[Video] Film’s ‘Ping Pong With Angels’


Film   Ping Pong With Angels  Official video    YouTube

Film are a Greek avant-guard synth outfit who’s Vangelis influenced fourth LP, Eclipse, had just been released. Check out the single Ping Pong With Angels, for a taste of the dark retro electronics.

The clip was directed by Gregory Rentis and plays on the title perfectly. We reckon the elephant won.

Film’s Eclipse is out now.

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[Audio] Pat Lok reMixes Sirma’s ‘Trigger’



Canadian House producer Pat Lok whips up a sever warehouse vibe on his latest reMix. Taking on Trigger, the current single from New York songstress and multi-instrumentalist Sirma. The Turkish singer’s original is a beautiful and intricate wall of sounds, a wall which Lok knocks down and re-builds with an infectious groove.

Slightly more low key than some of his previous mixes, Lok concentrates on dancefloor essentials with this one. Serving up a pure hypnotic track comprising of deep bass, a nice line in organ riffs and a killer piano hook. this is the kind of track that you can stick on, close your eyes, and just see the strobe lights. Or maybe we’ve just got something wrong with our brain? Either way, Lok’s reMix of Trigger is a House-head’s dream.

♫ Sirma – Trigger (Pat Lok reMix)

Sirma’s Trigger is out now.

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[Audio] Vogue Dots’ ‘Way Out’


Vogue Dots

Those nice people at Cascine have been busy recently. They’ve launched a new imprint dubbed CSCN for the express purpose of releasing singles from acts they find interesting without all that mucking about with Cascine release schedules. The label kicks things off with this captivating cacophony from Canadian experimental Pop outfit Vogue Dots.

‘Thundering’ is the first word that pops into your head in hearing Way Out, but thundering in a really sweet way. It kinda’ reminds us of an electronic version of the noise end of early 90s Shoegaze; it’s got that wall-of-sound vibe. Stuttering beats and burbling bass seem to hold the track together by it’s fingernails, always in danger of shaking itself apart; but Babette Hayward’s ethereal vocal and waves of melody hold the song together. The more you listen to it, the more you get out of it, the more it comes across actually quite funky.

♫ Vogue Dots – Way Out

Vogue Dots’ Way Out is out now.

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[Download] Ronika’s ‘Shell Shocked’ reMixed by CJ Mirra



If you haven’t already picked up a copy of Ronika’s album Selectadisc; do that now. It’s OK, we’ll wait. All done? Good, ‘cos the only people we know who haven’t got the album are idiots, and you don’t want to be associated with that lot. Ronika’s first post-album release will be a reMix package for the tracks Wiyoo and Shell Shocked, and in amongst the Jupiters and the Drop Out Orchestras sits this gem from the man of many synthetic textures, CJ Mirra.

Since we last featured CJ Mirra, he’s been off scoring European art films. Which is pretty cool and has the benefit of sounding like something an 80s student would aspire to. Bringing some of that enigmatic synthesizer beauty to Shell Shocked, CJ Mirra provides a respite from the floorfillers has he delivers something a little more cerebral. Thru arrangement here is a joy to listen to as Mirra glides from mood to mood, replacing futuristic eeriness with cinematic majesty, and drawing to deeper into the track. Waves of synths and a robotic bass swirl around Ron’s vocal, which takes on a new level of melancholy, and seem to have a narrative flow. At least, by the end of it you feel like you’ve just been told someone’s life story.

Ronika – Shell Shocked (CJ Mirra Rmx)

Ronika’s Selectadisc is out now.

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[Download] Computer Magic’s ‘Mindstate’


Computer Magic

Brooklyn’s resident synthesizer dreamer, Danz A.K.A. Computer Magic has just released a new tune for all your ears to wrap themselves around (metaphorically, not physically, ‘cos that would be gross) and get caught up in her nebulous electronics. If you had a lazy chilled Sunday, as we did, and you want to carry that into your week, let Computer Magic help you out with Mindstate.

Computer Magic almost skips, carefree ,into the realm on Chillwave on this new one. Ever the queen of analog dreamscapes and lo-fi ElectroPop excellence, Danz gets all reverb washed with Mindstate. Building layers of frothy synths overs a monster, somewhat subby, bassline delivers a hypnagogic combination of energizing bass and cerebral sparkling leads. Danz’s sweet vocal drifts across the track like vapour with a mix of melancholy and optimism. Excellent laid back summer vibes.

Computer Magic – Mindstate

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[Video] Dirty Vegas’ ‘Setting Sun’


Dirty Vegas   Setting Sun   YouTube

Legends Dirty Vegas’ new single Setting Sun has been out a while now. If you needed a reason to revisit it’s feel good excellence, check out this brand new video.

It’s some yoga and whatnot on a beach, there’s not much more you can say. Play it loud though!

Dirty Vegas’ Setting Sun is out now.

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[Video] BANKS’ ‘Beggin For Thread’


BANKS   Beggin For Thread  Official Music Video    YouTube

LA’s moody future R&B experimentalist BANKS’ new single Beggin For Thread was already making waves with it’s compelling left field (but groovy) dark soulful ElectroPop stylings. Now it;s here in video form.

Directed by Barnaby Roper, the clip captures the dark beauty of BANKS’ music perfectly.

BANKS’ album, Goddess, is released 5th September.

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[Video] Télépopmusik’s ‘Sound’


Telepopmusik   Sound  feat Mark Gardener    Official Video   YouTube

Legendary French ElectroPop trio Télépopmusik released their brand new single, Sound,  this week. It’s a brooding and mysterious track that ventures the vocals of Mark Gardener from seminal Shoegazers Ride. Here’s the video.

The clip was put together by Japanese director Toshiaki Toyoda and is a beautiful piece of work. We won;t try to describe it, is has to be watched.

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[Audio] Cabaret Voltaire’s ‘#7885′


Cabaret Voltaire

Long time readers of electronic rumors will be well aware of our love for Sheffield Electronic Music pioneers Cabaret Voltaire. One of the single biggest influences on our musical upbringing The Cabs are serious heroes to us. Last year they released the awesome #8385, a collection of their work from ‘84-‘85, and following on from that they are about to unleash #7885, subtitled (Electropunk To Technopop 1978-1985).

Collecting 7” singles, edits and shorter album tracks from the era the new retrospective compilation was curated by Richard h Kirk himself who wanted to present the “more concise elements of the work”. All the classic Cabs tunes from he era are present and correct, including Nag Nag Nag, Do The Mussolini (Headkick), Sensoria, Landslide, I Want You, Just Fascination and this tune, Crackdown, which also happens to be one of our favourite Cabaret Voltaire tracks of all time. If you’ve never delved into the world of Cabaret Voltaire the a) you’re an idiot and b) this is a great jumping on point. This is your history people!

♫ Cabaret Voltaire – Crackdown (Radio Edit 83)

Cabaret Voltaire’s #7885 is released 1st July.

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[Audio] Austra’s ‘Habitat’



Torontonian ElectroPop chanteuse Austra is gearing up for the release of her brand new EP. Titled Habitat the new one will come not only in digital format, but also in a limited run of 500 12”s. Following on from her last single, Hurt Me Now, itself taken from the amazing Olympia album, Habitat sees Katie Stelmanis returning to her more ethereal roots whilst injecting a little Deep House flair.

Long time live favourite, Habitat is an undulating, tribal epic. Moody and enigmatic, the bass rumbles, the kick drives and the uneasy industrial instrumentation rattles around the track creating a magical and futuristic soundscape. Katie’s haunting vocals temper the track’s edge and instilling a cinematic, narrative, feel. A timeless slice of electronic music.

♫ Austra – Habitat

Austra Habitat is released 17th July.

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