[Audio] LoFrames’ ‘Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love)’



We’ve been waiting for this one for a while now. You may have noticed that the B-Side of the electronic rumors released Freak You’s There You Are was titled The Last Track. This was because it was literally Freak You’s last track as he left the Freak You moniker behind to team-up with long time production collaborator James Yuill (who also mixed There You Are) to form the brand new outfit LoFrames. James and Franck’s début single is released next month, check out Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love).

Seamlessly blending epic Pop, Deep House and warm Electro, LoFrames serve up a track that strips dance music and electronic Pop back to it’s core elements. Concentrating on the minimum viable product (that’s a business term!) the duo offer refined SynthPop, perfectly crafted for both the heart and the feet. Warm bass and razor leads drift over a solid groove to create a strong foundation for an introspective and heartfelt vocal. The icing on the cake is a drifting dusting of Sax that floats through the track like smoke amid the machines. This is seriously luxurious stuff.

♫ LoFrames – Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love)

LoFrames’ Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love) is released 9th March.

Check out more from LoFrames on SoundCloud.

[Download] Sébastien Tellier’s ‘Kilometre’ reMixed by Nude Disco


Sébastien Tellier

London’s Nude Disco is back with another of his storming reMixes. This one’s truly on point with Vern’s take on Sébastien Tellier’s classic Kilometre. This is one track you all will know, taken from the Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo produced album Sexuality it was a 2008/09 staple. Check out Nude Disco bringing up to 2015 speed and ready for a new dancefloor.

Nude Disc keeps things steady with this rock solid reMix. Kicking off with a bubbling arpeggio and a cracking electro snare, Vern soon introduces the original’s rich synths and a squelchy lead into the mix as the tune dips and bobs through the track. After a warm breakdown, Nude Disco brings it back hard with an irresistible and energetic synthetic finale.

Sébastien Tellier – Kilometre (Nude Disco reMix)

Sébastien Tellier’s Kilometre is out now.

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[Video] Divine Knights’ ‘Let’s Get Started’


Divine Knights   Let s Get Started   YouTube

Australian SynthPop outfit Divine Knights have a new single in the offing. The retro flavoured Let’s Get Started is released today, and here’s the music video to support it.

Glossy and glamorous, the video is a slick performance clip that takes it’s inspiration from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Divine Knights’ Let’s Get Started is out now.

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[Audio] The Singles’ ‘Candy’


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is no stranger to music; her past works have included an album of Tom Waits cover version and a collaboration with Pete Yorn that drew it’s influence from Serge Gainsbourg. The next feather in her music cap comes in the form of her new girl-group, The Singles. Featuring Holly Miranda, Kendra Morris and Julia Haltigan alongside Scarlett herself, and Este from Haim on studio drums, The Singles is Johansson’s take on saccharine Indie-ElectroPop. Or as she calls is “super-pop”. Colour us intrigued.

Although topically Candy is as saccharine as it gets, musically it;s actually a lot more ecclectic than it’s ‘super-pop’ alignment hints at. It’s a perfect Pop three and a half minutes that seems to draw a line between Robyn-esque ScandiPop and that particularly American brand of summery Indie-Electro that rears it’s head as soon as the weather gets warmer. With an EBM bassline. And it all works, amazingly well; Candy ends up being an irresistibly catchy, mature slab of ElectroPop with an optimistic vibe and a a weirdly haunting lead line. We definitely want to hear more.

♫ The Singles – Candy

The Single’s Candy is out soon.

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[Audio] Pawws’ ‘Turnaround’



North-London’s ElectroPop songstress Pawws is back on the scene, following up on her awesome Sugar EP of last year. She’s got a brand new track in the offing, this one comes courtesy of Kitsuné Music’s latest compilation album, Kitsuné New Faces II, released later this month. Welcome back Lucy Taylor’s particularly enchanting brand of sweet SynthPop with Turnaround.

The track launches with some particularly 80s synths before pairing them with a quaint 60s vibe, a-la Saint Etienne. Both bittersweet and tongue-in-cheek, Pawws presents a decidedly British taken on ElectroPop whilst delivering something with universal appeal. Sparkling leads and waves of warm synths form a lilting backing for Lucy’s introspective and relatable vocal. She’s working on her début album right now, we can’t wait.

♫ Pawws – Turnaround

Kitsuné New Faces II is released 23rd February.

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[Video] Prides’ ‘Higher Love’


Prides   Higher Love   YouTube

Glaswegian ElectroPopsters and Blog Sound Of 2015 shortlisters Prides have a new single on the approach. Higher Love is an epic SynthPop ditty that pits blippy keys against a majestic anthem. The best of both worlds!

Check out the video directed by Ian Greenhill and Jordan Laird. Best gig ever!

Prides’ ‘Higher Love’ is released 23rd March.

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[Audio] Miami Horror’s ‘Love Like Mine’



Australian Indie-ElectroPop outfit Miami Horror storm back in massive Disco style with news of their forthcoming, and long awaited, new album. The new record is due to land in April and the announcement is heralded by the injection into your ears of the huge new single, Love Like Mine. Once again quartet team up with LA singer Cleopold do deliver something absolutely infection. Listen up.

Love Like Mine is full on summertime Indie-Disco with stratospheric production values. A blockbuster DancePop track with groove by the boatload. Squealing retro synths and squelchy stabs find their place amongst wicked Disco licks and a spirited horn section. All Possible Futures  is looking like it’s going to be one of the albums of the summer at this rate.

♫ Miami Horror (Feat. Cleopold) – Love Like Mine

Miami Horror’s All Possible Futures is released 21st April.

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[Video] MNEK’s ‘The Rhythm’


MNEK   The Rhythm   YouTube

MNEK bass fuelled new single, The Rhythm, is due to drop next month; loaded with jump-up beats and warping synth bass alongside his instantly recognisable vocals. It’s not a new track, but the new release comes with a shiny new video.

Check the video as shop assistant MNEK is amused by various flying dancers.

MNEK’s The Rhythm is released 15ht March.

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[Audio] datA’s ‘Don’t Sing’



Out next week via Ekler’o’shock is the new one from the mighty datA. The Frenchman’s tunes are few and far between, but when he does drop a tune he drops it hard; his tracks  are always so big. This latest single features Benny Sings on vocals and is possibly the Poppiest thing he’s ever done. Don;t come here looking for the chainsaw synths of old, but as far as massive Pop tunes go, it;s pretty subversive.

Drawing in influences from afar afield as rough Electro and Gospel. datA and Benny Sings have put together a massive, cinematic tune full of bombast and drama. The main focuses here are Sing’s powerful croon and a hammered melodic piano; these centrepieces driving the tone and the rousing energy of the song. This rides on a solid dance beat, although the floor-friendly qualities of the track take a backseat the the emotional power of Don’t Sing. A strange but utterly compelling combination.

♫ datA (Feat. Benny Sings) – Don’t Sing

datA’s Don’t Sing is released 9th February.

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[Audio] Cosmic Angst’s ‘Mytheme I-IV’


cosmic angst

London Italo/SpaceSynth producer Chris Gilbert is taking a break from filling our ears with epic synth soundscapes as Mild Peril for a while to fill our ears with epic synth soundscapes as Cosmic Angst. He’s been drip feeding psychedelic synthesizer jams as Cosmic Angst for a while now, the latest of these being the just released Imbolc EP. The EP is made up for four songs Mytheme I-IV, which are actually one seventeen minute opus. So sit back, headphones on, and sink into the world of Cosmic Angst.

Taking the listener through soundtrack moods, Industrial percussive moments and soaring crescendos Mytheme I-IV is an immersive experience. Throughout the four movements hints of Jarre can be found amongst the SpaceSynth warbling. For a seven minute musical journey Mytheme I-IV is amazingly tight, each section flowing into the next seamlessly with it’s underlying themes providing stability to the audio narrative. Reviewing either Mild Peril or Cosmic Angst’s electro odysseys sometimes feels more like reviewing a movie, as there’s definite plot or character moments that unmistakable inform the listen of what’s supposed to be going on as the story unfolds in the imagination, played out by burbling apreggios and stratospheric solos. Without wanting to drop any spoilers, it’s fair to say if you love synths you will love this

♫ Cosmic Angst – Mytheme I-IV

Mild Peril’s Imbolc is out now on Bandcamp.

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