[Download] Patrick Baker’s ‘Lies’



While we generally dig Patrick Baker’s featuring appearances on everything that was ever released between 2012 and 2014, it’s always a lot more exciting to hear one of his own tunes. This is Patrick Baker as he was meant to be heard, his own vision. Patrick Baker: the director’s cut. The man has slowly but surely been making the transition from 80’s SynthWave Popster to smooth 90s soulful crooner and this new tune, Lies, is the epitome of that sound.

Smooth and slinky, Lies, mixes up a growling 90s R&B groove with a hint of Swingbeat and a little dusting of Disco. A slo-mo opus to drift across city rooftops at the peak hour of the night. A hot summer vibe, made up of chiming keys, warm tones and a solid dance beat, compliments Patrick’s soulful voice. This is one for putting your feet up, forgetting the world and letting the silky sounds envelops you. Super chilled stuff.

Patrick Baker – Lies

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[Audio] Starsmith’s ‘Now I Feel Good’



Premièred on Radio 1 by Pete Tong on Friday, here’s the new single from producer extraordinaire Starsmith. This is his second single of the year, which is a lot for Starsmith! To be fair to him though he does divide his time between writing music and producing some of the biggest and best ElectroPop acts on the planet. Now I Feel Good features the vocal talents of the generally amazing Clare Maguire and you can check out the tasty Club Mix below.

This tune has got all the hallmarks of a big Starsmith production, the big beats, the punch basslines, the layers of rich keys; with the added bonus of Maguire’s impassioned delivery. The rising, euphoric, synth lines really power the track along, razor sharp in their production and provide a nice ride for the ultimately optimistic vocals travel on. We can’t work out if this is perfect Pop, or perfect Big Room. Probably both.

♫ Starsmith (Feat. Clare Maguire) – Now I Feel Good (Club Edit)

Starsmith’s Now I Feel Good is out soon on Ministry Of Sound

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[Audio] Charli XCX’s ‘Boom Clap’ reMixed by Aeroplane



What’s better than a Charli XCX track? Not a lot, but maybe a Charli XCX track reMixed by Belgian Disco don Aeroplane? The French Touch O.G. has taken Charli’s track from the The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack (and soon to be her next single) Boom Clap, and given is a supremely slick dancefloor workout, just short of cheesy, this is the bounciest thing you’ll hear all day.

This reMix is textbook Aeroplane, suited to the dancefloors of 2009. That’s no bad thing, it’s a classic sound that is bound to get the juices of any Nu-Disco fan flowing. It’s got those big French House synths that we all love so much stuttering out their eminently funky hook, and the punchiest of basslines to boot. Charli’s vocal mixture of smokey and shouty could have made for a strange combination, but Vito blends his irresistible good-times dancefloor gold with Boom Clap’s vocals like they were always meant to be. Here’s the start to your weekend.

♫ Charli XCX – Boom Clap (Aeroplane reMix)

Charli XCX’s Boom Clap is due out 20th July.

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[Video] Kid Kasio & The Sanfernando Sound’s ‘Letters Of Love’


Kid Kasio and the Sanfernando Sound   Letters of Love  Official Video    YouTube

UK RetroPop hero Kid Kasio is back in business! This time he’s brought Manchester producer The Sanfernando Sound along for the ride as the two of them deliver driving ElectroPop goodness with this new tune, Letters Of Love.

The video, directed by Ed Crofts, captures the mid-80s Top Of The Pops vibe perfectly with a degraded video recording of a classic Kid Kasio  TOTP performance.

Kid Kasio & The Sanfernando Sound’s Letters Of Love is out today.

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[Video] Foreign Boy’s ‘Desperately Broken’


Foreign Boy   Desperately Broken   YouTube

One of London’s best kept secrets, BedroomPopseter Foreign Boy is about to become less of a secret with the release of hid début EP. Out at the end of the month via Nude Disco, the Dance Like A Light EP features a track we posted last September, Desperately Broken, which has now got a video.

The clip is an orbital dream that perfectly matches the tone of the track.

Foreign Boy’s Dance Like A Light EP is out 21st July.

Check out more from Foreign Boy on SoundCloud.

[Video] Queen Of Hearts’ Like A Drug’


Queen of Hearts   Like A Drug   YouTube

So, the amazing Queen Of Hearts just released her début album. Yesterday. Just like that. It’s called Cocoon and in order to give it at least a little bit of the fanfare it deserves here’s a brand new video for the album track Like A Drug. Euphoria alert!

Robert Francis Muller directs the clip, whos kaleidoscopic kinetic energy matches the track’s hands-in-the-air bliss pretty well.

Queen Of Hearts’ Cocoon is out now.

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[Audio] Bondax’s ‘All I See’



UK Deep House duo Bondax jump feet first into the waters of 90s House with their forthcoming new single, All I See. Unveiled late last week, All I See is due for a September release which makes it perfectly primed to take advantage of it’s commercial sound and underground groove to be a festival anthem and chart success.

We’re not sure who lends their vocal talent to All I See, but whoever it is knocks it out the park. You’ve got a big diva vocal with some absolutely enchanting vocal rhythms and flourishes here. Having that flow over a slick Chicago House track, weighted heavy with subby basses and an infectious organ hook , makes for a totally classic house track and instant feel-good vibes. Expect to be hearing a lot of All I See over the summer.

♫ Bondax – All I See

Bondax’s All I See is released 7th September.

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[Audio] Croquet Club’s ‘Breathe’ & ‘Rush’


Croquet Club

Out this week on Anjunadeep is the new EP from Croquet Club. After wowing with his début release, Awake/Cardigan (that went on to become an Anjunadeep classic), French producer Jeremy Villecourt is delivering three tracks in the form of the Jacuzzi EP. Of the three tunes involved, it’s hard for us to pick between Breathe and Rush, two storming tunes, so have a listen to both.

Breathe serves up a platter of deep and airy sounds mixed with a laid back ElectroPop feel. Layering ominous tone over haunting vocals Croquet Club keep things enigmatic without ever crossing over into actually being moody or dark. This is achieved by washing this tapestry of rumbling basses and dreamlike keys over a seriously compelling poolside House groove and some cheeky Tropical guitar. Taking cues from the likes of French legends Air, Croquet Club brings that spacious hazy sound to the dancefloor. Rush contrasts Breathe by swinging with full force toward the ElectroPop and Pop-House end of the electronic music spectrum with huge,sweeping, big room sounds, lush stings and a radio friendly Piano led sound. Perfect summertime listening, Rush is feel-good House at it’s finest. there’ll be something for everyone on this EP.

♫ Croquet Club – Breath

♫ Croquet Club – Rush

Croquet Club’s Jacuzzi EP is out this week,

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[Book] Mad World: An Oral History Of New Wave Artists And Songs That Defined The 1980s by Lori Majewski & Jonathan Bernstein



It’s not often that we get sent non-music promo items, occasionally there will be booze, or gadgets, and there was that time Chromeo sent us a phone, but generally it’s Records and CDs. Last week, though, we got sent a book. That book was Mad World: An Oral History Of New Wave Artists And Songs That Defined The 1980s. It was was written by Lori Majewski and Jonathan Bernstein, both long time music journalists with a vested interest int he 80s. I’m a big reader, but I can barely string two words together to write a music review, let along tackle a book review.

So here is a book review.

Music books are notoriously hit or miss, more often being disappointingly miss. The last great music book I read was Last Night A DJ Saved My Life by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton (which is an amazing history of DJing which is well worth the read), 80s music books in particular, usually make me annoyed with their generalizations of superficial coverage of the topic so I delved into the book with trepidation. However, the way Mad World is constructed is both fun and pretty in depth. What you have is each chapter being dedicated to a particular classic song from the 80s and it’s content being an interview with one or more of the creators. So, for example, the chapter on Yazoo’s Only You features Vince and Alison talking about their relationship and making the record. This is a great format that allows you to pick up and put down the book when you’ve got a spare minute and learn something genuinely insightful about a handful of SynthPop hits and a brief look into the mind of some of the biggest names of the 80s. Those present and correct include The Human League, Heaven 17, Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Thomas Dolby, Howard Jones, Kim Wilde, The Normal, Duran Duran, ABC, Devo, A-Ha, Thompson Twins, OMD, Ultravox and many more.

So, yeah, book review. I really enjoyed it. Even though it’s a ‘dip in’ type volume, I read the thing from cover to cover. The fact that it’s 99% the voices of the artists who made these records makes it both more interesting, and accurate, than if a third party has just written about the tracks.

Also, there’s tons of photos, and photos from the 80s are a good thing.

One tiny niggle I did have with the book; being an American publication it has these translations for English terms throughout that tends to be a bit patronising and jarring a little. It’s an annoyance that pulls you out of the book. I know much of the books audience will be American, but I’m sure they have enough common sense to realise a “bin man” is what they would call a “garbage man”, context is a wonderful thing.

That aside though, It’s really good read, I would definitely be interested in a Volume Two being released, there’s tons of songs I would love to read about in this format.

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[Audio] Leo Kalyan’s ‘Over You’


Leo Kalyan

We first featured Londoner Leo Kalyan back in September of last year with his smokey reMix of Ellie Goulding’s Burn. He’s the neighbour of a friend of ours, which is an interesting way to get a blogs attention, we might even put it on our submissions page as a requirement. Had Leo’s music been awful, things might have got a little awkward, luckily for us, and for your ears, Kalyan produces some of the slicked laid back Pop around, the kind of stuff we can seriously see propelling him to chart appeal.

His latest tune is Over You, it was produced with a little help from Karma Kid and MNEK and delivers just the right amount of swing, with just the right amount of haze, and just the right amount of Funk, to be the perfect lazy summertime tune. Underpinned with a thick, warbling, bassline, the track’s intricate production serves as an evolving, synthetic soundscape for Kalyan’s smooth as silk vocal delivery to flow over. This’ll get your head nodding by the pool.

♫ Leo Kalyan – Over You

Check out more from Leo Kalyan on SoundCloud.