[Video] Kate Boy’s ‘The Way We Are’


Kate Boy    The Way We Are   Official Music Video    YouTube

Here’s the video for Stockholm ElectroPoppers Kate Boy’s new single The Way We Are. A modern EBM ScandiPop monster.

Kate Boy directed the video themselves, which continues their love of stark, monochrome visuals that work so well with their icy music.

Kate Boy’s Northern Lights EP is out now.

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[Audio] Kate Boy’s ‘The Way We Are’



The Way We Are is Stockholm ElectroPop outfit Kate Boy’s follow up to their critically acclaimed In Your Eyes and it’s accompanying Northern Lights EP. Seeing what the foursome would do next, after such a wave-making début, was something we were pretty eager for. And now we’ve found out, we’re a bit surprised, but pretty excited to hear more.

Surprised because The Way We Are which, whilst drawn a multitude of lazy comparisons to The Knife, is really Depeche Mode. Musically this track is a contemporary version of anything from Some Great Reward, maybe even with a bt of period Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb too. Amongst this 80s Industrial pounding singer Kate Akhurst growls her way through an impassioned performance. These influences aren’t too surprising considering old school Industrial still has a big audience in Scandinavia, and with The Way We Are Kate Boy deliver a haunting update to the sound. Or, you could just be tedious as hell and say it sounds like Deep Cuts-era The Knife, well done if you did!

♫ Kate Boy – The Way We Are

Kate Boy’s Northern Lights EP is out now.

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[Video] Kate Boy’s ‘In Your Eyes’

Swedish moody ElectroPop newcomers Kate Boy’s In Your Eyes finally gets the video treatment. It’s one of the breakout synth tracks of the year so far and seeing the clip adds a whole new dimension to the track.

It’s a classy, stripped down, clip produced and directed by Kate Boy themselves.

The Northern Lights EP, In Your Eyes is taken from, is out now

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[Audio] Kate Boy’s ‘In Your Eyes’

Kate Boy

Early last month we featured Northern Lights, the début single from Sweedish ElectroPop band Kate Boy. We still don’t know that much about them, but since then they’ve generated quite a buzz. This new trio is set to release the track early next year on IAMSOUND Records and we can now have a listen to Northern Lights’ B-side. The pounding In Your Eyes.

In Your Eyes presents a huge sound, with a sonic pallet not dissimilar to mid-80s Depeche Mode, with razor sharp digital synths and an almost Industrial feel. The rousing vocal slips between chilly Scandi
Pop and euphoric exuberance with ease which the rhythm heavy music is compellingly relentless whist holing on to a tundral edge. There have, of course, been many comparisons to The Knife (something seemingly unavoidable for Scandinavian ElectroPop acts), but Kate Boy display more of an IndiePop sensibility in their tunes, and we can’t wait to hear more.

♫ Kate Boy – In You Eyes

Kate Boy’s Northern Lights is due out on 22nd January.

Kate Boy’s ‘Northern Lights’ video

Don’t really know much about this, other than it being bigged-up by The Sound OF Arrows’ Stefan Storm in Twitter over the weekend. It’s the new track from Sweedish ElectroPop outfit Kate Boy, Northern Lights. An enigmatic, driving moody Pop tune with above average intelligence.

Skiow directs the video, which is beautiful and hypnotic to watch.