[Video] BANKS’ ‘Beggin For Thread’


BANKS   Beggin For Thread  Official Music Video    YouTube

LA’s moody future R&B experimentalist BANKS’ new single Beggin For Thread was already making waves with it’s compelling left field (but groovy) dark soulful ElectroPop stylings. Now it;s here in video form.

Directed by Barnaby Roper, the clip captures the dark beauty of BANKS’ music perfectly.

BANKS’ album, Goddess, is released 5th September.

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[Video] Télépopmusik’s ‘Sound’


Telepopmusik   Sound  feat Mark Gardener    Official Video   YouTube

Legendary French ElectroPop trio Télépopmusik released their brand new single, Sound,  this week. It’s a brooding and mysterious track that ventures the vocals of Mark Gardener from seminal Shoegazers Ride. Here’s the video.

The clip was put together by Japanese director Toshiaki Toyoda and is a beautiful piece of work. We won;t try to describe it, is has to be watched.

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[Audio] Cabaret Voltaire’s ‘#7885′


Cabaret Voltaire

Long time readers of electronic rumors will be well aware of our love for Sheffield Electronic Music pioneers Cabaret Voltaire. One of the single biggest influences on our musical upbringing The Cabs are serious heroes to us. Last year they released the awesome #8385, a collection of their work from ‘84-‘85, and following on from that they are about to unleash #7885, subtitled (Electropunk To Technopop 1978-1985).

Collecting 7” singles, edits and shorter album tracks from the era the new retrospective compilation was curated by Richard h Kirk himself who wanted to present the “more concise elements of the work”. All the classic Cabs tunes from he era are present and correct, including Nag Nag Nag, Do The Mussolini (Headkick), Sensoria, Landslide, I Want You, Just Fascination and this tune, Crackdown, which also happens to be one of our favourite Cabaret Voltaire tracks of all time. If you’ve never delved into the world of Cabaret Voltaire the a) you’re an idiot and b) this is a great jumping on point. This is your history people!

♫ Cabaret Voltaire – Crackdown (Radio Edit 83)

Cabaret Voltaire’s #7885 is released 1st July.

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[Audio] Austra’s ‘Habitat’



Torontonian ElectroPop chanteuse Austra is gearing up for the release of her brand new EP. Titled Habitat the new one will come not only in digital format, but also in a limited run of 500 12”s. Following on from her last single, Hurt Me Now, itself taken from the amazing Olympia album, Habitat sees Katie Stelmanis returning to her more ethereal roots whilst injecting a little Deep House flair.

Long time live favourite, Habitat is an undulating, tribal epic. Moody and enigmatic, the bass rumbles, the kick drives and the uneasy industrial instrumentation rattles around the track creating a magical and futuristic soundscape. Katie’s haunting vocals temper the track’s edge and instilling a cinematic, narrative, feel. A timeless slice of electronic music.

♫ Austra – Habitat

Austra Habitat is released 17th July.

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[Video] Hercules And Love Affair’s ‘I Try To Talk To You’


Hercules and Love Affair ft. John Grant — I Try To Talk To You  Official Video    YouTube

Here’s the video for Hercules And Love Affair’s new single. The John Grant featruing I Try To Talk To You, taken from the House collective’s forthcoming album, The Feast of the Broken Heart.

David Wilson directs the clip, a moody kinds of reverse interpretive dance noir.

Hercules And Love Affair’s The Feast of the Broken Heart is released 9th June.

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[Audio] King Deco’s ‘Ocean’



Out soon is the début EP, Tigris, from new New York based artist King Deco. A nexus for Future R&B, Chillwave and avant guarde ElectroPop, King Deco is about to release an ambitious record, but one she seems to nail quite comfortably. The highlight of the Brooklyn based Jordanian’s EP is the electronic Pop dream that is Ocean. Wade in.

It’s hard to pinpoint what our favourite element of King Deco’s Ocean is. It’s a toss up between King Deco’s effortlessly beautiful voice or the ghostly electronic beats. Fittingly for a track called Ocean, the synths seem to swim around the track. There’s a very fluid feels to the swirls of rich pads and hazy melodies. A slight Industrial purcussion set injects the track with an icy edge that is tempered only by Kind Deco’s mesmerising vocals. An impressive start.

♫ King Deco – Ocean (Prod. Ryland Blackinton And One Love)

King Deco’s Tigris EP is out this week.

Check out more from King Deco on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Hercules And Love Affair’s &’Working Miracles’


Hercules And Love Affair

Working Miracles is one of two B-sides to Hercules And Love Affair’s new single Do You Feel The Same?, released ahead of Andy Butler and crew’s forthcoming The Feast Of The Broken Heart album. The A-side is a  spacious funky Acid Disco monster, so H&LA deliver something deeper for the flipside.

After a shaky piano and sample intro, Working Miracles drop and thumping, almost Psy Trance, beat. Undulating and hypnotic, the groove builds and builds into an ecclectic and bassy House juggernaut. Taking cues from their Industrial roots and their Warehouse DNA, Working Miracles moves in both dancefloor and avant-garde circles.

♫ Hercules And Love Affair – Working Miracles

Hercules And Love Affair’s Do You Feel The Same? single is released 14th April.

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[Video] Joakim’s ‘On The Beach’


- Joakim   On The Beach  Official Video    Vidéo Dailymotion

Here’s the video for Tigersushi boss man Joakim’s awesome moody ElectroPop tune On The Beach, a cover of the Neil Young track.

Joakim’s put the clip together himself, a collection seemingly random of stark imagery, on the beach.

Joakim’s On The Beach is out now.

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[Download] Joakim’s ‘On The Beach’



Tigersushi boss and French electronic master Joakim has unleashed the first single from his forthcoming new album. The album’s called Tropics Of Love and is due out later in the year, before that comes On The Beach at the end of this month and will featured reMixes from CFCF and Principles of Geometry. The track is, in fact, a cover of a 1974 Neil Young track and shows off just what an ecclectic talent Joakim is.

With a moody and darker mood that we would be used to from Joakim, On The Beach is a smokey synthetic ballad. Pulsating apreggios seem to fade in and out of focus against a hazy of purcussion and haunting tones. Joakim’s modulated vocals whisper a robot’s lament against this dreamlike opus of synthetic Blues. Stick around for the saxophone solo!

Joakim – On The Beach (Neil Young Cover)

Joakim’s On The Beach is released 31st March.

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[Video] Karin Park’s ‘Shine’


Karin Park  Shine    YouTube

Scandinavian ice queen Karin Park’s gorgeous new single Shine, a heady mix of deep House grooves and Sweedish ElectroPop mystery, is now out and about in video form.

Karin herself co-directs with Olle Lundin and once again the set is Karin’s converted church house.

Karin Park’s Shine is released 24th February.

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