[Mixtape] Nude Disco’s 10th mixtape



Nude Disco – Nude Disco 10 = Nude Disco’s back with another storming collection of particularly tasty Disco and ElectroPop tunes. There’s a whole hours of tunes here to keep you smiling and dancing for the rest of the week.

Nude Disco – Nude Disco 10

The tracklist:
01. Limousine – Luk Thung
02. Sally Shapiro – He Keeps Me Alive (Skatebard reMix)
03. DCup – Someone Told Me (La Felix reMix)
04. Philly Devotions – Just Can’t Say Goodbye (Tom Moulton reMix)
05. Vanguard – E C H O (Luxar reMix)
06. Moon Boots (Feat. Kyiki) – Don’t Ask Why
07. Juliette Armanet – L’Amour En Solitaire
08. Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool (Robotaki reMix)
09. Tobtok – Savanna
10. Darius – Omeo
11. Nude Disco – Neon Hearts (Luxar Pop ‘N’ Lock reMix)
12. Moustache Machine – Porquerolles
13. 80′s Child – Make You Mine
14. Mitch Murder – Race Day
15. Dim Sum – Un Jour
16. Ben Macklin (Feat Rowan Arnold) – Make Me Feel (Nude Disco reMix)

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[Audio] Ben Macklin’s ‘Make Me Feel’ (+ Nude Disco reMix)



Make Me Feel is the new single from Cassette Clubber Ben Macklin. Released this week the single features the vocal stylings of Rowan Arnold and comes equipped with reMixes from Tronik Youth, Nude Disco & Culture Culture. On your first listen you’ll instantly realise why Ben is one of our favourite British producers working right now. Check it out.

Neatly blending Tropical vibes and a slick retro SynthPop flavour, Make Me Feel is a nice mid-paced jam that would sit equally at home on by the poolside or on Top Of The Pops in 1986. With elements of Synth Soul, particularly in the bassline and vocals and an uplifting Island Disco chorus, it’s a track that will force a smile onto your face. Nude Disco ups the tempo a tad whist keeping the retro groove, injecting punchy snyths and an array sweeping club hooks. Covering everything from Italo to Nu-Disco via ElectroPop, the single package is strong as hell, you should definitely investigate.

♫ Ben Macklin (Feat. Rowan Arnold) – Make Me Feel

♫ Ben Macklin (Feat. Rowan Arnold) – Make Me Feel (Nude Disco reMix)

Ben Macklin’s Make Me Feel is out now.

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[Audio] Nude Disco reMixes Reegl’s ‘Who Was This I Never Knew’



Here’s the latest reMix from Lodnon’s Nude Disco. he’s whipped up this storming Nu-Disco reMix of IndiePop duo Reegl’s forthcoming single Who Was This I Never Knew, taken from their album Clearing The Decks. Theres a little Balearic vibe in this one, just right for setting up your weekend.

With a waling bassline that’ll be with you for the rest of the day, Nude Disco’s reMix of Who Was This I Never Knew is a head nodder for sure. Introducing bright keys and a breakdown in just the right place, Nude Disco create the perfect platform of the originals breathy vocals. A Funky House and Indie soundclash that’s ripe for many repeat plays.

♫ Reegl – Who Was This I Never Knew (Nude Disco reMix)

Reegl’a album, Clearing The Decks is out now.

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[Download] Nude Disco’s ‘Neon Hearts’ (+ Jules Schimmer & Auxiliary Tha Masterfader reMixes)



Record label Nude Disco, spawned from the club night Nude Disco, are following their compilation Nude Disco selections Vol. 1, with their première single release; from Nude Disco. that’s a lot of nakedness right there. The single’s called Neon Hearts, and it features the vocal stylings of Foreign Boy and comes with a loaded reMix package including work from Luxar, Discomendments, Jules Schimmer and Auxiliary Tha Masterfader.

Neon Hearts is a lush, urban, slice of SynthPoppy Nu-Disco. Musically it’s a slightly Tropical four minutes of infectious synthesizer Disco. Peppered with Poppy riffs, the bass bounces, the leads get euphoric and the purcussion keeps things funky. The infectious dancefloor groove is all leading toward a sweeping solo. Foreign Boy’s vocal contribution is what gives it it;s SynthPop edge as he croons his was through the track in a neo-Pet Shop Boys style. Jules Schimmer adds a little 80s flair to the tune with a chugging bassline and Top Of The Pops beats before launching into a hands-in-the-air piano House riff, while Aux takes a future Italo approach to Neon Hearts, injecting burbling synths and his own analog Disco style. The whole release is an impressive début for the label.

♫ Nude Disco (Feat. Foreign Boy) – Neon Hearts (Original Mix)

♫ Nude Disco (Feat. Foreign Boy) – Neon Hearts (Jules Schimmer reMix)

Nude Disco (Feat. Foreign Boy) – Neon Hearts (Auxiliary Tha Masterfader Club Mix)

Nude Disco’s Neon Hearts is released 24th February.

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[Audio] Nude Disco reMixes Classroom Battles’ ‘Sway’


Classroom Battles

Classroom Battles are a French/Irish Indie-Electro outfit who released their début EP This Week’s Question last month to a fair amount of coverage, not least because they ran a competition giving away an Ableton Push controller to celebrate the EPs release. London’s best-kept-secret Nude Disco is on the case with a reMix of the track Sway from the EP, which is out now and also included a Dub version of this mix.

Nude Disco inject the tune with a heavy groove. Thick synth bass provides a nice contrast to a bright, raindrop, lead line and a smallest hint of guitar add a little colour. The track shows hints of SynthWave, especially in it’s opening chords, but mostly it’s a nice, clean slice of modern ElectroPop with big dancefloor tendencies and an involving aspect you can get lost in equally in the headphones or on the dancefloor.

♫ Classroom Battles – Sway (Nude Disco reMix)

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[Audio] Kill Me Softly & Jane Elizabeth Hanley’s ‘Catch’



You may recall, at the start of the month we let you know about a great new compilation from a great new record label. Nude Disco is now one of London’s top club nights, a production outfit AND a record label and to kick off their label venture they self-released the Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1 compilation album. That Nude Disco & Friends record is now getting a general release with the Beatport edition coming with three exclusive tracks, the most exciting coming from Kill Me Softly, a collaboration between Nude Disco’s Vern, Dirty Vegas’ Paul Harris and our very own Jane Elizabeth Hanley from Kids At Midnight.

Catch is a bright, sparkling, Poppy Nu-Disco track. Prepare yourself for one of those choruses that’ll be stuck in your head for the rest of the week. Thick with a sweet pumping bass and a broad selection of breezy keys, Vern and Paul whip up a top quality DiscoPop track with a comfortable poolside vibe. It’s to this mix that Jane injects a passionate performance. Heartfelt vocals that manage to be both touching and a massive earworm. It may not be summer anymore, but re-capture the vibes with this one.

♫ Kill Me Softly (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) – Catch

Nude Disco & Friends’ Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1 goes on general release on 4th November, until then you can pick up the album (minus the bonus tracks) on Bandcamp.

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[MP3] Ben Macklin, The Penelopes, Nude Disco & Foreign Boy appear on ‘Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1’


nude disco

At a party in the depths of South London at the weekend, our friends over at Nude Disco (one of the capital’s grooviest clubnights) launched their and new record label. Now that’s definitely something you should be keeping en eye on, Vern and the guys have got stunning taste in music so you can definitely expect an interesting stable putting out nothing but quality releases.

The celebrate the beginning of big things, Nude Disco & Friends have put out a free compilation album and a gateway into their world. Amongst Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1 you’ll find ten tracks from the core Nude Disco crew, ranging from Nu-Disco to SynthWave to ElectroPop. Cassette Club’s Ben Macklin puts in a solo appearance with Saved, five minutes of dreamy poolside Italo funk, alongside London based French ElectroPop duo The Penelopes’ single, Now Now Now, here give the Nude Disco treatment in big summery piano House fashion. Much of the album is built up from Nude Disco himself, who opening track, Neon Hearts, is retro SynthPop excellence, unusually pure Pop from Nude Disco, but totally irresistible. Foreign Boy’s contribution to the album is a slick late 80s tinged DiscoPop tune that is a lot more polished than we’ve heard from him before, signalling big things from this guy. As far is opening manifesto’s go, this one a loaded with killer tracks, you’d be a fool not to grab yourself a copy.

Ben Macklin – Saved

The Penelopes – Now Now Now (Penelopes Nude Disco Mix)

Nude Disco – Neon Hearts

Foreign Boy – Devon Sands

You can pick up Nude Disco & Friends’ Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1 for free from here.

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[Mixtape] Nude Disco’s ‘Poolside Polari 6’



Nude Disco – Poolside Polari 6 = The sixth instalment in Vern’s Poolside Polari series is loaded with the freshest sunshine Disco and some choice House cuts. Perfect for lazy summer evenings.

Nude Disco – Poolside Polari 6

The tracklist:
01. Basement Love – My Mind Made On You
02. Le Collage – Me & You
03. AlunaGeorge – Outlines (Pat Lok ‘Crayola’ Edit)
04. Pherotone – My Baby
05. Daft Punk (Feat. Panda Bear) – Doin’ It Right (Ben Macklin Mix)
06. Cajoline & Holic – Timeless Dream
07. Everywhere – Eddie (Oliver Nelson reMix)
08. FKJ – Unchained
09. No crAss – The Hour (Moustache Machine reMix)
10. Plage 84 – Love Rain
11. Oxford – You & Me
12. Foreign Boy – The City (Nude Disco Edit)
13. Starcadian – He^Rt

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[Mixtape] Nude Disco’s 9th mixtape



Nude Disco – Nude Disco 9 ‘Paris Match’ = With his latest mixtape, Nude Disco’s Very revels in his love of quirky French Pop. There’s all manner of cute synths, raw Disco grooves and sweet vocals in this hour long education. Enjoy.

♫ Nude Disco – Nude Disco 9 ‘Paris Match’

The tracklist:
01. Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool (RAC Remix)
02. Claude Violante – For You
03. Little Dragon – Little Man
04. Kumisolo – Coeur Frag
05. Lisbonne – Eden Plage
06. 10lec6 – Maké Madjeng
07. Saint Michael – Crooner’s Eyes
08. Saint Michael – Wastin Tastin
09. Selebrites – Temporary Touch
10. Exotica – Femme De Chair
11. Pupkulies & Rebecca – Ici
12. Niagara – Pendant Que La Brûlent
13. Kumisolo – Ongaku
14. Gramme – It’s Magic
15. Valley – Mobile Love
16. Exotica – Désorbitée
17. Nautic – Fresh Eyes
18. Le Couleur (Feat. French Horn Rebellion) – Vacances De 87

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[MP3] New track from Nude Disco



Here we have a brand new slice of smooth synth Disco from London’s Nude Disco. Apparently this is taken from a forthcoming Nude Disco records sampler. Apparently there’s a Nude Disco Records now, and apparently this is from a samples they are putting out. Looks line Vern is holed up in South London creating a media Empire with the awesome Nude Disco clubnight, the music and now a label. Disco things are happening.

Anyhoo, global Disco dominance aside, this latest tune is a blissfully chilled excursion on thick synths and wicked licks. Weaving a little SynthWave and a little squelchy LA Funk into the track, Vern serves up a plethora of summertime sounds. With everyone making such soulful summer jams these days, we seem to be stockpiling some serious sunshine tunes of mass destruction, to be used the minute the sun comes out for more that two hours.

Nude Disco – Pen Pals

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