[Audio] Colleagues’ ‘Talk It Out’



We’re a week or so away from the release of Swedish ElectroPop outfit Colleagues forthcoming EP; Visits. We’ve already had a gander at a couple of the tracks from the release; Tears back in march followed by Somewhere early last month. Both of which have been floating our boat. Now, in the final furlong before their début release, we can take a listen to another glorious slice of chill Pop from Visits; Talk It Out.

Were treated to more of the same dreamy SynthPop with this one. A euphoric track, Talk It Out comes filled to the brim with lush synths and energetic beats. Another heartfelt and passionate vocal performance flow over a tumbling and kinetic synthesizer symphony, resulting in a massively anthemic powerhouse. A future live favourite.

♫ Colleagues – Talk It Out

Colleagues’ Visits EP is out 18th May.

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[Video] Frankmusik’s ‘This’


Frankmusik   This  Official Video    YouTube

UK ElectroPop hero Frankmusik has just dropped his new music video. It’s for the majestic and bombastic Time; his brand new single. Real anthemic stuff.

The clip was directed by by Danny Land and sees Vince getting to grips with some stunning scenery.

Frankmusik’s This is out this week

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[Audio] Syron’s ‘All I Need’


HousePop princess, and frequent collaborator with the likes of Tensnake and Rudimental, Syron is back with her latest single. Now signed to London based Fame Music she’s unleashing All I Need, a tune she initially wrote in LA but brought back to the London to give it a UK feel. For All I Need she enlisted the help of Rice & Peas on production duties and has delivered a more mature sound. Give it a listen.

Rocking a Garage groove with an early 90s vibe, All I Need delivers a more mature and confident sound from Syron. Musically walking the line between Garagey R&B and UK Deep House the track pleases on both counts while Syron serves up a rich Pop tune as a compliment. With warbling synths and big builds All I Need would work just as well on the dancefloor as on the radio.

♫ Syron – All I Need

Syron’s All I Need is released 31st May.

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[Download] Avec Sans’ ‘Resonate’



Drum roll please; it’s Avec Sans first track of the year! Well, they did that reMix for Young Summer back in January, but this is 2015’s first original. London’s finest ElectroPop duo have been on a pretty solid winning streak in the past couple of years, seemingly concentrating on quality over quantity. It’s a philosophy I can get behind. Remember when a band you like’s new release was an exciting event? When bands didn’t just throw up everything they ever do on SoundCloud in an attempt to ride a relevance wave until a new track from so-and-so just becomes a mundane everyday occurrence? No? Well I do; and Avec Sans, in releasing only the cream of their crop, only when perfectly honed, bring back a little of that new release excitement into liking a band. Anyhoo, here’s Resonate.

Opening up in constricting style with some abrasive, grinding, synth work being tempered by Alice’s sweet vocal. When he’s not cosplaying a younger me, Jack St. James has a knack for intertwining aggressive grooves with sparling melodies, bringing musical beauty out of an ominous pallet. Resonate is a thumping mid-tempo ElectroPop epic that it’s hard not to get swept up in and the starlight arpeggios swirl around an intimate and intoxicating vocal performance, all set to a hammerfall kick. We (the UK) should be dead proud of The Sans, we’re more than happy with them flying the flag for British ElectroPop. Represent.

Avec Sans – Resonate

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[Audio] Vanbot’s ‘Perfect Storm’ album



We’ve been fans for Swedish ElectroPop queen Vanbot for a few years now; to the extent that we afforded her pride of place as track one on our electronic rumors Volume 1 compilation back in 2012 with the amazing Make Me, Break Me; and her self-titled album from the previous year has stayed on heavy rotation at electronic rumors HQ to this date. We like Vanbot a lot. The reason we’re telling you all this is that we want you to fully understand the weight behind our next statement. Vanbot’s forthcoming sophomore album, Perfect Storm, blows everything else she’s done to-date out of the water. As with both of our favourite albums of the past couple of years Chvrches The Bones Of What You Believe in 2013 and Ronika’s Selectadisc in 2014, Perfect Storm immediately garnered an emotional response and demanded our attention. That instant enamourment is always a good sign. Taking in influences from disparate and experimental ends of the electronic music spectrum, Vanbot medals them into a cohesive, and accessible, whole. A perfect storm indeed.

Perfect Storm is actually Vanbot’s second attempt at a follow up to her début long-player. Originally slated for a 2013 release, she was unsatisfied with the results, trashed it and started again (perhaps giving herself more room to breathe on the second go), and we are glad that she did. The album is bookended by a couple of moody titular synth scores; the first of these leading into Trooper, the premiere single we heard from Perfect Storm back in February. It neatly blends SynthPop, Indie-Electro and R&B into the record’s first, but not last, genre mashup. It’s a massive emotional sing-a-long opening that sets the pace for Perfect Storm’s ride.The Way You Say It and Bite The Bullet keep the energy levels high; both single material in their own right they serve up a hyper-kinetic, passionate and intricately crafted mood that is reined in by the beautiful Watching You Sleep; an introspective Indie-Electro (almost Folktronica) tune that feels somewhat like a breather before the following tracks flit between the Ladytron-esque SynthPop of Shake and the snare rolling Maniac, a fierce tune that at times seems to combine Dancehall with Electro-Rock. After the brooding, soundtrack feel of June, Perfect Storm launches into it’s final lap with the record’s second single, the epic Seven, the North American ElectroPop stylings of Better In The Light and the interlocking Industrial rhythms of Secrets. For it’s finale Perfect Storm offers Stay Alive, rounding off the album on a high point; a heartfelt anthemic track that seems to encompass everything you’ve just heard into one powerful opus. The second part of the titular bookends eases you out of the collection with an expanded version of the intro, adding swirling percussion and distant vocals to fade. Throughout Perfect Storm Vanbot’s vocals capture you attention and don’t let go as she pours passion and emotion into every syllable and succeeds in the (sometimes tricky) task of making her songs both meaningful and catchy. Frankly; in 2015 Vanbot has taken ElectroPop to school. This is how it should be done. Perfect Storm is very nearly a perfect album. Um…recommended.

♫ Vanbot – Trooper

♫ Vanbot – Seven

Vanbot’s Perfect Storm is released 15th May.

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[Audio] Makala Cheung’s ‘A Little Deeper’


Makala Cheung

Bristolian singer/songwriter Makala Cheung is mixing up ElectroPop with Oriental flavours and a moody atmosphere on her new single A Little Deeper. Released next month, A Little Deeper is the third single from her forthcoming album, Moon, which sounds like it’s set to be her most mature and confident release to date. She’s also one of Bristol’s ‘Happiness Champions’; I gotta’ be honest, I didn’t know we had happiness champions, but somehow feel better knowing that we do.

A Little Deeper is a way from happy though. A melancholy lament set to a dramatic and cinematic symphony of growling subs, rousing synths and an array of oriental instrumentation. With an avant-garde edge to it, this is a tune that draws you into it’s exotic and pain ridden world and doesn’t let you out. Intricately crafted and honestly delivered, A Little Deeper feels both personal and alien at the same time. Also, it’s quite catchy too, which is always nice.

♫ Makala Cheung – A Little Deeper

Makala Cheung’s A Little Deeper is released 11th May,

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[Mixtape] Du Tonc’s ‘Music To Show Aliens When They Land On Earth’ mixtape


Du Tonc

Du Tonc – Music To Show Aliens When They Land On Earth = MiGHty mOUse and Matt Van Schie are all up in your week with an hour of spaced out floorfillers. Kicking off with an unexpected and genius rework of The Pixies’ Monkey’s Gone To Heaven by Du Tonc themselves the mixtape spans Disco, House and Electro with it’s head in the clouds.

♫ Du Tonc – Music To Show Aliens When They Land On Earth

The tracklist:
01. The Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven (Du Tonc Rework)
02. Prins Thomas – Rainbow Disco
03. Pentatones – Karma Game (Steve Bug Retouch)
04. Atelier Francesco – Akaino (Few Nolder reMix)
05. Sebastien Leger – DXB (Original Mix)
06. Justin Martin – Buggin’ (DJ Version)
07. Doorly – Boogaloo (Original Mix)
08. Rene Amesz & Camilo Franco – Once And For All (Original Mix)
09. Purple Disco Machine & Teenage Mutants – Get Lost (Original Mix)
10. Jonas Rathsman – Wolfsbane (Extended Mix)
11. Jose M & Tacoman – Kul (Original Mix)
12. Woo York – He And She (Original Mix)
13. Tom Trago – Hidden Heart Of Gold
14. Greg Gow – The Bridge (Late Grand River Mix)
15. Robosonic (Feat. Stag) – WURD (Original Mix)
16. Caribou – Your Love Will Set You Free (c2’s Set U Free reMix)

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[Video] David Hasselhoff’s ‘True Survivor’


David Hasselhoff   True Survivor   YouTube

So, our good friend Mitch Murder produce a song for David Hasselhoff. Let that sink in a second. Taken from the soundtrack to the Internet destroying Kickstarter sensation Kung Fury, the track is…well…a Mitch Murder track with The Hoff singing. It’s called True Survivor and it’s amazing and epic and utterly ridiculous.

The truly stunning video gives us an insight into how awesome Kung Fury is going to end up being. No description, Just watch,

Kung Fury is finally released on 28th May.

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[Audio] Monsieur Adi’s ‘Runaway’



Here’s the latest tune from our favourite French renaissance man, Monsieur Adi. It’s actually been a while since we’ve heard a new original tune from Adi, but then again he’s spends his days reMixing and producing some massive starts these days so we’ll let him off. For his new song he’s raining in the high-octane, cinematic Electro for an laid back, emotional groover; Runaway.

Vocoder passion and thick heavy synths permeate every second of Runaway. The drums are a bit of a departure for Adi, verging into neo-Madeon drum territory, as the man heaps on piles of rich and emotive keys, stack deep but exquisitely mixed so each layer delivers it’s resonant punch. Add to that a heartfelt vocoder performance, like a robotic lament, and you have some powerful electronics right here.

♫ Monsieur Adi – Runaway

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[Audio] Keljet & Holychild’s ‘What’s Your Sign?’



Dutch Disco duo Keljet have just announced their forthcoming new EP. This one goes under the moniker of Transatlantic and features four collaborations with American artists lending their vocals to Keljet’s buoyant beats. The first track to break ground from the release is What’s Your Sign?, this one sees the Dutchmen teaming up with LA Brat-Poppers Holychild. Check it out.

What’s Your Sign? is a bouncy and carefree slab of bass pounding DiscoPop. An elastic four minutes summertime vibes from the thick, rubbery, bassline to the starlight synths, this one is all about playful vibes and shades-on sunshine grooves. Holychild’s Liz serves up a catchy-as-hell vocal performance that’ll have you unconsciously singing along after the first listen. There’s just nothing to dislike here, Keljet are bringing the warm feelings with What’s Your Sign?.

♫ Keljet (Feat. Holychild) – What’s Your Sign?

Keljet’s Transatlantic EP is released 11th May.

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