[MP3] Maethelvin’s ‘As We Were’



One of the original pioneers of the Dreamwave and SynthWave sound, French producer Maethelvin has suddenly jumped back onto our radar with a brand new track. The old school Valerie member has returned out of nowhere with As We Were, a track that takes us back to the heydays of the Valerie/Dreamwave scene.

Lush space age synths wash this track. As We Were is a glorious slick of electronic nostalgia. With a subtly funky bassline to underpin proceedings, As We Were treats you to classy chords and pin sharp leads conjuring moods of days gone by. Not just reminiscent of 2007’s SynthWave explosion, but laid back 80s movie soundtrack work and Sci-fi Disco. We’re hoping this is the start of s resurgence of activity from Maethelvin, we’d love to hear of an album on the horizon.

Maethelvin – As We Were

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[MP3] Maethelvin reMixes Kris Menace & Miss Kittin


So, we dropped Kris Menace’s new single, Hide, featuring the voice of ElectroClash, Miss Kittin, a couple of weeks ago. The single is out now and the surprise track of the reMix package is the return of Valerie mainstay Maethelvin. It’s been a long long time since we heard from this guy. He dumped a few new/old track on his soundcloud early in 2012 but hasn’t released anything since 2009.

The remix kinda’ makes us miss the pure Valerie sound. SynthWave/Outrun has moved on a little since those days, become more bombastic, and Dreamwave morphed into a more Indie inclined synth nostalgiafest. Here, though, Maethelvin delivers three and a half minutes of pure French, 80s influenced, teen movie soundtracking, Italo-Disco rocking, synth brilliance. Laidback and groovy, this reMix lets Miss Kittin’s vocal become a bit more musical as it glides over Maethelvin’s washes of electronics.

Kris Menace (Feat. Miss Kittin) – Hide (Maethelvin reMix)

Kris Menace’s Hide is out now.

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