[Video] Grimes’ ‘REALiTi’


Grimes   REALiTi   YouTube

Indie-ElectroPop experimentalist Grimes has shared  a brand new old track. REALiTi was slated to appear on her since scrapped and re-started follow up to the Visions album. Check it out below.

The clip follows Grimes around on her touring throughout east Asia.

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[Download] Chromatics’ ‘I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around’



Johnny Jewel has shared another new track from the forthcoming Chromatics album, Dear Tommy, the follow up to their 2012 near-classic Kill For Love.. Following last month’s unveiling of the albums initial single, Just Like You, Jewel and the gang have lifted the lid on the second taste of what’s to come from Chromatics. This one is called I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around.

In contrast to Just Like You’s subtly downtempo vibes, I Can’ Never Be Myself When You’re Around is more energetic vintage Disco. A magical soundscape of lush synths and undulating rhythms, I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around provides an electrically charged platform for Ruth Radelet’s vocals (and backing vocals from Megan Louise From Desire) at their dreamy finest.

Chromatics – I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around

Chromatics’ Dear Tommy is released this month.

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[Audio] Hemingway’s ‘Lost Tribe’



Torontonian Disco experimentalist Hemingway always serves up something interesting with every tune he releases, which means we pay attention whenever a new track appears. This one right here comes from  the Stratford Ct. 1yr Anniversary Compilation, which is apparently a compilation to mark the one year anniversary of another compilation. It’s worth checking out if just for Lost Tribe, Hemingway’s latest compelling offering.

Hemingway offers up some seriously intoxicating Disco sounds on this one. Intricately crafted, Lost Tribe takes distant elements and melds them into an amazingly funky whole, all held in place by a hi-hat heavy rhythm and a warbling bass. Haunting sound drop in and out of the mix and lilting, emotional melodies drift around the track, making it something wildly more cerebral than it’s contemporaries, but all the time keeping the dancefloor vibes strong.

♫ Hemingway – Lost Tribe

The Stratford Ct. 1yr Anniversary Compilation is out now, get it here.

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[Audio] Nocturnal Sunshine’s ‘Take Me There’


Maya Jane Coles

Another full length record in on the way from Ms. Maya Jane Coles. Her 2013 album Comfort is still in heavy rotation around these parts, amazing body of work that it is; and this year we will be treated to the début album from her Dubby alter-ego Nocturnal Sunshine. The first track taken from the self-titled release, due out in May, is Take Me There.

Take Me There deserves to be played on a big rig. Driven by the subs and a shuffling beat, the track is liberally layered with modulated vocal snatches and MJC’s trademark enigmatic synths. Cole’s has always has one foot in Dub styles, from right back in the She Is Danger days, and on Take Me There she revels in her bassy influences, delivering a mesmerising Dub groove and waves of hypnotic tones. This one gets under your skin.

♫ Nocturnal Sunshine – Take Me There

Nocturnal Sunshine’s self-titled début album is released 25th May on digital with a vinyl release coming on Record Store Day.

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[Audio] MG (Martin Gore)’s ‘Europa Hymn’


Martin Gore

Depeche Mode driving force, Techno enthusiast and one of our generations greatest songwriters, Martin Gore, has just announced a brand new electronic instrumental album, due out next month. The sixteen track record will be released under the MG moniker and titled the same; it was recorded post-Mode’s 2013 tour with Gore wanting to “keep the music very electronic, very filmic, and give it an almost Sci-Fi like quality,”. Check out the first taste of MG below in the form of Europa Hymn.

Europa Hymn is an evocative machine symphony. A track that combines Vangelis-esque synth swells with factors industrial percussion. Rather that this electronic experiment being harsh and moody, Europa Hymn is actually a bright and optimistic track. Gore conveys heaps of emotion in his use of dewdrop melodies and rising keys. We kinda’ wish modern Depeche Mode albums sounded more like this.

♫ MG – Europa Hymn

MG’s MG is released 27 April.

Check out more from MG on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Cuushe’s ‘Tie’



Tokyo’s Cuushe has joined the ever expanding roster of one of the labels we respect the most, Cascine. Not that our respect counts for much, but if we were to hold up an example of an independent label doing it right it would be Cascine. For her latest EP, Cuushe is combining the mighty forces of Cascine and Japanese label flau to release Night Lines, a four track “noir storybook” out in April on digital and limited edition 10” vinyl. Check out the records first track, Tie.

Cuushe serves up a sumptuous and beautiful swirling synthetic soundscape. It’s an unusual mix of modern, shoegaze, electronics, and oddly nostalgic arrangement. The drums spin and roll layered over with waves of smokey pads and pin-prick lead arpeggios. It’s an otherworldly soundtrack to Cuushe’s 80s-tinged ethereal vocals. intoxicating stuff.

♫ Cuushe – Tie

Cuushe’s  Night Lines EP is released 7th April.

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[Audio] Róisín Murphy’s ‘Gone Fishing’


Roisin Murphy

Avant-Disco-Pop queen Róisín Murphy has announced the forthcoming release of her fist full length record in eight years. Yup, Overpowered was eight years ago! Surely that can’t be right? The new album is titled Hairless Toys and is due out next month. Check out the first single from the record, Gone Fishing, below.

The former Moloko singer serves up a typically ecclectic tune on Gone Fishing. From the purcussion to the layers of synth burbling, everything is meticulously crafted. Part experimental soundtrack, part mid-90s freeform Disco groover, Gone Fishing surprises at every turn in both it’s compelling funkiness and it’s mysterious depth. Ms Murphy’s vocals are as striking as ever and seem to draw you into the track. This all bodes very well for the album.

♫ Róisín Murphy – Gone Fishing

Róisín Murphy’s Hairless Toys is released 11th March.

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[Download] Chromatics’ ‘Just Like You’



Johnny Jewel’s amazing Chromatics have announced the release of their forthcoming new album. Titled Dear Tommy, the follow up to 2012’s dreamy Kill For Love, is due out in a month and is eagerly anticipated by just about everyone we know. Johnny has taken to SoundCloud to announce the release and give away the albums first single, Just Like You as a free download. Check it out.

Just Like You is just the first in a string of new singles. Jewel will be releasing one a week until the albums March release and he has certainly chosen a belter to kick things off with. A swirling electronic symphony blessed with sweet vocals and lush (like, really lush) synths over a smooth steady beat. It’s an intoxicating SynthPop dream with a dark undertone. We’re very much looking forward to the album.

Chromatics – Just Like You

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[Download] Computer Magic’s ‘Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By)’ & ‘Shipwrecking’


Computer Magic

As you’ve probably heard, seen the Instagram photos, felt a tiny bit jealous about, the east coast of the US has been hit with an awesome blizzard in recent days. Being this snowed in can be a godsend for musicians who get forced to be shut in and writing songs. Danz A.K.A. Computer Magic, Brooklyn’s queen of synth DreamPop too the opportunity to produce a brand new tune; Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By). The track is not one appearing on Computer Magic’s forthcoming LP, so she’s giving it away for free. Yay!

Bits of Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By) certainly capture a wintery mood, but the whole track rolls along on a warm funk; delivered by raw drum samples and rounded synth bass. This meeting of icy and comforting really does capture the mood of being snowed in. Danz’s dainty vocal drifts in and out of the track, with a Chillwave, reverby edge, swapping prominence with buzzing electronics. Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By) has us well looking forward to the album.

Update: Since we wrote this (‘cos we tend to write at the weekend) Danze has unleashed another new track on her SoundCloud page. Shipwrecking is a effervescent exercise in garage SynthPop. Sounding like early an 90s Shoegaze tune recreated with vintage synths. Organic and fresh, Shipwrecking is the most fun you can have with synths and a voice and a healthy dose of Indie nostalgia.

Computer Magic – Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By)

Computer Magic – Shipwrecking

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[Audio] Cosmic Angst’s ‘Mytheme I-IV’


cosmic angst

London Italo/SpaceSynth producer Chris Gilbert is taking a break from filling our ears with epic synth soundscapes as Mild Peril for a while to fill our ears with epic synth soundscapes as Cosmic Angst. He’s been drip feeding psychedelic synthesizer jams as Cosmic Angst for a while now, the latest of these being the just released Imbolc EP. The EP is made up for four songs Mytheme I-IV, which are actually one seventeen minute opus. So sit back, headphones on, and sink into the world of Cosmic Angst.

Taking the listener through soundtrack moods, Industrial percussive moments and soaring crescendos Mytheme I-IV is an immersive experience. Throughout the four movements hints of Jarre can be found amongst the SpaceSynth warbling. For a seven minute musical journey Mytheme I-IV is amazingly tight, each section flowing into the next seamlessly with it’s underlying themes providing stability to the audio narrative. Reviewing either Mild Peril or Cosmic Angst’s electro odysseys sometimes feels more like reviewing a movie, as there’s definite plot or character moments that unmistakable inform the listen of what’s supposed to be going on as the story unfolds in the imagination, played out by burbling apreggios and stratospheric solos. Without wanting to drop any spoilers, it’s fair to say if you love synths you will love this

♫ Cosmic Angst – Mytheme I-IV

Mild Peril’s Imbolc is out now on Bandcamp.

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