[Audio] Sunrise HWY’s ‘Sunrise Highway’ EP reMixed by Tiger & Woods and Tuff City Kids


Sunrise HWY

Tensnake’s vinyl leaning True Romance is one of our favourite labels right now. We’re avid collectors of their 12”s, each one an analog Disco Boogie gem. One such gem was the laid back retro Disco sounds of New York trio Tim Wagner, Nick Chacona and Amy Douglas, A.K.A. Sunrise Highway,’s self-titled début EP, fist seen in May last year. Now calling themselves Sunrise HWY (presumably for legal reasons) they are revisiting the slick release with an accompanying reMix package that sees Tiger & Woods and Tuff City Kids take on some of the EP’s sweetest tunes.

We weren’t able to pick our favourite of the reMixes, so here’s three for you to wrap your listening gear around. the formidable Larry Tiger & David Woods work their analog Disco magic on Some Kinda’ Fool, sounding not unlike a track from Tensnake’s own Glow, the track liberally spreads a pumping synth bassline over cowbell led Disco beats and heavily filtered snatches of the original’s groove. Germany’s Tuff City Kids choose to tackle two of the EP’s tunes; their version of Never Enough is an 808 heavy slice of synthetic House that pairs robotic Electro sounds with spine tingling piano House that works perfectly with Amy’s big diva vocals. Compass Point emerges from Tuff City Kids grasp with a Euro Disco feel, loaded with warm machine beats and spacey keys to compliment the track wicked Disco lick. The whole release is a joyous excursion into synthesizer Disco, B-Boy beats, summertime vibes and pure Boogie brilliance. We can’t wait to get our hands on the black plastic.

♫ Sunrise HWY – Some Kinda’ Fool (Tiger & Woods reMix)

♫ Sunrise HWY – Never Enough (Tuff City Kids reMix)

♫ Sunrise HWY – Compass Point (Tuff City Kids Nassau Mix)

Sunrise HWY’s Sunrise Highway reMixes drops 20th April on 12” and Digital via True Romance.

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[Download] Ben Macklin’s ‘The First’



Just in time for the (slightly) better weather; there’s a new single from Lodnon’s Tropical House guru Ben Macklin. This one is free for a limited time only, after that you’re on your own so grab it soon. The First comes in two flavours, a first flavour and a The Second flavour; check out The First flavour below and treat yourself to the whole release here.

Reeling in the tempo from some of his recent, more energetic offerings, Macklin introduces you to a smooth and laid back bouncy groove, driven by a razor sharp synth bass and solid House beat. With spacious and atmospheric vocal samples, Macklin whips up a chilled sunshine mood, onto which he layers dense keys and an echoing piano hook. This is serious top-down cruisin’ stuff…now if the weather would just hold….

Ben Macklin – The First

Ben Macklin’s The First is out now.

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[Audio] Arches’ ‘New Love’


Arches Feat. Karen Harding

Dancefloor powerhouse group Arches (Seba Vandevoorde A.K.A. Moonlight Matters and Jochen from Sound Of Stereo) have teamed up with R&B singer Karen Harding for their latest single. It’s released soon via Potion, The Magician’s record label, and follows on from late-2014’s There’s A Place. This storming slice of soulful House is called New Love.

Skippy Garage beats feed through this exuberant slab of contemporary HousePop. Revelling in the kind of deep, subby, bass you would normally associate with UK output, the Arches Duo deliver a warm summertime jam that pairs resounding piano with the big and booming low end. Harding’s huge vocal delivery, peppered with a Pop twang, keeps the energy of the track at a constant high. This one is a surefire summer hit.

♫ Arches (Feat. Karen Harding) – New Love (Original Mix)

Arches’ New Love is out soon.

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[Audio] A.N.D.Y.’s ‘Chemicals’



Yay! There’s finally a longer version of Belgian Housemeiser A.N.D.Y.’s new single on the ‘cloud. As you know we don’t use these minute–and-a-half snippets on electronic rumors, we don;t thin they have much value for our readers, so we’ve been gagging to post about this one since the tiny tiny clips went up last month. It’s called Chemicals and it features the vocal stylings of Vanya Taylor from All About She. Check it out.

Lush and warm House is what you’re treated to with Chemicals. Drawing from smooth 90s influences, A.N.D.Y. serves up a smokey slick of late-night dancefloor gold that melds Taylors well-rounded R&B vocals with enveloping organ stabs and pulsating bass. Things get interestingly key changey and a bit ravey in the bridge, which makes for an unexpected change of mood before the track resumes it’s slinky groove.

♫ A.N.D.Y. (Feat. Vanya Taylor) – Chemical

A.N.D.Y.’s Chemicals is out now.

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[Audio] Edwin Van Cleef’s ‘Choral’



Original releases from Edwin Van Cleef are too few and far between for our linking so were pretty excited at the news of a brand new three track EP. We’ve followed Cleef on his dancefloor journey through Dreamwave, Nu-Disco and House over the fast few years; each time, as his sound evolves, he takes a piece of the past with him to create a funky melting pot of nostalgia and upfront sounds. The new EP is titled Choral; here’s the lead track.

Cleef serves up a classic Progressive House jam with a hypnotic twist on Choral. Playing with heavily effected vocals he created an edgy atmosphere that nicely contrasts a euphoric and arpeggio laden floorfiller. This is real sunrise stuff as Cleef builds up waves of razor sharp synths toward a humungous breakdown and a build with a payoff. watch the hands go in the air for the finale.

♫ Edwin Van Cleef – Choral

Edwin Van Cleef’s Choral EP is out now.

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[Audio] GotSome’s ‘Just A Feeling’



Earning some serious radio and DJ play in the past few weeks are the tracks from Bristol’s finest Bass merchants GotSome’s forthcoming new EP, Just A Feeling. Due to drop on Defected later this month, the EP contains two new original tunes and a handful of reMixes.to boot. Wrap your listening gear around the EP’s title track below.

Just A Feeling sees GotSome adding soulful vocals to their armoury. Bringing it heavy, as they always do, in the bass department. The duo serve up a robotic and imposing synth bass and pair that with a skippy Garage groove. Building the track gradually toward the breakdown, GotSome get you hooked on the tracks groove before breaking out some serious hook fury for the finale. It’s hard to ignore.

♫ GotSome – Just A Feeling

GotSome’s Just A Feeling is out soon.

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[Audio] Edwin Van Cleef reMixes Kindred Spirits’ ‘Folies D’antan’


Kindred Spirits

A brand new reMix from the man Edwin Van Cleef. This one slipped out quite quietly earlier this month as the new single, on which the reMix featured, from Kindred Spirits dropped. Out on Green Martin, the single is called Folies D’anta; which according to Google Translate means ‘On the old follies’, we’re sure something gets lost in context there. Check it out.

Cleef brings it, in warm House style, here. Easing us in with some deep chords and a pounding kick, Cleef slowly serves up a spacious atmosphere before injecting a growling bass into the gradually evolving proceedings. Before things kick off we’re taken through a haunting, ringing, breakdown that snare rolls it’s way into the tracks euphoric and captivating final length. A tune to get lost in.

♫ Kindred Spirits – Folies D’antan (Edwin Van Cleef reMix)

Kindred Spirits’ Folies D’antan is out now.

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[Audio] The Penelopes reMix Monarchy’s ‘Dancing In The Corner’



We’ve been itching all week to drop this one. A true meeting of genius. Two of London’s finest SynthPop outfits. The epic and enigmatic Monarchy and our favourite Capital based Frenchmen The Penelopes together on one track. The Penelopes’ have stepped up to the plate to serve up this fantastic reMix of Monarchy’s single of earlier this year, Dancing In The Corner. Here we have the end result of four of the most talented people working in electronic Pop music in one six minute bite; and boy, it does not disappoint.

The Penelopes hit the ground running with the rapid fire arpeggio that the track is driven by. Whipping up some big room sounds, the Parisian Londoner’s delver an almost EBM take on hands-in-the-air euphoria with a twisted web of musical DNA that takes in everything from Enola Gay, through 90s Trance, French Electro to contemporary Tropical tinged House in one powerhouse melting pot that Ra’s vocals glide over like silk. This is one big tune!

♫ Monarchy-Dancing In The Corner (The Penelopes reMix)

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[Video] Rex The Dog’s ‘Sicko’


Rex The Dog  Our Modular Synth   Sicko   YouTube

Rex The Dog’s new single, Sicko, finally turned up on 12”. So we’re happy. The single is out now on Kompakt and should be a must listen for anyone who a fan of synthesizer music.

Rex and Jake have put together this awesome video for the track. Part music clip, part live studio performance and part demonstration of Jake’s DIY RTD-001 modular synth that Sicko is played on; it’s all synth porn.

Rex The Dog’s Sicko is out now.

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[Audio] Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons’ ‘Vermillion’


Damian Lazarus

Next up on Crosstown Rebels is the new single from label head honcho Damian Lazarus. We’ve never really been too sure who The Ancient Moons are, but the track features the soulful vocals of new LA based singer Moses Sumney. Having already ranked up the honour of being one of Pete Tong’s Essential New Tunes, Vermillion is due out next month. Give it a listen below.

Kicking off in tribal fashion Vermillion is soon dousing you ears in a warm House groove. There’s an interesting combination of world percussion and twisting arpeggios that keep the tune high energy in contrast to Sumney’s breezy, laid back vocals. This is hypnotic House pulled into a Poppier arena, and it really works.

♫ Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons (Feat. Moses Sumney) – Vermillion

Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons’ Vermillion is released 27th April.

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