[Audio] Maya Jane Coles’ ‘Premonition’


Maya Jane Coles

It looks like Fabric were so pleased with hypnotic groove queen Maya Jane Coles’ edition of their fabric mix series, fabric 75: Maya Jane Coles, that they got all excited and decided to commit two of the tracks from the mix to vinyl. Released as a painfully limited edition 10”, the release features Premonition, Maya’s original track in fabric 75 (natch’) and London-based producer Paride Saraceni’s Dissolute. Check out Premonition below.

Premonition is deep and undulating electronics at it’s finest. Enigmatic and emotional, the track bathes you in waves of warm synths and enchanting loops. Recorded especially for fabric 75, Premonition combines a skippy solid beat with a haunting array of tones and textures that seem to worm their way under your skin. Haunting, but never dark, its an intoxicating track. The 10” is receiving a strictly limited run of 300 copies, available exclusively to fabricfirst members, of which we are not; so if anyone is and wants to do us a solid fave, hit us up in Twitter.

♫ Maya Jane Coles – Premonition

Maya Jane Coles’ Premonition/Paride Saraceni’s Dissolute is available now from here.

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[Video] Mitch Murder’s ‘Interceptor’


Mitch Murder   Interceptor  Official Music Video    YouTube

The mighty SynthWave O.G. Mitch Murder has finally dropped his Mad Decent released new album; Interceptor. We’ve had a skip through the digital download and it sounds amazing, but we’re using all out will power to hold out for our pre-ordered vinyl to be delivered later this month to really sit down with it. In the meantime here’s the brand new video for the album’s title track.

The clip was directed and animated by James Rowsell and it’s 16bit graphics nicely captures Mitch’s obsession with all things retro gaming.

Mitch Murder’s Interceptor album is out now.

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[Audio] Kamp!’s ‘Early Days’



Big news from the Kamp! camp. Out favourite Polish ElectroPoppers have joined the Cascine camp. That’s a lot of camp; to paraphrase that shark movie (no, not Sharknado 2) “we’re gonna’ need a bigger tent!”. The guys are gearing up to release their brand new EP with the lovely Cascine folk later this month. A three track affair titled Baltimore. Here’s your first taste of what to expect in the forms of the track Early Days.

Fittingly, Early Days sounds like Kamp! Cascine-ified. With a little shuffling 90s vibe injected into their usually 80s SynthPoppieness and a whole load of reverb to snuggle up to. Sounding a little moodier, and a little hazier, that they have previously is no bad thing as Kamp! whip! up a smokey symphony of harsh synths with the corners sanded down and Industrial purcussion with a featherlight touch. Slap on some distant, lamenting vocals and you’ve got something unexpected, but quite exciting, coming from the Kamp! camp.

♫ Kamp! – Early Days

Kamp!’s Baltimore EP is released 28th August.

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[Video] Dirty Vegas’ ‘Setting Sun’


Dirty Vegas   Setting Sun   YouTube

Legends Dirty Vegas’ new single Setting Sun has been out a while now. If you needed a reason to revisit it’s feel good excellence, check out this brand new video.

It’s some yoga and whatnot on a beach, there’s not much more you can say. Play it loud though!

Dirty Vegas’ Setting Sun is out now.

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[Audio] Grum reMixes Yousef & The Angel’s ‘Float Away’



Yousef & The Angel’s Float Away was originally released back in September last year, closely followed by a bunch of reMixes. This reMix was not one of them, but have no fear, the single is getting another release that this time will, thankfully, include this monster reworking of the track by ER fave Grum. The new release is out this week and also features a reMix from the mighty Clancy.

Grum gets razor sharp with this reMix of Float Away. Punchy bass and piercing synths dominate the track, which seems a little bit like a nexus point between his Dreamwave past and his Progressive House present. There’s a definite retro flair to the tune, but in that really clean and euphoric way the Grum always did, and the beats and bass are so tight and crisply produced. All this production clarity doesn’t for one minute loose the groove though, as Grum pairs The Angel’s ethereal vocal with an infectious bass heavy vibe.

♫ Yousef & The Angel – Float Away (Grum reMix)

Yousef & The Angel’s Float Away is out now.

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[Audio] Kate Boy’s ‘Self Control’


Kate Boy

It was November 2012 we first wrote about Swedish ElectroPop outfit Kate Boy, and not since June last year have the graced these pages. In the meantime we’ve been lucky enough to catch them live twice, once at Bestival last year and just last week in London, and we can firmly say they are easily one of the best live acts around. Completely pitch perfect and charismatic, Kate Boy dominate whatever stage they are on, be it festival or small club. Anyway, they are back with a brand new single, Self Control, which hints at an album to come.

Self Control is as exiting as Kate Boy are live. A fist pumping ElectroPop powerhouse that (slightly) eschews the bands moodier débuts for a euphoric, although no less hard hitting, anthem. Kate Akhurst’s vocals are as dominating as ever, as it their percussive bass trademark sound, put to good use in getting your out of your seat. ElectroPop that demands your attention, Kate Boy are the perfect package, excelling in both studio and live, and we can’t wait for the album.

♫ Kate Boy – Self Control

Kate Boy’s Self Control is out this week. Their début album is hinted at having a January release.

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[Download] Ali Jamieson edits Sandy Marton’s ‘Camel By Camel’



Were all busying ourselves here at electronic rumors HQ, putting things together for a pretty sweet forthoming release from Mr. Ali Jamieson. While he’s waiting for us to get our shit together, the London based multi-instrumentalist, and Heavy Disco head-honcho, has turned in this rather infectious edit of Croatian Italo champion, and keytar warrior, Sandy Marton’s 1985 tune Camel By Camel

Walking the line between edit and reMix, Ali puts the Turbo Funk touch on the track. Everything is bigger; bigger beats, bigger bass and the track pounds like never before. Toning down the vocals, and giving them a little vocoder company, Jaimeson frees up some space int he track for his juggernaut bass; which powers it’s way through the track, dragging along little Disco licks and Sci-Fi synths in it’s wake. Surprisingly though, the tune never looses the feel of the original, just gives it all the flair of a contemporary production, and it;s that the point of an edit? Mission accomplished.

Sandy Marton – Camel By Camel (Ali Jamieson Edit)

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[Video] BANKS’ ‘Beggin For Thread’


BANKS   Beggin For Thread  Official Music Video    YouTube

LA’s moody future R&B experimentalist BANKS’ new single Beggin For Thread was already making waves with it’s compelling left field (but groovy) dark soulful ElectroPop stylings. Now it;s here in video form.

Directed by Barnaby Roper, the clip captures the dark beauty of BANKS’ music perfectly.

BANKS’ album, Goddess, is released 5th September.

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[Audio] Curxes’ ‘Valkyrie’



Released next month is the new single from Portsmouth’s Curxes. The UK’s finest AvantPop duo are building on the breakthrough success of their addictive single of last year, Avant Guarded, with a glorious three minutes of aural chaos in  the form of Valkyrie.

How Curxes manage to deliver tracks that are simultaneously ear splitting Industrial assaults, and at the same time deeply funky, we’ll never understand; but they do once more with Valkyrie. Amidst the clattering percussion, rapid fire drums and growling keys lies a strange and beautiful nostalgic groove. The chorus, with it’s waves of Vangelis synths, is a particularly compelling moment of dystopian euphoria. Lovely stuff!

♫ Curxes – Valkyrie

Curxes’ Valkyrie is released 18th August.

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[Audio] SecondCity & Ali Love’s ‘What Can I Do?’



Newcomer House hero SecondCity is set to drop his sophomore solo single, and he’s brought another House hero along for the ride. With Ali Love in tow, SecondCity releases What Can I Do? at some unspecified time in the future via Ministry Of Sound. Premiered on Annie Mac’s show this past weekend, What Can I Do? is poised to be the underground hit of the summer.

A bit piano House monster, What Can I Do? rolls on a slick, pumping beat and some hands-in-the-air hooks. A cheeky Nu-Disco guitar lick weaves in and out of the track, adding a little funk, while warping synth bass and giant piano dominates proceedings. Ali’s instantly recognisable vocals drift over the track, lending it an soulful charm and introducing the final piece of the puzzle. The end result is dancefloor greatness. Expect to hear this a lot over the coming months.

♫ SecondCity (Feat. Ali Love) – What Can I Do?

SecondCity’s What Can I Do? is out soon

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