[Video] Moderns’ ‘Kowalski’


MODERNS   Kowalski   YouTube

Here’s the new video from Let Em Riot side project Moderns. It’s for a track called Kowalski from their self-titled début EP; a sweeping and majestic slice of Dreamwave ElectroPop. There’s power in this one.

Check out the hypnotic video below, and grab their new EP right now on their Bandcamp page.

Moderns’ self-titled début EP is out now.

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[Audio] Moderns’ ‘Atlantic Sudden’



Here’s the next instalment in the story of Let Em Riot side project Moderns. Releasing a steady stream of tunes, these guys have already impressed with the likes of Sub Urban and Lies and as they gear up to (hopefully) releasing something properly they have unleashed Atlantic Sudden as the latest edition to their fast growing catalogue. Prepare for some lush, emotive, SynthPop.

Moderns songs tend to be slightly colder than Let Em Riot tracks. Well, maybe not colder, but slightly less personal feeling Atlantic Sudden being an example of this. It’s waves of icy synths and densely layered vocals displaying a rich emotional tone, but a less introspective one. This is a glossy SynthPop sound in comparison to Let Em Riot’s more raw ElectroPop. Which one is better? We’ll let you decide that; we love ‘em both.

♫ Moderns – Atlantic Sudden

Check out more from Moderns on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Moderns’ ‘Lies’



Here we have some new music from L.A.’s Moderns. Moderns is the new project from our very own Let Em Riot who is bringing a breezy Indie flavour to his emotional Dreamwave style. Following their début of last month, Sub Urban, their latest release is Liar and it continues their journey thought deeply personal and relatable SynthPop tunes and once again proves that Alan Oakes is one of the finest songwriters in the genre.

Liar shows off more of Moderns’ sweeping and nostalgic Pop music. Exquisitely produced, the track sounds like it’s cut straight from an 80s teen movie and then remastered for 2014. Spacious and washed with reverb, the track is densely layered but never sounds crowded. Even Alan’s vocals are given room to breather amongst the airy pads and snapping snares. While you’re here check out the duo’s cover of Echo & The Bunnymen’s 1985 single Bring On The Dancing Horses which let’s these guys really revel in their 80s Indie side.

♫ Moderns – Liar

♫ Moderns – Bring On The Dancing Horses (Echo & The Bunnymen Cover)

Check out more from Moderns on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Moderns’ ‘Sub Urban’



Moderns is the new project from out very own Let Em Riot. Alan isn’t alone in this venture, some Dude called Chris is along for the ride too; and between the two of them they are making some sweet, evocative SynthPop. The journey begins with Sub Urban, and a staggeringly impressive début it is too.

Sub Urban is a big cinematic slice of ElectroPop, but not one that eschews emotion for pomposity, this track has soul in truckloads. There’s an obvious comparison to Let Em Riot, with an added cleanness and sparkle.With a punchy bassline to power the track along, Sub Urban is loaded with starlight snyths and playful purcussion, tempered only by the occasional electronic growl. Alan’s vocals and as passionate and emotive as ever and nicely tie the tune together. We’re very excited to see where this is going.

♫ Moderns – Sub Urban

Check out more from Moderns on SoundCloud.

[Audio] A charity X-Mas EP from the Electronic Rumors gang!



Hey readers. A couple of weeks ago my father passed away, you may have seen a lull in posts. When all was done and dusted I felt the need to do something, both to commemorate my Dad and to give a little to an organization that helps both sufferers and carers, especially at a time like Christmas. So X-Mas Rumors was born. Four artists from the label kindly gave me their time and talent (and hopefully had a little fun) cover four beloved Christmas tunes.

Soundtrack your Christmas party, and do a little good in the process, with this new EP loaded with electronic cover versions of classic Christmas songs. Four of electronic rumors’ finest artists have generously devoted their time to covering their favourite Christmas songs for X-Mas Rumors, and EP whose entire earnings with be going to the Alzheimer’s Society.

electronic rumors newcomer (and Vulture Music veteran) Kids At Midnight work some kind of silky magic on Wham!’s Last Christmas, while the 60’s classic Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Darlene Love gets an energetic retro ElectroPop re-envisioning by SynthWaver Let Em Riot. New York ElectroPoppers She’s The Queen deliver their upbeat take on Stevie Wonder’s classic What Christmas Means To Me and the EP plays out with electronic experimentalist beaumont intricate take on Little Drummer Boy.

The EP is being released with a ‘pay what you want’ price mark, with 100% of the revenue going to the Alzheimer’s Society we’re hoping people are full of Christmas cheer and give generously.

♫ Kids At Midnight – Last Christmas

♫ Let Em Riot – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

♫ She’s The Queen – What Christmas Means to Me

♫ beaumont – Little Drummer Boy

X-Mas Rumors is out now.

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[Audio] Let Em Riot’s ‘Say What You Need To Say’ (Arcade High reMix)


Let Em Riot

Stop what you’re doing, even if it’s important. The only people authorised to continue with whatever they are up to are people who have others lives in their hands (in which case; get off the internet!). There’s a new single from Orange Country Dreamwave master Let Em Riot. This man is easily one of the most talented ElectroPop producers working today. We know what you’re thinking; are we saying that because we released his SlashWave EP, or did we release his SlashWave EP because we thought that? To which we’d like to counter with “shut up and listen to Let Em Riot’s new single”.

Say What You Need To Say is quintessential Let Em Riot. The big secret of Let Em Riot’s appeal is his knack of being able to mix utterly nostalgic SynthWave music that you can’t help but love with truly heartfelt lyrics that really resonate with people without resorting to cliché or tropes. And that’s exactly what he does here, laying his heart out on a backing of comforting synthesizer music. Nostalgia and emotion, what more do you want from a SynthPop tune? The single also comes equipped with a reMix from another excellent, and increasingly vocal, SynthWave artist, Arcade High, who brings the track in a slightly more traditional Outrun direction with his trademark added ChipTune spice, making the perfect compliment. The single is available on Bandcamp for a fee of name-your-price. You’d better name something that is at least higher than a four…we’re watching you!

♫ Let Em Riot – Say What You Need To Say

♫ Let Em Riot – Say What You Need To Say (Arcade High reMix)

Let Em Riot’s Say What You Need To Say single is out right now!

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[Video] Let Em Riot’s ‘Don’t Stop Running’


Let Em Riot   Don t Stop Running  OFFICIAL    YouTube

Right here we have the long long awaited video for Californian Dreamwaver Let Em Riot’s Don’t Stop Running. The track comes from his SlashWave EP, which we released a few months ago, and is one of the EP’s highlights, a rousing, emotional slice of intelligent electronic Pop music.

The video was directed by Ryan Bussard and stars Let Em Riot’s Alan and Colette Stone getting their heat-of-the-moment murder on in a nice array of pallets.

Let Em Riot’s SlashWave EP is out right now!

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[MP3] Let Em Riot’s ‘I Know’


Let Em Riot

We have a treat for you to kick off the week. A new freebie from Californian retro SynthPop artist Let Em Riot. Riding high on the success of his SlashWave EP (released via electronic rumors) Let Em Riot presents I Know, his latest masterpiece, for the incredibly cheap price of an email address.

I Know is just the kind of top quality trip you’d expect from this guy. Nostalgic, without being trite. Catchy without being reparative. Beautiful without being, er, not-beautiful. I Know breezes out of your speakers and when, after the tension building verse, the track launches into it’s sweeping, epic, chorus you can’t help but be hooked. It’s difficult for us to big up one of out own artists, but Alan Oakes really is one of the best songwriters in electronic music right now, hell that’s why we signed him, and I Know is just further proof of this. If you haven’t experienced Let Em Riot yet, here’s your gateway.

Let Em Riot – I Know

Let Em Riot’s SlashWave EP is out right now!

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[Mixtape] Futurecop!’s ‘Retro /\ Futurism’ mix


Futurecop! – Retro /\ Futurism Mix (Vol.01) – Futurecop! have whipped up and hour of some of the finest SynthWave and Dreamwave around, including some epic tunes, some classic, a few surprises and out very own Let Me Riot’s Lovers & Losers. Get lost in the sound of yesterday’s tomorrow.

Futurecop! – Retro /\ Futurism Mix (Vol.01)

The tracklist:
01. Starforce – Summer of 2085
02. Wild Nothing – Paradise
03. The Rain Sword – Sarah’s Quest
04. Jonathan Johansson – Stockholm (Azure Blue reMix)
05. Joy Division – Love Will Tear us Apart
06. Let Me Riot – Lovers & Losers
07. Japeau – The Deep
08. Miami Nights 1984 – New Tomorrow
09. Kristine – Modern Love
10. New Arcades – Dreamers
11. Futurecop! – Karate Kids (Adeyhawke reMix)
12. Van Halen – Dreams
13. She – Yes OK
14. Kats – Mangetsu
15. Forgotten Illusions – Crystal Contour
16. Jónsi – Around Us (The Chainsmokers reMix)
17. Futurecop! – Atlantis 1997 (Lifelike Remix)
18. Adventure Club – Need Your Heart (Minnesota reMix)
19. Saves the Day – Three Miles Down

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[MP3] Let Em Riot reMixed by Arcade High

03 Let Em Riot Band Shot 01

Pittsburgh SynthWaver Arcade High, who you may remember making our top twenty songs of 2012 in the last electronic rumors Awards had delivered this sweet reMix of our very own Let Em Riot. Let Em Riot’s Say What You Need To Say first appeared on a SynthWave compilation a few months ago and caused quite a stir, immediately attracting a ton of attention for the album.

Arcade High’s take on the track is a beautiful whirlwind of dreamy synths and vintage drums. Using Let Em Riot’s vocals to their fullest, Arcade High wraps them in a star-field of sparking synths. Driving and gloriously nostalgic, Arcade High’s reMix just proves what we already knew, when Ryan Boosel works with vocals, special things happen.

Let Em Riot – Say What You Need To Say (Arcade High reMix)

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