[Audio] Jordan F reMixes KLP’s ‘Medicine’



Australian SynthWaver Jordan F swings back into the groove this week with his entry in a currently running reMix competition. The subject is fellow Aussie KLP’s current single Medicine; a booming slice of Future R&B that’s been doing some big things recently. Check out what some of electronic music’s finest unsung talents does with the sprawling tune as he drags it to the dancefloor.

Jordan hits the Synth Disco sound hard with his reMix. Rolling on an pumping bass with a head nodding pattern, Jordan keeps the lows heavy and the highs breezy to create a nostalgic slice of poolside that sounds perfect with KLP’s vocals. But wait, there’s more, switching things up a little two thirds of the way though, Jordan treats us to an Italo infused retro finale. Staying loyal to his SynthWave roots, but bringing something new to the table. You can vote for Jordan F’s entry in the reMix competition here.

♫ KLP – Medicine (Jordan F reMix)

KLP’s Medicine is out now.

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[Download] Jordan F & Rromarin’s ‘Falling Like Diamonds’


Jordan f

Mr. Jordan F has been quite quiet for a while now, but the man; one of our favourite Australian producers, hasn’t been sitting on his hands. He;s been hard at work on a new EP that’s due out later this year. In advance of that release, he’s dropping a new single this week, Falling Like Diamonds, featuring the vocals of fellow Australian songstress Rromarin, of Melbourne’s Deja.

A sweeping synthesizer epic, Falling Like Diamonds. Although many of Jordan’s reMixes over the past couple of years have taken an experimental approach to electronic music, breaking the chains of his SynthWave roots, this new single is pure 80s bliss. Vintage drum machine dance beats, old school synths layered thick and that crystal clear production that Mr. F is so good at. Rromarin’s chilly vocals cut through the mix like a knife, her ethereal tones flowing through the track and adding depth to the sound. And exciting return to retro electro for Jordan F, and an exciting taste for his forthcoming Freefall EP.

Jordan F (Feat. Rromarin) – Falling Like Diamonds

Jordan F’s Falling Like Diamonds is released this week.

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[MP3] Jordan F remixes Conics



Here’s the latest reMix from out good buddy Jordan F. Jordan has always been one of the leading lights of the SynthWave scene, adding an added musicality and attention to detail into the genre, but his recent efforts have seen him breaking out of the box, trying new things and folding a diverse range of influenced into his music. It’s exciting to listen to. This new one is a remix for Sydney based  Indie-Electro outfit Conics and the lead track of their new EP, due out this month.

Jordan takes a breezy approach to the tune here, a hazy summertime soundtrack that seems to wash you clean of all your troubles. A swirling mist of spacious synths and snatches of Tropical guitar with a foundation built on a subtle, but driving Italo bassline. This one is purely for poolside relaxing and sunset reflections. Jordan continues to be to one to keep an eye on. Enjoy.

Conics – This Moment (Jordan F reMix)

Conics’ EP is released this month.

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[MP3] Jordan F reMixes Tokyo Denmark Sweden


Tokyo Denmark Sweden

Once again, Jordan F delivers some of the most vibrant, emotional, electronic music around with his latest offering. The track is a reMix of fellow Australians, Indie band Tokyo Denmark Sweden, and their track When It Breaks, which is taken from their début self-titled EP, just released.

Returning, slightly, to his core 80s SynthWave sound, Jordan makes the best use of his recent excursions into more left-field arenas to deliver a track with a solid nostalgic backbeat that is accompanied by waves of Chill synths. All this works amazingly with Tokyo Denmark Sweden’s floaty female vocals to create a whole that is dreamy, catchy, thoughtful and dancefloor ready. We’re sticking this one in our back pocket until the summer.

Tokyo Denmark Sweden – When It Breaks (Jordan F reMix)

Tokyo Denmark Sweden’s EP is out now.

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[MP3] Arcade High reMixed by Jordan F


Arcade High

Well, this is just a meeting of two SynthWave minds that we’ve been looking forward to for a while. Back in July last year, Pittsburgh producer Arcade High released his track On The Edge Of Summer, which closely followed his excellent The Art Of Youth album. Now, with summer approaching (hello UK, yes, this is sarcasm) a year later the mighty Jordan F has delivered his reworking of the tune. Time to get on the edge of summer once more.

Jordan smoothes out the spikey production of the original, give it more of a sunkissed feel. If the original heralded the warmer months from an urban rooftop, Jordan F’s reMix welcomes the sun from a prime position on a lounger by the pool. Loaded with lush, thick, synths and playful melodies, Jordan, never one to get complacent with his music, performs a brilliant tempo adjusted breakdown before launching into the track’s Disco’d out finale. Synthesizer bliss.

Arcade High – On The Edge Of Summer (Jordan F reMix)

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[MP3] Jordan F reMixes Flume


There’s Chillwave in the air as SynthWave master Jordan F takes on electronica producer Flume, resulting in nothing we were expecting. Flume deliver quite a Lo-Fi, reverb drenched take on electronic music to begin with, and Sleepless, in all it’s incarnations, exemplifies their sound. Jordan takes it to the next level, while still retaining a little of the 80s guru we all know and love.

There’s hints of the Jordan’s SynthWave core in this tracks opening synths, and punchy bassline, but this is washed with the spacey Funk of Chillwave. The result is the best of both worlds. Leaning slightly more toward the Lo-Fi, Jordan wraps us up in waves of hazy synths and ghostly vocal snatches. It’s the most experimental thing that Jordan has released to date, and we’re loving it. When a producer like Jordan F becomes comfortable enough with himself, and his talents, to really indulge himself, beautiful things happen.

Flume (Feat. Jezzabell Doran) – Sleepless (Jordan F reMix)

Flume’s Sleepless is out now.

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[MP3] Jordan F reMixes Yale


Yale are an Indie-Dance duo hailing from Brisbane, Australia. Their track Lost In The Crowd has been giving the shining SynthWave treatment by Aussie ex-pat Jordan F. We generally love it when Jordan gets his hands on some vocals, not that we don;t love his music anyway, but how he works a song into a blissful, hazy, dream is always something we look forward to.

This time he had a pretty good starting point. Yale’s track is slick summery Indie-Electro, full of heart, which gives Jordan the perfect jump-off point to weave his nostalgic magic. The whole thing is just so warm and fuzzy you can’t help but become enthralled by it. The tracks wonderfully heartfelt vocals are a fine match for Jordan’s emotional electronics. Smooth retro sounds at their fullest.

Yale – Lost In The Crowd (Jordan F reMix)

♫ Yale – Lost In The Crowd

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Jordan F & Le Cassette

Jordan F

Remember Australian SynthWave master Jordan F’s Under The Sun? The man dropped it early last month, a shimmering piece of beautiful, introspective retro synth work. Well, now the track has been recreated and remoulded as a stunning slice of vintage SnythPop with a little vocal help from London’s Le Cassette.

Vocals take the track to a whole new level, especially in Le Cassette’s authentically 80s style. The moody, enigmatic, vocals work as a nice juxtaposition to Jordan’s typically upbeat, nostalgic, music. This combination of Le Cassette’s croon and Jordan’s sparking aspirational SynthWave ends up hitting just the right point for perfect 80s Pop, melancholy with a hint of optimism, exemplified by the best Pop from that era. We’ve been dying to hear Jordan team up with a vocalist for a while now, and we haven’t been disappointed.

Jordan F (Feat. Le Cassette) – Under The Sun

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Jordan F’s ‘Under The Sun’


Another new track from Australia’s reigning SynthWave heavyweight champion Jordan F hit the streets this weekend. Certain corners of the SynthWave scene are unfortunately getting a bit bogged down, as quantity over quality rules and tracks are released unmastered, or mastered by a mate, or unfinished, resulting in a barrage of tinny, mid-range, half hearted productions that are a danger of drowning the cream of the scene. Luckily, Jordan’s tracks, mastered or not, always rise to the top as he takes his time with productions, allowing his natural talent, both musically and in production, room to shine.

Under The Sun is a reflective synth track. In a timely way it feels like a farewell to the summer. Which is appropriate, coming a couple of months after Jordan’s last track Bikini Girls. A mid-tempo tune, full of rich and deep synth sounds and dreamy melodies. Nostalgic, without out being sad. Pensive, without being depressing. Jordan’s emotional electronic music waves goodbye to the partying months and looks forward to next year. While you;re here, check out this reMix of Jordan’s Aurora, by Italian SynthWave newcomer Vincenzo Salvia, who delivers some piercing lead work and a multi layered sound.

Jordan F – Under The Sun

Jordan F – Aurora (Vincenzo Salvia reMix)

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Jordan F reMixes Sun City

Sun City

We don’t know too much about Perth based Indie-Electro duo Sun City at this point, although they may well deserve out further investigation. What we do know, however, is Australia’s greatest SynthWave export Jordan F. The latter has reMixed the formers’ track Zoetrope, and it’s chilled out retro radness.

Jordan’s been releasing quite a lot lately, it seems like he’s got his groove back and is bringing his A-game to every track he drops. This reMix of Zoetrope is a delicate retro workout loaded with nostalgia and innocence. Taking the best of the quiet moments in 80’s movie synth soundtracks and applying them liberally to a laid back beach groove works perfectly with the introspective vocals. What you are left with is  a track that hides rich emotional power in it’s beautiful electronic dream.

Sun City – Zoetrope (Jordan F reMix)

Check out more from Sun City on SoundCloud.

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