[Audio] The Sweeps’ ‘Touch Me’


The Sweeps

German Italo SynthPop outfit The Sweeps have just dropped a brand new tune, Touch Me. The trio have just had a track featured on legendary Italo compilation provider ZYX Music’s latest Italo compilation, Italo/Euro Disco New Generation Vol. 6; and this new tune, which sees them going more retro than ever, has been unleashed to mark the compilation’s release.

Touch Me is wonderfully nostalgic  three minutes of perfect retro Pop. Taking in the softer side of Italo, mid 80s European Discotheques and and classic SynthPop into it’s DNA, Touch Me is a blissful excursion through the history of electronic Pop music. Sweet vocals with a 80s twang, glide effortlessly over a symphony of vintage synth, burbling bass and majestic pads, to deliver and authentic 80s Pop experience.

♫ The Sweeps – Touch Me

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[Video] Chic’s ‘I’ll Be There’


Nile Rodgers   CHIC feat Nile Rodgers   I ll Be There with Karlie Kloss   YouTube

Here it is. Long awaited. It’s Nile Rodger’s Chic’s first new song in 23 years; I’ll Be There. A glorious blend of classic Chic and modern touches, celebrating the history of Disco. If fair to say no-one has replaced Nile in the last two decades.

So, here’s the video. It features Karlie Kloss, who is apparently a supermodel or something, and also seems like a bit of an idiot. To be honest we’re a bit disappointed with the clip. We expected more from Nile than ‘rake thin model writhes in her pants’. Oh well, let’s hope there’s a next time to make up for it.

Chic’s I’ll Be There is out today.

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[Audio] Shyvonne’s ‘Give Into Love’



Having collaborated with the likes of Bremnar and Sammy Banannas, New York based House singer/songwriter Shyvonne is gearing up for the release of her début EP. The release was co-produced with Chuck Wild and sees her taking on a UK Deep House sound whilst keeping a classic late 80s/early 90s House vibe. Listen up.

Give Into Love is smooth and slinky with a comfortable House groove. Paying respects to the history of House, from Chicago through UK Bass, Shyvonne delivers a soulful performance and has a classic voice that when paired with Chuck Wild’s production mixing both the retro and the new presents a timeless dance music sound.

♫ Shyvonne – Give Into Love

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[Audio] Du Tonc’s ‘Animals’



MiGHty mOUse and Matt Van Schie are back in their Du Tonc guise with the eagerly awaited follow up to January’s Every Song. Written on the radio in the US, Animals marks the start of the journey toward the duo’s début album, of which they are putting the finishing touched to right now. These guys have made a big impact on the Nu-Disco and Indie-Electro scenes since the start of their collaboration back in 2013 and we are pretty pleased they are going the album route (it’s a format we, unlike a lot of people, feel is still very important. It;s gonna’ be a big year for Du Tonc.

Animals serves up generous helpings of, what is now, Du Tonc’s trademark sound; blissful Topical-tinged Indie-Electro with a solid Disco backing. Blissful it may be, but don’t mistake it for shallow. Animals, as with the rest of Du Tonc’s output, is wildly more cerebral than it’s contemporaries, with Matt Van Schie giving an emotional and intelligent performance over a intricately crafted combination of summery ElectroPop and retro-futuristic Cosmic Disco. As ever, Du Tonc deliver something for both the head and the feet.

♫ Du Tonc – Animals

Du Tonc’s Animals is released 30th March.

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[Audio] Kero Kero Bonito’s ‘Picture This’


Kero Kero Bonito

South Londoners Kero Kero Bonito have been mixing up a bit of J-Pop, quirky SynthPop and Indie-Electro and repackaging in it a way that appeals to both Pop pickers and Hype following websites alike. Their latest single is titled Picture This, an ode to both selfies and Instagramming your life which manages to combine bubblegum Japanese Pop and a wry English sense of humour.

So, you’re either going to love this, or hate it. We’re falling firmly in the love camp (yup, we like Marmite too). It kinda’ feels like a contemporary Saint Etienne, in that way it celebrates mundanity in a very English way. Of course, Saint Etienne never sung half in Japanese, or mixed up ChipTune chaos into their songs as Kero Kero Bonito do, but the there a similar swing here. So, if it’s your kind of thing you’ll probably be pretty enamoured with the buoyant a synths, rapid fire rhythms and Sarah’s half sung, half rapped, half Japanese (yes, that’s three halves) vocals.

♫ Kero Kero Bonito – Picture This

Kero Kero Bonito’s Picture This is out now.

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[Audio] Great Good Fine OK & St. Lucia’s ‘Something To Believe In’



Here’s another track from Brooklyn IndiePop outfit Great Good Fine OK’s new EP, 2M2H. A couple of weeks ago we lined up the smooth as hell Shook reMix of the lead track Too Much To Handle. This morning we can take a listen to Something To believe In; a track which features one of Brooklyn’s finest ElectroPop exports, St. Lucia. The 2M2H EP is released this week.

This is the purest of bred American Indie-tinged ElectroPop. Exuberant from start to finish, this breezy tune glides through it’s five minutes with carefree abandon. A sunshine jam, the interesting beats underpin a dense concoction of airy synths and sparkling leads to accompany the hazy vocals. Oh, and a sax solo, which is the best.

♫ Great Good Fine OK (Feat. St.. Lucia) – Something To Believe In

Great Good Fine OK’s 2M2H EP is released this week.

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[Audio] Maya Vik’s ‘Y.M.D. (Young Michael Douglas)’


Maya Vik

We’re a week or so late on this one, but we’re pretty sure it is deserved of your attention if you haven’t already jumped on it. Norwegian ElectroPop chanteuse Maya Vik has teamed up with fellow Nord and Cosmic Disco powerhouse Lindstrøm for this track from her just released EP Beyond The Basics. It’s called Y.M.D. (Young Michael Douglas), which is an odd subject matter for a song, but there we go.

Vik, vocally, serves up a nice mix between Scandinavian icy Pop and retro SynthWave-y nostalgia which makes for the perfect partner for Lindstrøm Space-Age tundra Disco. Slightly more ElectroPop than his recent collaboration with Say Lou Lou, Lindstrøm offers up a driving, energetic slab of Poppy House that, combined with Maya Vik’s vocals and the quirky subject matter make for some ScandiPop gold.

♫ Maya Vik – Y.M.D. (Young Michael Douglas) (Prod. By Lindstrøm)

Maya Vik’s Beyond The Basics EP is out now.

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[Video] TCTS & Leo Kalyan’s ‘Thinking About You’


TCTS   Thinking About You ft. Leo Kalyan   YouTube

Here’s a big new tune from Manchester producer Sam O’Neill A.K.A. TCTS and featuring Mr. Leo Kalyan on vocal duties. Thinking About You is  a huge and emotive House track that’s catchy as hell and bound to be doing the business this summer.

Check out the video, directed by WVLFCVB, and follow this disgruntled warehouse worker’s daydreams.

TCTS’ Thinking About You is released 30th March.

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[Audio] Marina And The Diamonds’ ‘FROOT’ reMixed by St. Lucia


Marina And The Diamonds

FROOT was the first single released from Marina And The Diamonds’ forthcoming third studio album, and an amazing return to form for one of our favourite singer/songwriters. It was released October last year but is getting a new lease of life in the form of this storming new reMix from Brooklyn’s breezy ElectroPop exponent; St. Lucia.

St. Lucia’s reMix was worth the wait, the man morphs the massive Pop epic into a quirky but imposing floor-filler. Building upon the foundations of a House beat and machine bass, St. Lucia avoids falling into the obvious trap of producing a big commercial dance track but putting Marina’s eclectic vocal from and centre amongst swirling synths. Not hint of a trance lead anywhere, instead we find catchy SynthPop hooks. Good job St. Lucia!

♫ Marina And The Diamonds – FROOT (St. Lucia reMix)

Marina And The Diamonds’ FROOT single is out now, the album is due to drop 16th March.

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[Audio] Techniques reMixes Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’


Michael Jackson

Have you checked out the new single from Manchester’s electronic adventurer Techniques yet? Don’t You Want To Love’s enigmatic, dark, grooves caused a bit of a stir when recently released and the Manc producer is already working on the eagerly awaited follow up. In the meantime check out this epic reMix of Michael Jackson’s 1988 hit, Smooth Criminal.

Kicking things off in low key and moody fashion, Techniques introduces us to a low-slung bassline and stuttering Techno beats to pair with Jackson’s vocals, here turned into some kind of hypnotic mantra. A cinematic journey through the world of Tech and Deep House, this reMix retains the drama of the original song, but drags it onto some futuristic Sci-Fi dancefloor where Jacko is fighting off an android invasion. Mesmerising stuff.

♫ Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (Techniques reMix)

Techniques’ Don’t You Want To Love is out now.

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