[Video] Kate Boy’s ‘Midnight Sun’


Kate Boy   Midnight Sun   YouTube

Midnight Sun, the first single from Australian/Swedish ElectroPop overlords Kate Boy’s forthcoming new album, The One, has only gone and got itself a shiny new music video hasn’t it. Listen with your ears and see with your eyes below.

Directed by the band themselves and actually partly filmed in Kate Akhurst’s apartment. The girl is getting down!

Kate Boy’s Midnight Sun is out now.

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[Audio] Kate Boy’s ‘Midnight Sun’



The most amazing thing to come out of Australian/Swedish ancestry every, probably, Kate Boy have announced the imminent release of the début album. This is very exciting news. We are very excited. You should be too. Kate Boy have, so far, been consistently of the highest quality, both on record and live, and hopefully the new release, titled The One, will be the culmination of the last couple of years of awesome musical experiments. The LP is due out in November and, if we needed any more reason to be eagerly awaiting it’s release, check out album track Midnight Sun, which Pitchfork premièred on Friday, below.

Midnight Sun rips straight into Kate Boy’s trademark rapid fire percussive synth bass, which is, at the same time, both aggressive and bubbly. Kate Boy serve up yet another storming anthem, we don;t know if they deliberately write songs with live performance in mind but each of their single and EP track so far are pure blistering live gold, including this one. And live Kate Boy definitely have the chops to pull of Midnight Sun’s uplifting symphony and massive powerhouse vocals (which Kate Akhurst can definitely replicate live, boy can she sing!). We are totally ready for The One right flippin’ now!

♫ Kate Boy – Midnight Sun

Kate Boy’s The One is out in November via Fiction/Island/Iamsound.

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[Video] Kate Boy’s ‘Higher’


Kate Boy   Higher   YouTube

The storming Kate Boy’s tune Higher, their massive live anthem, has finally been released as part of the compilation Kate Boy EP. The track’s also got itself and official video. Peep this.

Directed by Ben Strebel, the emotional clip is a cold palette washed, Scandinavian Sci-Fi mini-movie. It’s very cool stuff. 

Kate Boy’s Kate Boy EP is out now.

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[Audio] Kate Boy’s ‘Higher’


Kate BOy

The best (in our opinion) live act around right now and Scandinavia’s top ElectroPop act at the moment, Kate Boy, have just released a new EP collecting all the track from their single’s to date.  Northern Lights, The Way We Are, Open Fire and Self Control are present and correct in all their epic SynthPop glory; alongside which we are treated to a new track. A long-time live favourite, this is the anthemic Higher.

Higher is always the nexus point of Kate Boy’s live set, part anthem, part manifesto; it’s the pivotal point the show revolves around. The perfect balance of melancholic music and euphoric, optimistic vocals; Kate Boy’s trademark juggernaut drums and powerful, rhythmic synths drive the track along, but this one is all about the vocals. Anyone who has seen them live will get chills, anyone who hasn’t will be looking forward to when they will be able to.

♫ Kate Boy – Higher

Kate Boy’s Kate Boy EP is out now.

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[Audio] Kate Boy’s ‘Open Fire’


Kate Boy

The best thing to come out of Scandinavia in recent years (and that’s saying a lot!), and one of the best and most exciting live acts around Kate Boy have unveiled yet another new track. Following August’s Self Control this new single is the second to come from their hotly tipped début album, which we have been looking forward too ever since Northern Lights. Open Fire has us more eager than ever.

Wearing that Kate Boy ‘sound’ on it’s sleeve, Open Fire powers along on those post-EBM rhythmic synths and high energy percussive arpeggios forming an irresistibly compulsive soundtrack for Ms. Akhurst’s imposing and passionate performance. Managing to maintain a balance between being hard hitting, grinding alt-Pop and, at the same time, being funky as hell; Kate Boy seem to have found a sweet spot in Pop that no-one else has been able to get right in a long time. Open Fire is another instant anthem from Kate Boy, we can;t wait for this release.

♫ Kate Boy – Open Fire

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[Video] Kate Boy’s ‘Self Control’


Kate Boy   Self Control  Live Studio Version    YouTube

As you’ll know amazing Stockholm ElectroPop outfit Kate Boy just released their new single, Self Control. In lieu of a proper video, here’s a live studio recording that’s pretty cool.

The clip captures about 1/1000000th of how awesome Kate Boy are live, so you should go see them when they are in town.

Kate Boy’s Self Control is out now.

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[Audio] Kate Boy’s ‘Self Control’


Kate Boy

It was November 2012 we first wrote about Swedish ElectroPop outfit Kate Boy, and not since June last year have the graced these pages. In the meantime we’ve been lucky enough to catch them live twice, once at Bestival last year and just last week in London, and we can firmly say they are easily one of the best live acts around. Completely pitch perfect and charismatic, Kate Boy dominate whatever stage they are on, be it festival or small club. Anyway, they are back with a brand new single, Self Control, which hints at an album to come.

Self Control is as exiting as Kate Boy are live. A fist pumping ElectroPop powerhouse that (slightly) eschews the bands moodier débuts for a euphoric, although no less hard hitting, anthem. Kate Akhurst’s vocals are as dominating as ever, as it their percussive bass trademark sound, put to good use in getting your out of your seat. ElectroPop that demands your attention, Kate Boy are the perfect package, excelling in both studio and live, and we can’t wait for the album.

♫ Kate Boy – Self Control

Kate Boy’s Self Control is out this week. Their début album is hinted at having a January release.

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[Video] Kate Boy’s ‘The Way We Are’


Kate Boy    The Way We Are   Official Music Video    YouTube

Here’s the video for Stockholm ElectroPoppers Kate Boy’s new single The Way We Are. A modern EBM ScandiPop monster.

Kate Boy directed the video themselves, which continues their love of stark, monochrome visuals that work so well with their icy music.

Kate Boy’s Northern Lights EP is out now.

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[Audio] Kate Boy’s ‘The Way We Are’



The Way We Are is Stockholm ElectroPop outfit Kate Boy’s follow up to their critically acclaimed In Your Eyes and it’s accompanying Northern Lights EP. Seeing what the foursome would do next, after such a wave-making début, was something we were pretty eager for. And now we’ve found out, we’re a bit surprised, but pretty excited to hear more.

Surprised because The Way We Are which, whilst drawn a multitude of lazy comparisons to The Knife, is really Depeche Mode. Musically this track is a contemporary version of anything from Some Great Reward, maybe even with a bt of period Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb too. Amongst this 80s Industrial pounding singer Kate Akhurst growls her way through an impassioned performance. These influences aren’t too surprising considering old school Industrial still has a big audience in Scandinavia, and with The Way We Are Kate Boy deliver a haunting update to the sound. Or, you could just be tedious as hell and say it sounds like Deep Cuts-era The Knife, well done if you did!

♫ Kate Boy – The Way We Are

Kate Boy’s Northern Lights EP is out now.

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[Video] Kate Boy’s ‘In Your Eyes’

Swedish moody ElectroPop newcomers Kate Boy’s In Your Eyes finally gets the video treatment. It’s one of the breakout synth tracks of the year so far and seeing the clip adds a whole new dimension to the track.

It’s a classy, stripped down, clip produced and directed by Kate Boy themselves.

The Northern Lights EP, In Your Eyes is taken from, is out now

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