[Download] Clancy’s ‘Take it Slow’



The boy’s doing good. London based producer Clancy had a pretty massive 2013, a couple of slammin;’ EPs, a heap of well-received reMixes (including something rather tasty indeed), and getting all up in Kitsuné business. Obviously feeling pretty chuffed about all this, Clancy has dropped a free tune as a thank you for all the support he’s received over the past year. Sink into Take It Slow.

Riding a deep warping bassline, Take It Slow delivers thick, mood setting, House vibes. Enigmatic and intoxicating, this musical mystery allows it’s subby bass to provide a rock solid platform for airy keys to serve up something a little more kinetic. Take It Slow isn’t actually that slow, but it is brooding and magical and one to loose yourself in at the end of the night.

Clancy – Take It Slow

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[Audio] Gorgon City’s ‘Here For You’



UK House producers extraordinaire Gorgon City have unleashed their latest slice of (presumably) chart climbing Pop/UK Deep House crossover. London based singer Laura Welsh lends her considerable vocal talent to this one. Fresh rom producing Klaxons’ current single There Is No Other Time, Gorgon City turn in an absolute stormer of their own.

Welsh’s breathy vocals are the perfect foil for Gorgon City’s sub heavy House track. The duo lay down a nice mix of euphoric synths and dark, rumbling, club bass. The perfect festival belter, you can expect to hear this one a lot over the summer. A track of two sides, one minute Welsh’s voice and hazy synths draw you into the song, the next the speaker shaking bass kicks you in the face. Just how we like it.

♫ Gorgon City (Feat. Laura Welsh) – Here For You

Gorgon City’s Here For You is released 15th June.

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[Audio] Isaac Tichauer’s ‘Changes’



Next up on the awesome French Express is the smoothest of smooth House jams. It’s also the new one from Australian DJ and producer Isaac Tichauer. Changes is really a track to sink into and a tune that is guaranteed to be soundtracking more than a few sunsets this coming summer.

Deep and Soulful, with a surprisingly pleasing Jazz twist, Changes is a slo-mo slice of bass snyth heavy House. Finger snaps and an understates House beat give the tune it’s momentum, but it’s the rumbling sub and the lilting electric piano that give it it’s soul. Add a light R&B vocal, and you’ve got eight minutes of emotional, laid back, audio gold. Intricate and resonant sounds from this producer to watch.

♫ Isaac Tichauer – Changes

Isaac Tichauer’s Changes is out 15ht April

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[Download] Pat Lok reMixes Robert Lux & Todd Edwards’ ‘I’ve Still Got Sunshine’


Todd Edwards

Out this week is the new single from New York/LA duo Robert Lux & House music legend Todd Edwards, I’ve Still Got Sunshine. A cheery House tune with a secret weapon. There’s a reMix from Torontonian master Pat Lok up in this bitch! Possibly his deepest tune to date, Lok delivers they hypnotic dance and warehouse moods with this monster tune.

Pat Lok effortlessly blends a little Chicago, a little Deep and a little Funky into one undulating, bass heavy, floorfiller. Riding on a growling sub, the track gleefully plays with vocal snatches, ecclectic snyths and unexpected twists and turns. All locked together with a watertight groove. One of the best House tunes of the year so far.

Robert Lux & Todd Edwards – I’ve Still Got Sunshine (Pat Lok reMix)

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[Audio] Dubka’s ‘Deathwish’ & ‘Eumenides’



We got our first taste of Martin Dubka’s début solo single last week with the video for Deathwish. The single has been pretty eagerly awaited round these parts, the man’s production flair for the likes of Tyson, Tesla Boy and Ali Love, alongside a swathe of reMixes and collaborations have all made it right to the top of our playlists. Also, he’s the subject of the the best Future Music In The Studio With… ever (so nice to hear someone actually talking about composition, as opposed to the latest hot DJ chatting about Ableton plug-ins and then looking nervous when someone asks what Key the track is in)

Both Deathwish and it’s B-side, Eumenides, are deeper than deep hypnotic House jams. The former greets you from the offset with a mantra-of-a-bassline and a stripped back Deep House flavour. The vocal chant echoes round a track that perfectly captures the warehouse vibe. Strobe lights and peeps lost in the music. The enigmatic dance vibe is carried over int o the B-side. Eumenides works an enthralling bassline of it’s own, digging deep into robotic grooves with punchy synths that are tempered with a starlight melody. These two from Dubka are aimed squarely at late night dancefloors.

♫ Dubka – Deathwish

♫ Dubka – Eumenides

Dubka’s Deathwish is out now.

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[Audio] IYES’ ‘Breathe’



Brighton based Indie-ElectroPoppers IYES are back with a new single. We first wrote about these guys back in 2012, and since the they’ve been quietly making waves in all the right circles. The new tune, Breathe, features a little extra production polish from the ubiquitous MNEK who may have been responsible for injecting IYES with a little bassy UK House atmosphere.

The track is a hazy whirl of warm synths and haunting chimes. With a shuffling, almost Garage beat at it;s core, Josh and Melis’ dual vocal performance is delivered as if it were another instrument, making up the resonant ebb and flow of the song. Almost claustrophobic, Breathe is a highly atmospheric music outing that balances perfectly beats and mood.

♫ IYES – Breathe

IYES’ Breathe is out now.

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[Video] Maya Jane Coles’ ‘Comfort’


Maya Jane Coles   Comfort   YouTube

Here’s the video for Maya Jane ColesComfort. The title track from her amazing début album, which is being released in deluxe edition format at the end of this month.

The clip is directed by frequent collaborator Jonas Lord. A stark and visually complex video, with some stunning imagery, to match the intricate, enigmatic, House vibes of the track.

Maya Jane Coles’ Comfort deluxe edition is released 24th March.

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[Audio] Mr. Falcon’s ‘Landing Lights’


Mr. Falcon

Yippee kiyay Mr. Falcon! There’s some sweet Deep House in town! Just released on Nurvous Records is the début single from Mr. Falcon, a duo consisting of French Express co-founder Blueshift and fellow Philadelphia resident Ily. The single is called Landing Lights which, once you hear the track, seems quite fitting and comes equipped with a reMix from Rhythm Operator.

Landing Lights deftly mixes in some slick 80s lead lines into an undulating Deep House groove. Pulsating, almost Italo, synths craft out a Sci-Fi warehouse vibe from punchy bass and haunting pads. Riding a booming kick drum, the robotic dance hits hard, infecting your brain with a Euro meets Chicago collision will leave you wanting more. We are already eagerly awaiting Mr. Falcon’s next work.

♫ Mr. Falcon – Landing Lights

Mr. Falcon’s Landing Lights is out now on Beatport.

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[Download] AIMES’ ‘Time For Us’



Brooklyn’s AIMES seems determined to bring a little warmth and summery vibe to these cold winter months with his last few releases. The latest in his series of free singles is Time For Us, and like the others, shows off AIMES’ ability to perfectly blend influences from number of styles that are hot right now, and make them all sound personally unique.

“Vibe Huse” as AIMES calls it, presents us with a heady cocktail of Deep House and Tropical Disco, with just the tiniest hint of Chicago in the mix. A thundering beat provides the backbone for a dazzling array of swing fuelled synths. Blissful arpeggios chug along in the background while the tracks focus is taken by a demon bassline and some sweet island keys. Just sink into this one.

AIMES – Time For Us

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[Download] Chris Malinchak’s ‘Forever’



With Tropical vibes merging with the UK Deep House sound these days, it looks like we’re set for a summer of blissful, dreamy tunes. New York’s Disco don Chris Malinchak kicks things off with his new tune, Forever, which he’s dropping as a freebie ahead of the release of his next proper single. Malinchak surprised everyone last year with two UK chart topping singles, So Good To Me peaking at number two and it looks like he’s going to be continuing that trend into 2014.

Forever leans on subby basses to get a hypnotic club vibe going. Laying down an easy going House groove, Malinchak peppers the track with Tropical purcussion and infuses a drifting, soulful, vocal sample into a carefree beach party tune. Listen up peeps, this is the sound of the summer right here.

Chris Malinchak – Forever

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