more from King Deco on SoundCloud.

[Download] BeatLoaf’s ‘Saint’



Fancy seven minutes of intricate and ecclectic Dance music? Well look no further, here’s a new one from Detroit producer BeatLoaf. We last saw BeatLoaf reMixing our very own beaumont’s Vampire, and he;s keeping up the good work with this genre spanning electronic epic.

Saint eases you in gently with warm tones and gradually evolving melodies. When the track kicks-in you’re treated to a symphony of meticulously crated rhythms, an appealing House bassline and undulating R&B vocals that work together to deliver an involving synthetic dream. Half dark and moody, half playful and carnival-like, Saint is both an interesting listening experience and a shuffling dancefloor mover. Good stuff.

BeatLoaf – Saint

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[Mixtape] Alison Valentine’s ‘Valentine’s Day Mix’


Alison Valentine

Alison Valentine – Valentine’s Day Mix = So, Ally V threw a party on Valentine’s Day, and here’s that party’s mixtape. V-Day might be gone now, but this selection of classic love cuts’ll get you back in the mood.

Alison Valentine – Valentine’s Day Mix

The tracklist:
01. Mickey Mouse Holiday Special, Valentine’s Day 1989
02. Sleepy Brown (Feat. Outkast) – I Can’t Wait
03. Mariah Carey – Fantasy (reMix)
04. Big Punisher – Still Not A Player
05. Lil’ Kim – Crush On You
06. Ariana Grande – Baby I
07. Jeremih – 733 Love (Cashmere Cat Edit)
08. Ciara – Body Party (Summer Occasion reMix)
09. Wale (Feat. Miguel) – Lotus Flower Bomb
10. Kendrick Lamar (Feat. Drake) – Poetic Justice
11. Breakbot (Feat. Irfane)  – Make You Mine
12. Alison Valentine – Curious (Chrome Sparks Disco reMix)

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[Audio] Starsmith’s ‘Be Me Love’



Fresh from producing the new single by Py, one of Britain’s finest ElectroPop masterminds Starsmith today premières his brand new solo single. It’s been a while since Starsmith’s last single, Clockwork and this new one; Be My Love, due out next month, has the vibe of a man who’s been holed up producing perfect Pop.

Featuring the voice of South London soul singer Tawiah, Be My Love combines growling, moody synths with a passionate vocal performance into one swirling whole. Whilst the whole affair is a mature, complex Pop song, there still a hint of the hands-in-the-air dance tracks Starsmith’s solo career has brought forth so far in the luscious chorus riff. An rich and decadent tune that demands repeated listening.

♫ Starsmith (Feat. Tawiah) – Be My Love

Starsmith’s Be Me Love is released 10th March.

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[Video] Cashmere Cat’s ‘Wedding Bells’


Cashmere Cat   Wedding Bells  Official    YouTube

This is the new video from Norwegian electronic producer Cashmere Cat. The track is Wedding Bells, an impressive and enchanting tune that visits House, R&B, Chillwave and Trap on it’s beautiful journey.

Directed by Peter Marsden, the clip is a perfect recreation of every indie-flick trailer you’ve ever seen.

Cashmere Cat’s Wedding Bells is out this week.

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[Video] Years & Years’ ‘Real’


Years   Years  Real   YouTube

Here’s the video for London ElectroPoppers Years & YearsReal. Out later this month on Kitsuné Music and full of smooth, emotional, electronic vibes.

Robert Francis Müller directs the clip, which stars British actor Ben Whishaw and some disorienting dancing.

Years & Years’ Real is released 17th February.

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[Audio] Years & Years’ ‘Real’



The latest release from Kitsuné Music’s low key future-stars Years & Years is out next month. The follow up to their Traps single of late last summer, Real is set to be another critically acclaimed release from this London based three (cut down from five) piece. With a little studio magic from much hyped upcoming producer Lxury, these guys have crafted quite a unique, soulful, House/ElectroPop sound for themselves.

Distinctly British, and utterly compelling, Real is one of those track you just have to listen to a few times. Sitting in that particularly London place where UK House, Garage and R&B meet ElectroPop, Years & Years serve up a platter of warm, bassy synths and shuffling rhythms that coalesce into a backing for frontman Olly Alexander’s heartfelt and distant vocal. Try not clapping along, we dare you.

♫ Years & Years – Real

Years & Years’ Real is released 17th February.

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[Audio] Falcone’s ‘Are You That Somebody?’



Who’s Falcone then; I hear you ask? Well boys and girls, it’s the new alter-ego of our good friend Aaron Alexis who, for reasons that are either obvious to your or aren’t, has decided to claim himself a shiny new name and kick on with the majestic ElectroPop offerings. And it is quite a shiny new name too, one that matches the big dramatic sounds the man makes. The first of those theatrical Pop tunes id a cover of Aaliyah’s Are You That Somebody?

We’d suggest you sit yourself somewhere comfortable and grab your headphones for this one. Aaron whips up a pulsating, enigmatic tune loaded with cinematic piano a relentless march of snares. Co-produced with She’s The Queen’s Drew, this is one of those tracks to give you goosebumps as Aaron’s powerful coon cuts through the mix, finding it’s place amongst piercing arpeggios and ominous synths. It;s got a nice funk to it too.

♫ Falcone – Are You That Somebody? (Aaliyah Cover)

Check out more from Falcone on SoundCloud.

[Video] Avan Lava’s ‘So F*kt Up’


AVAN LAVA   So F kt Up  Official Video    YouTube

Brooklyn resident, Keljet collaborator and one half of Ayer, Avan Lava’s new single, So F*kt Up, is released next month. A noisy, bass heavy, synth twisting, future R&B crooner.

Here’s the official video, directed Cody Critcheloe, a delirious party chronicle.

Avan Lava’s So F*kt Up is released 3rd December.

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[Audio] Jensen Sportag’s ‘Stealth Of Days’


Last week, Nashville chili-peppers Jensen Sportag released their long awaited second album, Stealth Of Days. It seems to be being referred to as their début, we’re not quite sure where that leaves their 2006 untitled full lengther on Midisport, maybe that was just a ‘collection of works’ or something? Anyhoo, despite having been listening to our promo copy of Stealth Of Days a hell of a lot over the past couple of months we dropped the ball and neglected to post a review in timely fashion. Real life stuff weighed heavy on our shoulders last week. Stupid real life stuff, always getting in the way of writing words on the internet. So without further ado, better late than never, let’s stick our heads in the chiller-cabinet and see what’s occurring.

At the time of writings, it’s a Sunday, and it’s Autumn. We could sum up Stealth Of Days by saying it’s a very Autumn Sunday album. It warms you when it’s cold outside, it’s relaxing without being dull, it’s intelligent and meticulously crafted and loaded with grooves to carry you away and spark your imagination, like so much of Jensen Sportags material. From that first CD, through the Sergio and Jackie EPs, to their début for Cascine, the Pure Wet EP, Austin and Elvis have always delivered something to get excited about. Drawing from R&B, Chillwave, Indie, SynthPop, Avant-Garde and a healthy dose of Yacht Rock, these guys have consistently unleashed music that is both funky and chilled, like a disco under the duvet. Very few artists can make music so complex so damn smooth.

The record kicks off with Rain Code, a hazy, ethereal, R&B tune that is a brave choice for album opener, but once you slip into it’s experimental waters it makes perfect sense, setting up stealth Of Day’s mood. Were this a soundtrack to a movie, this initial piece would convey in detail the world you were entering. The shuffling beats make their first appearance of Six Senses, alongside rounded LA Funk bass and light Disco licks that weaves though their haunting and abstract Soul. Stealth Of Days seems to get increasingly more coherent as it plays, the laid back  beach groove of Light Through Lace leading to the the cavernous alt R&B of Falling Doves still keep the ghostly ambience going but upon hitting After Gardens the album starts to focus more. After Gardens is a silky slice of soulful Pop that precedes one of the albums highlights, Hidden, Hunted, a rolling and infectious slow jam were dreamlike vocals, ticking rhythms and reverb washed synths all hit just the right spot. Bellz and Under The Rose are up next, both good choices for advance preview tracks, both thick with supernatural grooves, resurrected 80s hooks and an otherworldly dancefloor appeal. Blue Shade works a smokey, night time, urban feel while Blood Hourglass closes the album in epic style with five minutes of piano led power jamz fed though a vintage radio. Awash with nostalgia, you get a sense of the genuine passion for what they are doing from Jensen Sportag on Stealth Of Days. Everything is so delicate and intricate and hones to perfection, the album really feels like a labour of love.

♫ Jensen Sportag – Hidden, Hunted

♫ Jensen Sportag – Falling Doves

♫ Jensen Sportag – Blue Shade

♫ Jensen Sportag – Bellz

Jensen Sportag’s Stealth Of Days is out now.

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