[Video] Soft Metals’ ‘No Turning Back’


Soft Metals     No Turning Back    YouTube

Here’s another new video from Minimal Synth outfit Soft Metals’ amazing sophomore album, Lenses. This time the brooding No Turning Back gets the spotlight. The band are heading to Europe on a month long tour in April, check the dates here.

The clip was directed by performance artist Erica Schreiner, who we think might need a hug.

Soft Metals’ Lenses is out now.

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[Audio] Soft Metals’ ‘When I Look Into Your Eyes’ reMixed by L-Sedition


Soft Metals

When two acts we’re particularly fond of come together it;s always a cause for excitement. Especially when those two acts are at the forefront of intelligent electronic music. Portland Minimal Synth outfit Soft Metals’ Lenses album was one of the highlights of last year for us, so we’re stoked to hear there is a reMix album on the horizon, even more stoked that one of the reMixes comes from ex-Violet Tremors; L-Sedition, further stoked to première the reMix right here. That’s a lot of stoked, we know, but listen to the tune and you’ll hear why.

The reMix is actually surprisingly Housey, with a real old school flavour that’s a mix of Chicago and Detroit.The hypnotic beat, best suited to strobe light business, carries you along past waves of grinding synths and sparking arpeggios. With just a haunting hint of the original’s vocals, L-Sedition crafts an engrossing, striped back, vintage Dance sound without forgetting the edgy SynthPop roots of the track.

♫ Soft Metals – When I Look Into Your Eyes (L-Sedition reMix)

Soft Metals’ Lenses reMixes is released 3rd February.

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[Audio] Mild Peril’s ‘Wizards’ Pupil’/’Arp Of Pan’


Mild Peril

What better day than Halloween to continue your journey down the rabbit hole that is the world of Mild Peril. The latest release from London’s Italo Experimentalist comes in the form of a brand new four track EP. It’s a double A-side affair, first up is two versions of Wizard’s Pupil, followed by two versions of Arp Of Pan on the flip. Pretty Proggy titles, huh? Well, it is Halloween. And don’t worry about the names, hit play any you’ll be treated to some serious cosmic synth narrative. You won’t regret it.

Both track come in two flavours, First Sequence and Second Sequence. Wizard’s Pupil stars life as a burbling slice of moody Italo, the creeping dread of mid 80s Horror movie soundtracks evident as Mild Peril’s musical story starts to unfold. Clocking in at 8 minutes Wizard’s Pupil (First Sequence) has plenty of time to evolve, morphing from the melancholy synth of it’s beginnings into an optimistic, even uplifting, slice of electronic wonder, which is carried into it’s Second Sequence where the shiny, hopeful, synths are complimented with a retro dancefloor beat. Arp Of Pan continues to play both the atmospheric Italo and cinematic SynthWave cards, undulating waves of arpeggios crashing against a steady groove to create something quite hypnotic broken by twisting and rousing solos. The Arps’ Second Sequence bring takes the mood to a more pensive place for the EP’s closer, with a deep and mysterious fifteen minutes of synthetic bliss. Another storming release from Mild Peril and a must for synthesizer fans.

♫ Mild Preil – Wizard’s Pupil (First Sequence)

♫ Mild Peril – Arp Of Pan (First Sequence)

Mild Peril’s Wizards’ Pupil/Arp Of Pan is out now on Bandcamp.

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[Video] Soft Metals’ ‘On a Cloud’


Soft Metals  On a Cloud   OFFICIAL VIDEO    YouTube

Here’s the video for Portland Minimal Synth outfit Soft MetalsOn A Cloud, taken from their amazing sophomore album Lenses.

The clip was directed by Erica Schreiner, who commented “The story in the video speaks about how living in a dream or on a cloud, doesn’t last for long and can be a deception. Very quickly too much sweetness can make you sick.”.

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[Audio] L-SEDITION’s ‘You Pay’



Sadly, our favourite Minimal Synth duo Violet Tremors are no more. While Jessica continues to explore dark minimalism with noNViolet, Lorene is taking an altogether more epic approach with her new outfit L-SEDITION. What we’ve heard so far we’d probably call something like Cryptic Cinematic Techno, if we wanted to call it something, which we don’t, so just ignore that bit.

L-SEDITION’s first tune is called You Pay, and it’s a sprawling six minutes of Sci-Fi synthetics. Layered with burbling arpeggios and growling synths, You Pay carries the listener along on a hypnotic journey, occasionally interchanging the chainsaw stabs with lush, rousing strings. Complex and intricate rhythms hail the robotic march of the tracks groove as the whole delivers something that is both machine like and very human. A good start we think.

♫ L-SEDITION – You Pay

Check out more from L-SEDITION on SoundCloud.

[Video] Soft Metals’ ‘Lenses’


Soft Metals  Lenses   OFFICIAL VIDEO    YouTube

Here’s the video for Lenses, the title track of amazing Portland based Minimal Synth outfit Soft Metals’ sophomore album.

Co-Directed by Eva Aguila and Soft Metal’s Patricia Hall, it’s the closes thing to a ‘traditional’ music video Soft Metals have done, but with added Soft Metals psychedelic, electronic, flair.

Soft Metals’ Lenses is out now.

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[Video] Xeno & Oaklander’s ‘Sheen’


Xeno   Oaklander    Sheen   Official Music Video    YouTube

Sheen is the forthcoming new single from Brooklyn Minimal Synth duo Xeno & Oaklander. The first taste of their forthcoming new album, due out this Autumn, Sheen is a surprisingly upbeat and catchy affair.

The video was directed by Joshua Zucker-Pluda and revolves around the last woman left int he world, alone and searching for answers.

Xeno & Oaklander’s Sheen is out now on 12” and digital with single pamphlet.

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[Video] Glass Candy’s ‘Redheads Feel More Pain’



It’s another one of the awesome Glass Candy’s enigmatic videos. This one’s for the track Redheads Feel More Pain, their contribution to the Italians Do It Better compilation After Dark 2.

Once again the clip uses footage shot by Alberto Rossini, actually test shots for a photoshoot in Ibiza earlier this summer.

Redheads Feel More Pain is taken from After Dark 2, out now.

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[Video] Soft Metals’ ‘Tell Me’


Soft Metals    Tell Me   OFFICIAL VIDEO    YouTube

Here’s the video for Portland based  Minimal Synth Robo-Pop duo Soft MetalsTell Me, taken from their stunning new album Lenses.

Re-edited from a short film titled Hardcore, from filmmakers Erin Frost and Shaun Kardinal, the clip features lots of getting it on.

Soft Metals’ Lenses is out now.

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[Audio] Mild Peril’s ‘Unknown Zones’ Vol’s 1 & 2


mild peril

July had been a busy week for London based Italo synthesist Chris Flatline A.K.A. Mild Peril. With two releases, on different formats, in the space of a week, Mild Peril in on the approach vector to deliver the culmination of this particular phase of his Cosmic Italo journey. One limited edition, on Vivod Records, and one digital release should whet people appetites for of this lush, evocative, electronic soundtrack.

Firstly, there is the limited edition 12” release of Alpha Zone and Gamma Zone. Both to be found in their original form on the Unknown Zones, First Survey EP, here slightly reworked but no less fantastical. These two tracks are amongst Mild Peril’s best, robotic yet emotional, mysterious yet comforting, utilising machine beats, razor sharp lead lines and heady swirls of synthesizer sounds to create moods for your head and your feet. Owning these two tunes on vinyl is a pretty interesting prospect for the discerning Italo DJ. The second release, Unknown Zones Vol. 2, contains two new tunes, Outer Zone/Sigma Zone and Crisis In Gamma Zone, both built upon existing themes but honed through the last couple of years of releases and live shows into two epic electronic narratives. At around quarter of an hour each, there is much scope here for ushering the listener through a variety of moods that weave together to tell the tale of the whole. Haunting chimes and cascades of electronic warmth will give way to pulsating arpeggios and pulsating FM bass, and back again, as the voyage though Italo, Cosmic Disco and late 70s soundtrack vibes progresses. A definite recommendation for any lover of synthesizer music that should be seeing a physical release later in the year.

♫ Mild Peril – Alpha Zone

♫ Mild Peril – Crisis In Gamma Zone

Mild Peril’s Unknown Zones Vol. 1 and Unknown Zones Vol. 2 are both out now.

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