[Audio] King Deco’s ‘Ocean’



Out soon is the début EP, Tigris, from new New York based artist King Deco. A nexus for Future R&B, Chillwave and avant guarde ElectroPop, King Deco is about to release an ambitious record, but one she seems to nail quite comfortably. The highlight of the Brooklyn based Jordanian’s EP is the electronic Pop dream that is Ocean. Wade in.

It’s hard to pinpoint what our favourite element of King Deco’s Ocean is. It’s a toss up between King Deco’s effortlessly beautiful voice or the ghostly electronic beats. Fittingly for a track called Ocean, the synths seem to swim around the track. There’s a very fluid feels to the swirls of rich pads and hazy melodies. A slight Industrial purcussion set injects the track with an icy edge that is tempered only by Kind Deco’s mesmerising vocals. An impressive start.

♫ King Deco – Ocean (Prod. Ryland Blackinton And One Love)

King Deco’s Tigris EP is out this week.

Check out more from King Deco on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Hercules And Love Affair’s &’Working Miracles’


Hercules And Love Affair

Working Miracles is one of two B-sides to Hercules And Love Affair’s new single Do You Feel The Same?, released ahead of Andy Butler and crew’s forthcoming The Feast Of The Broken Heart album. The A-side is a  spacious funky Acid Disco monster, so H&LA deliver something deeper for the flipside.

After a shaky piano and sample intro, Working Miracles drop and thumping, almost Psy Trance, beat. Undulating and hypnotic, the groove builds and builds into an ecclectic and bassy House juggernaut. Taking cues from their Industrial roots and their Warehouse DNA, Working Miracles moves in both dancefloor and avant-garde circles.

♫ Hercules And Love Affair – Working Miracles

Hercules And Love Affair’s Do You Feel The Same? single is released 14th April.

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[Video] Joakim’s ‘On The Beach’


- Joakim   On The Beach  Official Video    Vidéo Dailymotion

Here’s the video for Tigersushi boss man Joakim’s awesome moody ElectroPop tune On The Beach, a cover of the Neil Young track.

Joakim’s put the clip together himself, a collection seemingly random of stark imagery, on the beach.

Joakim’s On The Beach is out now.

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[Download] Joakim’s ‘On The Beach’



Tigersushi boss and French electronic master Joakim has unleashed the first single from his forthcoming new album. The album’s called Tropics Of Love and is due out later in the year, before that comes On The Beach at the end of this month and will featured reMixes from CFCF and Principles of Geometry. The track is, in fact, a cover of a 1974 Neil Young track and shows off just what an ecclectic talent Joakim is.

With a moody and darker mood that we would be used to from Joakim, On The Beach is a smokey synthetic ballad. Pulsating apreggios seem to fade in and out of focus against a hazy of purcussion and haunting tones. Joakim’s modulated vocals whisper a robot’s lament against this dreamlike opus of synthetic Blues. Stick around for the saxophone solo!

Joakim – On The Beach (Neil Young Cover)

Joakim’s On The Beach is released 31st March.

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[Video] Karin Park’s ‘Shine’


Karin Park  Shine    YouTube

Scandinavian ice queen Karin Park’s gorgeous new single Shine, a heady mix of deep House grooves and Sweedish ElectroPop mystery, is now out and about in video form.

Karin herself co-directs with Olle Lundin and once again the set is Karin’s converted church house.

Karin Park’s Shine is released 24th February.

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[Video] Banks’ ‘Brain’


BANKS   Brain  Official Video    YouTube

This year’s hot ticket, Banks, has premièred the video for her awesome current single, Brain. A captivating experimental LA Funk R&B jam that stay with you after listening.

Directed by Barnaby Roper the video is as dark, moody and enigmatic as the track itself.

Banks’ Brain is out now.

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[Audio] Hemingway’s ‘Chew’



Torontonians sure do like their Disco ecclectic and experimental. One of the city’s biggest proponents of funky wizardry is Hemingway, who has just released the track Chew as part of the compilation album Amicus Curiae 2014. I hope you’ve got your intelligent listening hat on, ‘cos this one goes a bit freestyle.

Pairing popping Sci-Fi synths, with jazzy muted trumpet and a shuffling rhythm, Hemingway mixes up resounding Synth Funk with smokey Jazz to retro future effect. Utilising an infectious slo-mo Disco groove to draw you in, Hemmingway slip in an out of backroom freeform and Cosmic madness with relative ease, creating a mood of unexpected delights. The sound pallet alone bears repeated listening.

♫ Hemingway – Chew

Hemingway’s Chew appears on the Amicus Curiae 2014 compilation, out now.

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[Video] iamamiwhoami’s ‘Hunting For Pearls’


hunting for pearls   YouTube

Here’s another beautiful video and track from Swedish Avant-Popstar iamamiwhoami. Following her last single Fountain, Hunting For Pearls is a slightly warmer slice of ice SynthPop

Hunting For Pearls’ video, again, make us think everything is connected. One day we will know the truth about iamamiwhoami’s clips.

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[Video] Cashmere Cat’s ‘Wedding Bells’


Cashmere Cat   Wedding Bells  Official    YouTube

This is the new video from Norwegian electronic producer Cashmere Cat. The track is Wedding Bells, an impressive and enchanting tune that visits House, R&B, Chillwave and Trap on it’s beautiful journey.

Directed by Peter Marsden, the clip is a perfect recreation of every indie-flick trailer you’ve ever seen.

Cashmere Cat’s Wedding Bells is out this week.

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[Audio] Karin Park’s ‘Shine’


Karin Park

Late next month the amazing Karin Park releases a brand new single. Shine is the first new material from the Scandinavian ice queen since her 2012 album Highwire Poetry; not counting her awesome collaboration with Maya Jane Coles last year. This new tune sees Karin slipping into more of a Deep House vibe alongside her spikey SynthPop.

Some of Cole’s bassy dancefloor groove seems to have rubbed off on Ms. Park, Shine is an hypnotic, undulating, bass heavy juggernaut whos dark, heavy synths oozes out of the speakers, cut through with razor sharp leads. Karin’s unusual mix of soft and abrasive in her vocals works better here than ever, complementing perfectly the comforting, yet unsettling, electronic soundtrack. If there’s a new album on the horizon we are very excited.

♫ Karin Park – Shine (Radio Edit)

Karin Park’s Shine is released 24th February.

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