[Audio] Joe Goddard reMixes MNEK’s ‘Every Little Word’



It’s hard to believe that Every Little Word is MNEK début single. The London based singer/songwriter/producer has had his fingers in so many pies in the past couple of years his name had become almost ubiquitous with the UK dance scene. As part of the reMix package for the single, Hot Chip and The 2 Bears’ main man Joe Goddard had turned in this feel good House mix of the tune.

With a big woozy bassline to draw you in Goddard delivers a version of Every Little Word that capitalises on MNEK’s catchy chorus and serves it up on a glorious House platter. With a mellow groove that belies the dancefloor tempo, this remix flow along on a wave of warm synth bass and shuffling hi-hats. You just help but vibe to the comfortable groove and soulful vocals.

♫ MNEK – Every Little Word (Joe Goddard reMix)

MNEK’s Every Little Word is out 9th June.

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[Audio] The 2 Bears’ ‘Angel (Touch Me)’



Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Raf Rundell A. K. A. The 2 Bears have announced the forthcoming release of their new album, The Night Is Young. Dropping this summer on Southern Fried Records, the follow-up to their 2012 debut Be Strong will be preceded by this new single, Angel (Touch Me). Check it out.

Featuring the vocals of Kwaito legend Senyaka, Angel (Touch Me) is one of The 2 Bears finest tunes to-date. Embracing piano house wholly, The 2 Bears embark on a journey of groovy organs, infectious piano and shuffling percussion inspired by the Wim Wenders’ film Wings Of Desire and the duo certainly bring together a wealth of Dance Music styles in way that is warm and comforting. Oh, and the album’s probably going to be huge.

♫ The 2 Bears – Angel (Touch Me) (Radio Edit)

The 2 Bears’ Angel (Touch Me) is released 30th June.

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[Download] The 2 Bears’ ‘You’re Nasty’


The 2 Bears

Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Raf Rundell A. K. A. The 2 Bears are about to embark on a twelve week residency at XOYO, and to kick things off they are giving away a brand new track, for free. You’re Nasty celebrates the start of a storming series of line-ups that see The 2 Bears joined by the likes of Henrik Schwarz, Four Tet, Toddla T, Andrew Weatherall and .Emperor Machine. Soak up the vibes.

Combining a typical The 2 Bears undulating groove with some loose Disco stylings, You’re Nasty rolls along on an utterly infectious, moaning bassline. It’s a solid backing, that leaves tons of room for various elements, from the Jazzy electric piano hook to the warbling synth solo, to play out in whatever way they see fit. A deep, late night, track that’s part House monster, part live synthesizer jam.

The 2 Bears – You’re Nasty

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[Video] Joe Goddard’s ‘Taking Over’


Joe Goddard   Taking Over  Official Video    YouTube

The title track from Hot Chip and The 2 Bears’ Joe Goddard’s current EP, Taking Over, is now doing it;s thing in video form. This soft and sweet ElectroPop tune is the perfect introduction to the EP’s four tracks of intelligent electronic music.

Directed by Mark James delivers a suitably hazy video, with just the right amount of weirdness we’re beginning to expect from anything to do with Goddard, in this case a singing kebab.

Joe Goddard’s Taking Over EP is out now.

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[Audio] Joe Goddard reMixes Bondax’s ‘Giving It All’



There’s some of the sweetest summer sounds you’ll hear all week right here with the latest reMix from Hot Chip and The 2 Bears’ Joe Goddard. His turned his attention to the forthcoming new single from Lancastrian duo Bondax, Giving It All. The result is pure bliss, so sit back, shades on, enjoy.

Goddard serves up a delicious medley of ringing synths, deep basses and a feel-good, yet rich, groove that stands out amongst the single other reMixes from Friend Within and French Kiwi Juice. Revelling in the track’s soulful vocals, Goddard wraps them in an almost Balearic House tune that takes a UK club sound and makes it emotionally resonant and uplifting. Everything about this reMix is just so good.

♫ Bondax – Giving It All (Joe Goddard reMix)

Bondax’s Giving It All is released 22nd September.

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[Video] Joe Goddard & Boris Dlugosch’s ‘Step Together’


Joe Goddard   Boris Dlugosch    Step Together   Official Video    YouTube

A few weeks back we introduced you to Step Together, a slick little Housey ElectroPop number from Hot Chip and The 2 Bears’ Joe Goddard’s current EP, Taking Over and seems the man teaming-up with Boris Dlugosch,

It’s a star-studded affair as director Daniel Brereton throws in cameos from the likes of TEED, Baio, Grovesnor, Valentina, David E Sugar, Greco-Roman co-founders Alex and Dom, Soundsystem DJ Ross Allen, and Goddard’s daughter Edie.

Joe Goddard’s Taking Over EP is out now.

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[Audio] Joe Goddard & Boris Dlugosch


Joe Goddard

Some deeply funky piano vibes right now from Hot Chip and The 2 Bears’ Joe Goddard new track, Step Together. His second solo outing this year features Boris Dlugosch and, like She Burns before it, once gain comes from the forthcoming Taking Over EP, out this week on Goddard’s own Greco-Roman imprint

Like the previous track, Step Together is a smooth, if a little left-field, Deep House groover with ElectroPop overtones. Rolling along on a hypnotic piano riff, Goddard and Dlugosch weave an intricate tapestry of sparking synths and pleasing vibes. Goddard’s soft spoken vocals, and message of togetherness, surfs the beat, flowing across the track like water, tying everything together into relaxed summer soundtrack. Goddard had admitted the EP is “an attempt to make synthesizers sound nice”, well, synthesizers already sounded nice, but his efforts are appreciated.

♫ Joe Goddard & Boris Dlugosch – Step Together

Joe Goddard’s Taking Over EP is out now.

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[Video] Joe Goddard’s ‘She Burns’


Joe Goddard  She Burns    YouTube

We introduced you to Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard’s new single, the Mara Carlyle featuring She Burns last month. A deep and soulful vocal House track that gets under your skin.

Here’s the video, in which Carlyle is, well, dead, and given the embalming treatment.

Joe Goddard’s Taking Over EP is due out later this year.

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[Audio] Joe Goddard’s new single


Joe Goddard

It’s been a while since Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard’s last solo offering, 2011’s Gabriel, although he has been pretty busy with The 2 Bears. Now he’s broken ground on his new release, the Taking Over EP, to be released later this year on Greco-Roman. this first track to see the light of day is a luscious, deep, electronica tune featuring the vocals of Mara Carlyle.

Introducing itself as a lazy, dreamy, Deep House rolling track, resonating with sporadic electronic pulses and rumbling synth bass, revelling in Goddard’s skills in both Pop and Experimental electronic musics. Carlyle’s vocals provide an uplifting at times, soulful at others, croon over spitting 808 beats and truly otherworldly synth work. We would expect no less from Goddard.

♫ Joe Goddard (Feat. Mara Carlyle) – She Burns

Joe Goddard’s Taking Over EP is due out later this year.

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[Audio] Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard reMixes Arlissa


The latest artist on the Alt Pop R&B train is Arlissa. Having recently scored a hit with a track featuring NAS, she’s about to release her début solo single. Stick And Stones is actually a pretty endearing slice of ElectroFolkSoul, that tends to get stuck in your head, and comes backed with reMixes from MJ Cole, Friction, Wookie and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard. Not bad for her first single.

Goddard whips up a little of Hot Chip’s quirky ElectroPop magic into the the track. Replacing the tracks bombastic Folk with shrill synths and toy town beats, Goddard reins in the song somewhat, allowing it to become less of a grandiose performance, more of a personal affair. A bouncy synth bassline follows the vocals like a faithful dog while all around them shining keys ring out. All-in-all, a really nice experience.

♫ Arlissa – Sticks And Stones (Joe Goddard reMix)

Arlissa’s Sticks And Stones is released 3rd March.

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