[Download] Ride The Universe cover Ian Pooley’s ’900 Degrees’



Dapper Disco dons Ride The Universe take us back to the heady golden days of the mid-2000s Disco resurgence with the gloriously retro slice of French Touch. It’s also a cover of a dance track, which is an odd proposition, and a brave one too as covering a track produced entirely with samples and synths could all –to-easily fall into the trap of just being a recreation rather than your own take on a song. The song in question is Ian Pooley’s 2000 Funky House floorfiller 900 Degrees; how do Ride The Universe do?

Not bad at all as it turns out. It’s a pretty faithful representation of the original, albeit with a beefier sound and more of a driving Disco groove, befitting todays dancefloors. We still not sure what constitutes a cover in this instance, more than a reproduction or even a reMix, but it you stop worrying and sink into the tune you’ll find something to drag you to the dancefloor. The end result, as we mentioned, turns out to be classic sounding French Touch. We would have liked to hear a bit more Ride The Universe’s personality in the track; but then again we just want to hear more from Ride The Universe full stop.

Ride The Universe – 900 Degrees (Ian Pooley Cover)

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[Mixtape] Hippo Disco’s ‘Green Mix’


Hippo Disco

Hippo Disco – Green Mix = Say hello to Roodmin, Oochi & Vinski; better known as Hippo Disco, the newest addition to the electronic rumors family. These three Tokyo based Scots makes some of the most ecclectic and left-field Disco around, of which you’ll be hearing a lot more from in the coming months. Until then treat yourself to their latest mixtape, 50 minutes of irresistible Disco and House flowing from smooth to raw and back again.

Hippo Disco – Green Mix

The tracklist:
01. Crystal Fighters – At Home (Fusty Delights reMix)
02. Goldroom (Feat. Chela) – Fifteen (Rotkraft reMix)
03. Crayon (Feat. KLP) – Give You Up (Darius reMix)
04. Niki & The Dove – Gentle Roar (Mylo reMix)
05. Blondie – Heart of Glass (Oliver And Thee Mike B reMix)
06. Niki & The Dove – Mother Protect (Goldroom reMix)
07. Aendy (Feat. ARomanceJunkie) – So Bad (Trav & Volta reMix)
08. Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves reMix)
09. Sumera – Bright Lies (Riptide reMix)
10. Tegan & Sara – Alligator (RAC Mix)
11. Aeroplane – Without Lies (Breakbot reMix)

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[Download] Starcadian’s ‘Wrecking Shot’



Back in 2012, when we were just getting to know his work, New York’s synthesizer mastermind Starcadian released what is possibly one of the best mashups ever unleashed on the world. First Kill crammed in Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Pharoahe Monch, Queen, Belinda Carlisle, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Busta Rhymes and Wu Tang Clan over some seriously hard hitting Disco sounds. Now, with one of our favourite albums of last year, Sunset Blood, under his belt, and with the storming new Saturdaze EP, on the horizon Starcadian drags you back to the dancefloor with his follow-up bootleg. This is Wrecking Shot.

This time around Miley Cyrus, Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Kelis and Tracy Weber get run through Starcadian’s galactic groove machine and spat out the other side in as a mirror-balled glam jam. Piled high with the finest French Touch, Nu-Disco and a surprising amount of Italo, Wrecking Shot once again surprises us as Starcadian makes seemingly disparate songs weave in and out of each other seamlessly. Where Fist Kill was full throttle Electro, Wrecking Shot has a smooth and soulful side. This should more than keep you going until Starcadian brings his urban synth Disco, with a Saturday morning TV theme vibe, on the new EP.

Starcadian – Wrecking Shot

Starcadian’s Sunset Blood is out now. The Saturdaze EP is released 26th September.

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[Download] digitalfoxglove’s ‘Lifetime Lovers’



Here’s the new one from Germany’s digitalfoxglove, and it’s down to set up your weekend with chill vibes. Busy holed up completing the forthcoming Ride The Universe album, DFG has taken the time to indulge his poolside Disco side with this slick slab of throwback French Touch. This is Lifetime Lovers.

This is one for all you sexy Disco fans, digitalfoxglove works a cheeky little loop, loaded with shimmying nostalgia, and glides that over an infectious House beat. Slipping in one or two samples into the mix to create a little mood, DFG lays down all the ingredients for a tasty dancefloor cake. Strictly for late night parties. Check out digitalfoxglove’s SoundCloud page for a dub version too.

digitalfoxglove – Lifetime Lovers (Original Mix)

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[Audio] Fire Flowerz’s ‘Two Coffees’



Two Coffees is the new single from Italian high-octane Disco duo Fire Flowerz. Following their Overload EP from this summer, Two Coffees cracks on with the loud, ballsy, but ultimately funky-as-hell trajectory these guys are on, with the aim being squarely centred on the dancefloor.

This is what Fire Flowerz do best, full-on disco tunes filled to the top with big, abrasive snyth used in a funky way. Pounding, pounding beats, gritty chainsaw synths, heavily modulated collection of samples all designed to make the Disco bigger. And they’ve accomplished that mission as Two Coffees is truly Disco at it’s absolute largest.

♫ Fire Flowerz – Two Coffees

Fire Flowerz’s Two Coffees is out now.

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[Audio] Lifelike’s ‘Night Patrol’



Night Patrol is the new single from the French House legend that is Lifelike. Released next month on his own label, Computer Science, Night Patrol is something to get excited about, as Lifelike originals come too far apart these days, although his collaboration with Tommi Bavo earlier this year was pretty awesome. So sit back an enjoy some of Lifelike’s sweet electronic sounds.

Laidback, smooth and utterly funky, Night Patrol sees Lifelike in familiar territory with slick beats, head nodding basslines and starlight arpeggios. Adding to the track’s atmosphere is a nice selection of police car sirens and general nocturnal street noise, giving the track an urban groove amongst it’s razor sharp nostalgic synths. Night Patrol is the perfect title for this one, load it up before heading out this weekend.

♫ Lifelike – Night Patrol (Radio Edit)

Lifelike’s Night Patrol is released 2nd December.

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[Audio] Fred Falke reMixes Pompeya’s ’90′



Remember 2008/2009 when it felt like French Touch Pop legend Fred Falke had a hand in everything you listened to? Seems like he;s been pretty quiet of late, but when he does drop a new track it just reminds us how how much we miss his tunes. Case in point; this new reMix of Russian Pop Funk outfit Pompeya’s new song 90.

This reMix of 90 is a spacious affair, but we’d expect no less from a producer of Falke’s experience. There’s tons going on, but it all sits nicely together without sounding cramped. The bright , ringing, synths don;t clash with the infectious Disco licks. The drums don;t jostle for room with the driving bassline. Peppered with vocoding and a majestic piano hook, this reMix is like a Disco wonderland, slightly mysterious but totally compelling.

♫ Pompeya – 90 (Fred Falke reMix)

Pompeya’s 90 is out now.

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[Audio] Justin Faust’s ‘Elevator’



German Disco don Justin Faust is taking a break from his usual Discotexas releases to deliver something new on acclaimed New York dance label Nervous Records. This week he released a three track EP titled Disco Cuts. You can check out the first of the three cuts right here with the big, sweeping, Elevator. Elevator music this ain’t.

Also heard on this week’s new Goldroom mixtape, Elevator is a filtered Disco juggernaut. Guaranteed to please both the Nu-Disco crowd and the French Touch lot, this tune brings to the table everything you need for a dancefloor destroyer. Hypnotic Disco hooks, pumping beats, a cheeky bassline, and a ton of filtering, bringing the track it’s highs and lows. We can definitely see this being a go-to track in a lot of DJ’s crates for some time.

♫ Justin Faust – Elevator

Justin Faust’s Elevator is out now via Nervous Records.

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[MP3] digitalfoxglove’s ‘Love You More’



German’s digitalfoxglove is keeping the pressure up these last few weeks, preparing you all for the release of his new EP he’s dropped a brand new track and an awesome reMix of The Knocks & St. Lucia’s Modern Hearts all in the last twelve days. But wait, there’s one more. This is Love You More.

Easing you into it’s groove gently, Love You More kicks off with a laid back clapping rhythm as the filter slowly sweeps int he hook, so by the time the grove launches itself you are already right in there. Taking in Nu-Disco and French Filtered House in equal measures, digitalfoxglove creates a swirling cloud of vintage vocal samples, phased synths, and a vibe you can’t help but nod your head to. If you have a pool, this is what you want playing on the side of it, if you don’t, then this one is for hot summer nights.

♫ digitalfoxglove – Love You More

digitalfoxglove’s new EP is out soon.

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[MP3] Douze reMixes V V Brown


VV Brown

Here’s a new slice of synthesizer richness from Parisian producer Douze. When Douze last graced these pages he was releasing his Eternity’s Call Back EP on Discotexas and since has drops tracks on Work It Baby, Animal Language and Compuphonic (alongside frequent collaborator Kris Menace). Today, though, we are presenting the première of Douze’s lush reworking of the forthcoming new single from London based Indie-Pop singer-songwriter and hype magnet V V Brown, Samson.

V V Browns original in a majestic and undulating five minutes of tribal tension, and while Douze retains much of the track’s drama he, thankfully, breaks the dread and injects the track with a healthy dose of French Disco. With a vintage sheen, Douze mashes together squelchy basslines and starlight melodies, that after a moody intro, completely reform the track. V V’s biblical lament is transformed into a slinky croon by the power of a funky bassline and the whole song take on a newfound swagger. This is Douze at the top of the Disco game once more.

V V Brown – Samson (Douze reMix)

VV Brown’s Samson is released 14th July on YOY Records.

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