[Video] Factory Floor’s ‘How You Say’


Factory Floor  How You Say   official music video    YouTube

Here’s the video for DFA Abrasive AcidElectroPoppers Factory Floor’s new single How You Say. An energetic and hypnotic slice of IndustroPop with a House groove.

The clip was directed buy Dan Tombs & Nik Colk Void and features singer Void on TV and loads of stripes.

Factory Floor’s How You Say is released 14th April.

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[Audio] Moderns’ ‘Sub Urban’



Moderns is the new project from out very own Let Em Riot. Alan isn’t alone in this venture, some Dude called Chris is along for the ride too; and between the two of them they are making some sweet, evocative SynthPop. The journey begins with Sub Urban, and a staggeringly impressive début it is too.

Sub Urban is a big cinematic slice of ElectroPop, but not one that eschews emotion for pomposity, this track has soul in truckloads. There’s an obvious comparison to Let Em Riot, with an added cleanness and sparkle.With a punchy bassline to power the track along, Sub Urban is loaded with starlight snyths and playful purcussion, tempered only by the occasional electronic growl. Alan’s vocals and as passionate and emotive as ever and nicely tie the tune together. We’re very excited to see where this is going.

♫ Moderns – Sub Urban

Check out more from Moderns on SoundCloud.

[Video] Labyrinth Ear’s ‘Urchin’


Labyrinth Ear   Urchin  Official Music Video    YouTube

It’s another new video from London based ElectroPop duo Labyrinth Ear, hot on the heels of their new single Crescent Moon. This one’s called Urchin, slightly more abstract but backed with a pulsating ethereal Italo groove you may remember from last year.

Sébastien Rippon directs the clip, set against gorgeous Parisian architecture and chilly winter.

Labyrinth Ear’s The Orchid Room is released 14th April.

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[Audio] Strangers’ ‘Wolf At The Door’



Big beats and moody warbles up now with the new single from UK SynthPop heroes Strangers. Still riding high on the success of their Close EP and a whole heap of acclaimed track last year, the guys unleash their new tune, Wolf At The Door, already set to do bit things when it is released this summer.

Wolf At The Door injects a little groove into Strangers optimistic melancholy (yes, that’s a thing). A swirl of heady synths set to a huge beat with a head nodding swing, this new single grabs you by the ears and doesn’t let go until it’s done. Epic electronics, energy and emotion (the three E’s!) fill every second of Wolf At The Door as it delivers good stuff for your feet, head and heart. Why aren’t Strangers dead famous yet?

♫ Strangers – Wolf At The Door

Strangers’ Wolf At The Door is released 2nd June.

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[Video] Klaxons’ ‘There Is No Other Time’


Klaxons   There Is No Other Time   YouTube

This is the video for Nu-Rave heroes Klaxons, stomping new single There Is No Other Time, a bass pulsating slice of House tinged ElectroPop

An energetic clip, revelling in darkness and neon. All video screens and futuristic urban imagery. Very Klaxons.

Klaxons’ There is No Other Time is out now.

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[Download] Luke Million reMixes Midnight Pool Party’s ‘Linger’


Midnight Pool Party

We do love a Luke Million reMix. The Australian Italo-Disco producer always goes to the synth next-level. Out this week is his reMix from fellow Aussies Midnight Pool Party and their new single Linger. We found the original of the track a little tame, in a by-the-numbers way, but no fear, Mr. Million is here it inject the tune with his particular brand of synthesizer love.

Leading in and out with the originals Disco lick, Luke Million eschews the original’s Indie-Pop vibe for a deeply funky Italo style. Heaping vocoded versions of the vocals with undulating and soaring synth leads gives the track a much needed epic quality. We could listen to those magical keys all day and Luke Million shreds his way though SynthWave solos set to his carefree Disco beats.

Midnight Pool Party – Linger (Luke Million reMix)

Midnight Pool Party’s Linger is out now.

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[Video] Holy Ghost!’s ‘Bridge & Tunnel’


Holy Ghost    Bridge   Tunnel  official music video    YouTube

This’ll be the video fro New York DiscoPopsters  Holy Ghost!’s new single, Bridge & Tunnel then. And what sort of video would this Italo Disco ode to NYC deserve?

Directed by Ben Fries, the clip is a totally suitable mixture of Holy Ghost! doing their funky thing on tour and coming back to their beloved hometown.

Holy Ghost!’s Bridge & Tunnel is out now.

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[Download] The Penelopes reMix The Cure’s ‘Just Like Heaven’


The Cure

How would you go about taking a beloved late-80s IndiePop classic and serving it up to the desert island Disco masses? Well, just ask London based French ElectroPop duo The Penelopes; ‘cos they’ve turned in this equatorial Pop masterpiece  reMix of The Cure’s Just Like Heaven.

Too cheery to ever really have been Goth, The Cure sound the most upbeat they’ve ever been as The Penelopes wash the track in the most Tropical of vibes. Steely purcussion, pulsing synth basses and a hand-clapping Disco beat all work surprisingly well with Robert Smith’s vocal. The Penelopes produce what might be their densest track to date, loading the four and a half minutes with layers of pads and melodies, all coming together for an uplifting and epic experience.

The Cure – Just Like Heaven (The Penelopes reMix)

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[Audio] Holy Ghost!’s ‘Bridge & Tunnel’ reMixed by Prins Thomas


Holy Ghost!

Norwegian Cosmic Disco master Prins Thomas has given his legendary Diskomiks treatment to the new single from New York DiscoPop duo Holy Ghost!’s new single, Bridge & Tunnel. The track is taken from their storming album Dynamics and sees Tomas deliver two reMixes, a Diskomiks and a Diskodub, alongside work from Midnight Magic.

Clocking in at seven minutes, Prins’ take on on Holy Ghosts! ode to their hometown lays the Scandinavian Disco vibes thick. Layered with a playful bassline and washes of space-age synths, the track also nods to it;s subject matter with broad vintage Disco strings and horns. There’s a nice retro crescendo around the four minute mark, before the track dives into a typically Thomas synth freak out.

♫ Holy Ghost! – Bridge & Tunnel (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

Holy Ghost!’s Bridge & Tunnel is out now.

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[Audio] IYES’ ‘Breathe’



Brighton based Indie-ElectroPoppers IYES are back with a new single. We first wrote about these guys back in 2012, and since the they’ve been quietly making waves in all the right circles. The new tune, Breathe, features a little extra production polish from the ubiquitous MNEK who may have been responsible for injecting IYES with a little bassy UK House atmosphere.

The track is a hazy whirl of warm synths and haunting chimes. With a shuffling, almost Garage beat at it;s core, Josh and Melis’ dual vocal performance is delivered as if it were another instrument, making up the resonant ebb and flow of the song. Almost claustrophobic, Breathe is a highly atmospheric music outing that balances perfectly beats and mood.

♫ IYES – Breathe

IYES’ Breathe is out now.

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