[Audio] Colleagues’ ‘Somewhere’



We hope you all had an awesome long bank holiday weekend, but now it’s time to get back to work, back to the grind; time to face your colleagues once more. Although some colleagues can be a chore to deal with, thankfully some colleagues are pretty chill. Our Swedish Colleagues are of the chill variety; brightening up our workday with their sweet variety of dreamy ScandiPop. They are about to release a brand new EP, Visits, in May; here’s the first cut; Somewhere.

Somewhere is a skippy five minutes of tundra electronics and distant vocals. From the get-go, Colleagues serve up a symphony of machine percussion and piercing, frigid synths tempered with spacious, passionate vocals. A roomy and inviting SynthPop excursion with a sweet DreamPop feel, you should really consider letting Somewhere carry you away somewhere.

♫ Colleagues – Somewhere

Colleagues’ Visits EP is out 18th May.

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[Audio] Korallreven’s ‘Death Is Not For Us’



DreamPoppers Korallreven have signed to Cascine! When did that happen? Look, we’re like one of the top 150 websites in the entire world or some shit; I’m pretty sure that means we’re supposed to get a say in stuff like this. OK, so we would have said “yeah, great!”, but Cascine obviously missed the memo where stuff like this is supposed to be run past us. Seriously, just how is the music industry supposed to survive if people don;t stop whatever they are doing and pay attention to us?!?!

Anyhoo, Korallreven have signed to Cascine; and in much the same way that you might let a friend know that you’re not keen on Anchovies (who are you?!) when they offer you some of their pizza, the Swedish duo aren’t too keen on death (“hey, Korallreven; do you fancy some death?” “Nah, that’s OK thanks, death is not for us”). The new single precedes a sophomore album due out in November and is a gloriously upbeat slice of jaunty, tropical Pop that just seems to worm it’s way into your heart and refuse to budge. There’s a monster bassline and some airy brisk keys too in there too, loads of synth and harmony goodness in that contradictory icy yet warm way that only Scandinavians can pull off.

♫ Korallreven – Death Is Not For Us

Korallreven second album, Second Coming, is released 4th November.

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[Audio] Lemonade’s ‘Come Down Softly’



Brooklyn based Dreampop trio Lemonade are following on from their comeback single Stepping, released in June, with another new track in advance of their forthcoming new album. Come Down Softly is taken from their third album, titled Minus Tide which is due for release next month via Cascine, and sees them coming back even more, by the time the album is released they will have come back so much that they’ll pretty much be standing right in your face. Have a listen before things get awkward.

Contrasting smooth a R&B flavour with pounding, abrasive drums, Come Down Softly switches between the gentle and the slightly less gentle. A luscious slice of chill out electronica with a New Jack Swing. With a booming bass and a selection of synths that transcended the word ‘shimmering’ the soundtrack provides a hazy backing for a impassioned, but slightly swaggering, vocal performance. It’s the kind of song you instinctually want to relax too, but irritatingly it keeps making you want to get up and dance too. Inconsiderate, but funky as hell. We’re looking forward to the album.

♫ Lemonade – Come Down Softly

Lemonade’s Minus Tide is released 9th September.

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[Audio] Hemingway reMixes Man Without Country’s ‘Catfish’


Man Without Country

Torontonian Cosmic Disco master Hemingway is back with a brand new reMix. Welsh experimentalists Man Without Country are his latest target as he morphs their hazy slice of Indie-DreamPop, Catfish, into a space funk oddessy, loaded with that thick, thick synth bass we’ve come to love from this guy.

With a nice vintage brush, Hemingway paints an epic masterpiece of twisting leads, starlight keys and that in-your-face bass. Sounds swirly around your head as melodies intertwine and curl sound each other. the whole hazy, Sci-Fi Funk works perfectly with the original tunes vocals, making them sound like some distant message from the starts. Hemingway really is one of the best in the business right now.

♫ Man Without Country – Catfish (Hemingway Mix)

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[Download] Jensen Sportag’s ‘After Gardens’ reMixed by Obey City



Have a free download. Courtesy of Jensen Sportag, who are in a right good mood ‘cos everyone loved their début album Stealth Of Days. And good moods make you generous. this little chunk of costs-nothing gold comes in the form of a reMix of album track, the slinky After Gardens, from angry cap-wearer and sometime tour buddy Obey City, who, unsurprisingly, come from Brooklyn, because doesn’t everybody. You get a free analog synth when you move into the area (we may have made that joke before). Studios in Brooklyn must get dead crowded!

Anyhoo, Obey City does a wonderful job with the track, giving it a slick, soulful, Pop sheen. whereas the original was subdued and dreamlike, this reMix pops out of the speakers, all shimmering synths and snappy purcussion. Obey City understands the mood of the track, he keeps the vibes as they should be, just injects a little more urgency into the track. It’s a nice compliment to the original.

Jensen Sportag – After Gardens (Obey City reMix)

Jensen Sportag’s Stealth Of Days is out now on Cascine.

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[MP3] Pr0files’ ‘Call Yourself A Lover’



Pr0files is the new solo project from Baby Monster’s Danny Sternbaum. Baby Monster have been a fixture on electronic rumors since our beginning, despite their releases being a little too few and far between for our liking. Pr0files sees Sternbaum collaborating with long-time friend singer/keyboardist Lauren Pardini to produce some lush, swirling Dreampop. The two have worked together before in an outfit called The Boy Traveller, which featured Danny, Lauren and Skrillex (yup, apparently that was a thing that happened).

Their première track, Call Yourself A Lover, is a hazy, yet bombastic, slice of ElectroPop. With a orchestrated feel, builds itself around layers of luxurious synths that curl in and out of the track like smoke, washing the Trance-like apreggios and ElectroPop bassline in surges of dreamlike noise. Lauren’s vocal balances between ethereal and IndiePop cool, giving the track some grounding. This is one for the headphones, let it sweep you away.

Pr0files – Call Yourself A Lover

Pr0files’ début album is due out in 2013.

Check out more from Pr0files on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Diamond Cut reMixes Badboxes’ ‘JSMN’



Blimey! We were beginning to think we’d never hear a new track from Australian producer, and seriously one of the best-in-the-game, Diamond Cut again. It’s been a long while since the man of mystery has filled this website’s columns, but we still had faith he’d be back. And back he is with this storming reMix of Pittsburgh DreamPop outfit Badboxes’ single JSMN.

It seems Diamond Cut still has that flair, this reMix of JSMN, revels in it’s retro swing. Dreamwave to it’s fullest, the tune layers chunky synths and waves of starlight keys in a way that is both immediately 80s sounding but contemporary and fresh. And that was always Diamond Cut’s premiere talent, to make nostalgic tunes that never sounded trite or pastiche, that were relevant and guaranteed current floorfillers. That’s exactly what he deliver’s here, alongside the original’s heartfelt IndiePop vocals. We’re hoping this is a return to a more regular release schedule for Diamond Cut, but if it’s not we’ll keep ourselves content with this one.

Badboxes – JSMN (Diamond Cut reMix)

Badboxes’ JSMN is out now.

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[Audio] Jigsaw Puzzle Glue


Jigsaw Puzzle Glue

Jigsaw Puzzle Glue is the one woman project of Seattle based Leah Rosen. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything that is self-proclaimed “80’s soundtrack inspired”, but not part of the SynthWave scene, and it’s refreshing. Taking those core elements that definite 80’s synth movie music, but making them truly her own, Jigsaw Puzzle Glue makes something magical and retro without being bogged down by the past decade of the SynthWave scene sounding more and more like itself (rather than like the 80s). This mixture of 80s influences and scene-free experimental freedom produces something that is comfortable and familiar yet at the same time fresh.

Take Jue De La Vie, you’ll immediately see Jigsaw Puzzle Glue has more in common with SynthWavers the likes of Com Truise or Computer Magic than Miami Nights 84 or Tommy. This is a celebration of vintage synth sounds. Neatly layered waves of alternating buzzing leads and reverb washed pads ebb and flow throughout the tracks, exchanging space in the song as they do so. With a slightly futuristic edge, a somewhat BladeRunner-y chorus, Jue De La Vie manages to remain grounded, and surprisingly personal and human for an instrumental synth tune. The Never Beginning Story presents a slightly more majestic side to Jigsaw Puzzle Glue, slightly more cinematic. Uplifting in places, brooding in others, The Never Beginning Story is powerful stuff. For a little more traditional SynthWave fare try Waltz, with it’s Industrial jackhammer beats and growling synth bassline. We should mention too, the production on these tracks is pretty fine, quite spacious, never feeling cluttered. All-in-all Jigsaw Puzzle Glue is definitely a name to keep an eye on.

♫ Jigsaw Puzzle Glue – Jue De La Vie

♫ Jigsaw Puzzle Glue – The Never Beginning Story

♫ Jigsaw Puzzle Glue – Waltz

Check out more from Jigsaw Puzzle Glue on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Jensen Sportag’s ‘Under The Rose’



Well, the countdown clock has started. We are now on the home straight to the November release of Nashville synthetic dreamers Jensen Sportag’s long awaited début album, Stealth Of Days. We don’t wanna’ boast or anything, but we’ve had our hands on the album for a while now, and it’s served as the prefect soundtrack to the end of the summer, it really is a piece of work that is worth the wait. The awesome Cascine have outdone themselves with this one.

Right about now, you can grab yourself another taster of what to expect. Following on from Bellz, a track the released just over a month ago, wrap your ears around Under The Rose, the kind of track that makes your legs go all wobbly. Impending wheelchair bound status aside, the track flows along it’s own ChillPop R&B stream, bringing with it plucked guitar and rampant slap bass alongside undulating dunes of synths. This is the kind of tune that looks right into your soul, resonating with your mood, and then says “nah…your soul’s well boring, let’s go dancing”. And does. Better than you.

♫ Jensen Sportag – Under The Rose

Jensen Sportag’s Under The Rose is released 12th November.

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[Audio] Soft Metals’ ‘In The Air’


Soft Metals

Here’s the second single from Portland Minimal Synth Robo-Pop duo Soft Metals’ forthcoming sophomore album, Lenses. We had a taste of what’s to come back in May with the first release, Tell Me, now this new track, In The Air, has us even more eagerly awaiting the new record.

With Glaswegian Electro master JD Twitch providing hypnotic warehouse drum programming ion this one, In The Air nicely mixes up ethereal DreamPop with a gritty Acid House groove. With futuristic pulsating Acid bass and retro, clap laden, House beats In the Air has a dark, strobe lit, quality to it that is tempered only by Patricia’s haunting siren song. Lenses is definitely shaping up to be one of the albums of the year.

♫ Soft Metals – In The Air

Soft Metals’ In The Air is released on 16th July.

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