[Audio] Leo Kalyan’s ‘Over You’


Leo Kalyan

We first featured Londoner Leo Kalyan back in September of last year with his smokey reMix of Ellie Goulding’s Burn. He’s the neighbour of a friend of ours, which is an interesting way to get a blogs attention, we might even put it on our submissions page as a requirement. Had Leo’s music been awful, things might have got a little awkward, luckily for us, and for your ears, Kalyan produces some of the slicked laid back Pop around, the kind of stuff we can seriously see propelling him to chart appeal.

His latest tune is Over You, it was produced with a little help from Karma Kid and MNEK and delivers just the right amount of swing, with just the right amount of haze, and just the right amount of Funk, to be the perfect lazy summertime tune. Underpinned with a thick, warbling, bassline, the track’s intricate production serves as an evolving, synthetic soundscape for Kalyan’s smooth as silk vocal delivery to flow over. This’ll get your head nodding by the pool.

♫ Leo Kalyan – Over You

Check out more from Leo Kalyan on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Pat Lok and Patrick Baker’s ‘Could Be Mine’



Here’s a little mid-week bliss from one of our favourite Torontonians (and there’s a lot of ‘em!) Pat Lok. For this one he’s teamed up with the voice of the moment Patrick Baker for a warm and relaxing groove, perfect timing now that the sun if finally shining here in the UK. Sit back, hit play, and sink into what Pat & Pat have served up.

Pat’s (the second one) voce drifts across this deep deep House tune with an R&B lilt while Pat the first lays down a glorious subby bassline and a Garage-y beat. With a touch of vocal modulation and some enigmatic keys thrown into the mix, Lok brings the hot summer nights vibe to the track; the end result being something smooth, soulful and dancefloor friendly, but only for friendly dancefloors.

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Could Be Mine

Pat Lok’s Could Be Mine is out now.

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[Mixtape] Alison Valentine’s ‘Ally’s Cherry Blossom Tape’


Alison Valentine

Alison Valentine – Ally’s Cherry Blossom Tape = We’re feeling pretty good about premièring the first of New York Indie-DiscoPop queen Ally V’s new series of mixtapes. Ally’s Cherry Blossom Tape. This forty-five minutes is just the ticket to easy you into a smooth weekend. How the weather is good, ‘cos this needs to be chilled to in the sunshine.

Alison Valentine – Ally’s Cherry Blossom Tape

The tracklist:
01. Mr. Flash – Domino Part A
02. Kelela – Cherry Coffee
03. Delegation – Oh Honey
04. Diana Ross – Love Hangover
05. Jane Birkin – Lolita Go Home
06. Sade – By Your Side (Neptunes reMix)
07. J Dilla – Don’t Cry
08. Doja Cat – So High
09. Prelow – Simple Song
10. Mmtune – Juicy Fruit
11. Phoenix – If I Ever Feel Better
12. Flight Facilities – Crave You (Bxentric Remix)
13. French Kiwi Juice – Lying Together

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[Download] Pat Lok reMixes Adina Howard’s ‘Freak Like Me’


Adina Howard

OK, hold tight, ‘cos this one is huge. The Torontonian dude Pat Lok is back and he’s got something to celebrate. The man has just hit a million, yes a million, plays on his SoundCloud account and is marking the occasion by giving away this frankly immense reMix of Adina Howard’s 1995 hit Freak Like Me. We sincerely hope your listening to this jam on a system with decent bass.

Spending it;s first few moments easily blending from a 90s R&B groove into a House monster the effortlessly juggles an early Chicago vibe with cutting edge Bass House power. And that’s not mentioning the shuffling Garage shit going on throughout. This is just a killer tune that needs to be played in clubs right now, like right this second. Turn the bass up, turn the volume up, hit play. You won’t regret it.

Adina Howard X Pat Lok – Freek (2014 Booty)

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[Audio] IYES’ ‘Toys’



Late last week Brighton based ElectroPop duo IYES unveiled yet another new tune. Following hot on the heels of March’s Breathe come this new track. Still in it’s demo form Toys sees the dark R&B sound infused with a brushing of plucked guitar to further fill out their intoxicating musical swirl.

Toys, musically, borrows heavily from Dub, with echoing purcussion and a heavy heavy bassline, and brings those elements to a nice post-Chillwave setting. This is modern Pop music it it’s most intelligent. The vocal hooks in this track are pure Pop gold, but set to a heady concoction of intricately constructed musical elements that range from to Deep House to ChipTune and polished with an otherworldly vibe that let you just sink into it.

♫ IYES – Toys (Demo.)

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[Audio] King Deco’s ‘Ocean’



Out soon is the début EP, Tigris, from new New York based artist King Deco. A nexus for Future R&B, Chillwave and avant guarde ElectroPop, King Deco is about to release an ambitious record, but one she seems to nail quite comfortably. The highlight of the Brooklyn based Jordanian’s EP is the electronic Pop dream that is Ocean. Wade in.

It’s hard to pinpoint what our favourite element of King Deco’s Ocean is. It’s a toss up between King Deco’s effortlessly beautiful voice or the ghostly electronic beats. Fittingly for a track called Ocean, the synths seem to swim around the track. There’s a very fluid feels to the swirls of rich pads and hazy melodies. A slight Industrial purcussion set injects the track with an icy edge that is tempered only by Kind Deco’s mesmerising vocals. An impressive start.

♫ King Deco – Ocean (Prod. Ryland Blackinton And One Love)

King Deco’s Tigris EP is out this week.

Check out more from King Deco on SoundCloud.

[Download] BeatLoaf’s ‘Saint’



Fancy seven minutes of intricate and ecclectic Dance music? Well look no further, here’s a new one from Detroit producer BeatLoaf. We last saw BeatLoaf reMixing our very own beaumont’s Vampire, and he;s keeping up the good work with this genre spanning electronic epic.

Saint eases you in gently with warm tones and gradually evolving melodies. When the track kicks-in you’re treated to a symphony of meticulously crated rhythms, an appealing House bassline and undulating R&B vocals that work together to deliver an involving synthetic dream. Half dark and moody, half playful and carnival-like, Saint is both an interesting listening experience and a shuffling dancefloor mover. Good stuff.

BeatLoaf – Saint

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[Mixtape] Alison Valentine’s ‘Valentine’s Day Mix’


Alison Valentine

Alison Valentine – Valentine’s Day Mix = So, Ally V threw a party on Valentine’s Day, and here’s that party’s mixtape. V-Day might be gone now, but this selection of classic love cuts’ll get you back in the mood.

Alison Valentine – Valentine’s Day Mix

The tracklist:
01. Mickey Mouse Holiday Special, Valentine’s Day 1989
02. Sleepy Brown (Feat. Outkast) – I Can’t Wait
03. Mariah Carey – Fantasy (reMix)
04. Big Punisher – Still Not A Player
05. Lil’ Kim – Crush On You
06. Ariana Grande – Baby I
07. Jeremih – 733 Love (Cashmere Cat Edit)
08. Ciara – Body Party (Summer Occasion reMix)
09. Wale (Feat. Miguel) – Lotus Flower Bomb
10. Kendrick Lamar (Feat. Drake) – Poetic Justice
11. Breakbot (Feat. Irfane)  – Make You Mine
12. Alison Valentine – Curious (Chrome Sparks Disco reMix)

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[Audio] Starsmith’s ‘Be Me Love’



Fresh from producing the new single by Py, one of Britain’s finest ElectroPop masterminds Starsmith today premières his brand new solo single. It’s been a while since Starsmith’s last single, Clockwork and this new one; Be My Love, due out next month, has the vibe of a man who’s been holed up producing perfect Pop.

Featuring the voice of South London soul singer Tawiah, Be My Love combines growling, moody synths with a passionate vocal performance into one swirling whole. Whilst the whole affair is a mature, complex Pop song, there still a hint of the hands-in-the-air dance tracks Starsmith’s solo career has brought forth so far in the luscious chorus riff. An rich and decadent tune that demands repeated listening.

♫ Starsmith (Feat. Tawiah) – Be My Love

Starsmith’s Be Me Love is released 10th March.

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[Video] Cashmere Cat’s ‘Wedding Bells’


Cashmere Cat   Wedding Bells  Official    YouTube

This is the new video from Norwegian electronic producer Cashmere Cat. The track is Wedding Bells, an impressive and enchanting tune that visits House, R&B, Chillwave and Trap on it’s beautiful journey.

Directed by Peter Marsden, the clip is a perfect recreation of every indie-flick trailer you’ve ever seen.

Cashmere Cat’s Wedding Bells is out this week.

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