[Audio] The Presets reMix Kylie Minogue’s ‘I Was Gonna’ Cancel’



I think someone’s been reading our secret wish-list, ‘cos The Presets have gone and turned in an official reMix for Kylie Minogue. I Was Gonna’ Cancel will be the second proper single from Kylie’s new album, Kiss Me Once, a track originally produced by Pharrell Williams, is given a left-field House makeover by the Australian masters.

The Presets take an abstract, warehouse, stab at the track; injecting a whole load of their own style into the mix. To a certain extent the tune sounds a lot like The Presets featuring Kylie Minogue, playing with a selection of The Presets trademark sonic flourishes; but Kylie’s voice amongst the experimental House groove adds an extra bit of sparkle. Unexpectedly deep.

♫ Kylie – I Was Gonna’ Cancel (The Presets reMix)

Kylie’s I Was Gonna’ Cancel is released 12th May.

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[Audio] King Deco’s ‘Ocean’



Out soon is the début EP, Tigris, from new New York based artist King Deco. A nexus for Future R&B, Chillwave and avant guarde ElectroPop, King Deco is about to release an ambitious record, but one she seems to nail quite comfortably. The highlight of the Brooklyn based Jordanian’s EP is the electronic Pop dream that is Ocean. Wade in.

It’s hard to pinpoint what our favourite element of King Deco’s Ocean is. It’s a toss up between King Deco’s effortlessly beautiful voice or the ghostly electronic beats. Fittingly for a track called Ocean, the synths seem to swim around the track. There’s a very fluid feels to the swirls of rich pads and hazy melodies. A slight Industrial purcussion set injects the track with an icy edge that is tempered only by Kind Deco’s mesmerising vocals. An impressive start.

♫ King Deco – Ocean (Prod. Ryland Blackinton And One Love)

King Deco’s Tigris EP is out this week.

Check out more from King Deco on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Bright Light Bright Light’s ‘She Carves Her Desire’


Bright Light Bright Light

Out this week is the I Wish I Were Leaving single from Bright Light Bright Light. The title track sees BLx2 performing his critically acclaimed duet with Sir Elton John, but it’s also packed with a couple of B-sides, one of the being the expansive She Carves Her Desire. A mesmerizing SynthPop tune that is epic in both scope and sound. Have a listen.

She Carves Her Desire is a sprawling ElectroPop opus. Backed by shuffling mid-tempo beats, Rod’s voice rises and falls with the string’s swelling, while haunting piano and burbling synths craft out the tracks atmosphere. From Rod belting out the chorus the the piercing synth lead, this is goosebump inducing stuff.

♫ Bright Light Bright Light – She Carves Her Desire

Bright Light Bright Light’s I Wish I Were Leaving is out now

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[Video] Clean Bandit’s ‘Extraordinary’


Clean Bandit   Extraordinary feat. Sharna Bass   YouTube

DancePop powerhouse Clean Bandit team up with Sharna Bass for their new single, Extraordinary. A House lite ElectroPop tune so catchy there’s no way it won’t chart.

Anna Patarakina and Daria Novickay put the clip together, which is just all kinds of chaos in Cuba.

Clean Bandit’s Extraordinary is released 19th May.

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[Video] Florrie’s ‘Free Falling’


Florrie. Free Falling      YouTube

Bristol’s finest ElectroPop export, Florrie has unleashed another track and video from her forthcoming Sirens EP. Free Falling is full fat SynthPop power.

Directed by Jack A. Bowden, which seems to be about how rich people live.

Florrie’s Sirens EP is due out in Spring.

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[Video] Katy B’s ‘Still’


Katy B   Still   YouTube

Here’s the video for the Pop epic Still. The track is taken from Katy B’s amazing House Pop mashup album Little Red.

The video keeps things stark and simple and lets the huge tune do all the work.

Katy B’s second album, Little Red, is out now.

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[Mixtape] Nude Disco’s 10th mixtape



Nude Disco – Nude Disco 10 = Nude Disco’s back with another storming collection of particularly tasty Disco and ElectroPop tunes. There’s a whole hours of tunes here to keep you smiling and dancing for the rest of the week.

Nude Disco – Nude Disco 10

The tracklist:
01. Limousine – Luk Thung
02. Sally Shapiro – He Keeps Me Alive (Skatebard reMix)
03. DCup – Someone Told Me (La Felix reMix)
04. Philly Devotions – Just Can’t Say Goodbye (Tom Moulton reMix)
05. Vanguard – E C H O (Luxar reMix)
06. Moon Boots (Feat. Kyiki) – Don’t Ask Why
07. Juliette Armanet – L’Amour En Solitaire
08. Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool (Robotaki reMix)
09. Tobtok – Savanna
10. Darius – Omeo
11. Nude Disco – Neon Hearts (Luxar Pop ‘N’ Lock reMix)
12. Moustache Machine – Porquerolles
13. 80′s Child – Make You Mine
14. Mitch Murder – Race Day
15. Dim Sum – Un Jour
16. Ben Macklin (Feat Rowan Arnold) – Make Me Feel (Nude Disco reMix)

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[Audio] Touch Tone reMixes Queen & David Bowie’s ‘Under Pressure’


Queen & David Bowie

Frankly we’re surprised no-one has tackled this earlier. In retrospect this track is ripe for a Topical makeover, but it took Dreamwave OG Touch Tone to step up to the plate. Queen & David Bowie’s  Under Pressure, with it’s classic bassline and freeform warbling has already got the groove, all it needs are some big ol’ synths. Enter Mr. Verner.

Mostly the classic bassline is ditched. A brave move, but Touch Tone cares not for you nostalgic attachments, he want’s to build a carefree summering Disco vibe out of Bowie and Mercury mumbling and nothing is going to stand in his way. Piano House meets Island purcussion with rumbling bass and a huge build. This is what the summer’s all about.

Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure (Touch Tone reMix)

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[Download] The Penelopes reMix The Cure’s ‘Just Like Heaven’


The Cure

How would you go about taking a beloved late-80s IndiePop classic and serving it up to the desert island Disco masses? Well, just ask London based French ElectroPop duo The Penelopes; ‘cos they’ve turned in this equatorial Pop masterpiece  reMix of The Cure’s Just Like Heaven.

Too cheery to ever really have been Goth, The Cure sound the most upbeat they’ve ever been as The Penelopes wash the track in the most Tropical of vibes. Steely purcussion, pulsing synth basses and a hand-clapping Disco beat all work surprisingly well with Robert Smith’s vocal. The Penelopes produce what might be their densest track to date, loading the four and a half minutes with layers of pads and melodies, all coming together for an uplifting and epic experience.

The Cure – Just Like Heaven (The Penelopes reMix)

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