[Download] Wolf Saga reMixes The Clash’s ‘Rock The Casbah’


the clash

We’ve actually been waiting a lifetime for someone to do a decent reMix of The Clash’s 1982 anthem Rock The Casbah. One that respects the original and feeds into it’s groove, whilst layering it in synthesizer goodness. Well Canadian producer Wolf Saga has come pretty close. In lieu of his début proper EP, which is coming soon, he’s released this reMix. A brave attempt and one which, for the most part, he pulls off with style.

Imagine, if you will, a heady combination of Piano House, ElectroPop and Electro-House all mixed up with The Clash’s Funk-Punk and a touch of Dreamwave in the breakdown Nah, we couldn’t have imagined it either. So we’re pretty glad that Wold Saga imagined it for us, because he’s done a band up job in translating Rock The Casbah from epic Punk anthem to epic Dancefloor anthem. Same rush of energy, same thrills, but with warbling synths and a floorfilling beat this time around. Grab this for your weekend.

The Clash – Rock The Casbah (Wolf Saga reMix)

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[Audio] Keep Shelly In Athens’ new single


Acclaimed left-field ElectroPop outfit Keep Shelly In Athens have announced their signing to Cascine for the release of the début full-length record. To celebrate the occasion they have unleashed the first single from the album onto an unsuspecting world.

Madmen Love is four minutes of brutal beauty. Deep, ominous bass synths and fidgety, industrial percussion. It’s a track that has a lot in common with much Minimal Synth, dark synthetic pulsating, kling-klang beats and tormented vocals that are pretty relentless, giving way only briefly the the dreamiest of breakdowns, just to build toward a cacophonous climax. Taking in influenced as varied as  UK bass the more avant-garde Goth, Madmen Love is modern Post-Punk done right.

♫ Keep Shelly In Athens – Madmen Love

Keep Shelly In Athens’ Madmen Love is out now, the album is due July 2013.

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[Video] Automatic Writing’s ‘Continuous’

London based Indie-Electro outfit Automatic Writing have just released their new single, Continuous. A rowdy tune that barrows in equal parts from Minimal Synth, Electro and Post Punk.

Here’s the video, which feature a fitting collection of imagery intercut with some live footage. The clip’s got a nice retro feel to it, which works nicely with Automatic Writing modern take on early 80s SynthPop.

Automatic Writing’s Continuous is out now.

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