[Audio] JBAG & Kamp!’s ‘Through Blue’ (+ Holmes Price reMix)



London’s premier ElectroPop duo JBAG are back in business, and this time they are dragging Polish SynthPoppers Kamp!’ along for the ride. Out today on Jerry Bouthier’s own Continental Records is Through Blue. The comes with a packed collection of reMixes that includes work from Holmes Price, Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver and Venice Beach. Get ready for some deep and enveloping grooves.

Through Blue sees JBAG testing the waters of Deep House and folding it into their sassy DiscoPop sound. Weaving robotic and bassy synth sounds into a soulful and emotional sonic tapestry, JBAG offer up some seriously warm summer sounds. Kamp! singer Tomek Szpaderski’s low key vocal style add to the laid back vibe of the track, his subtle croon sharing time with the chiming leads. Holmes Price’s take on the tune injects a little vintage piano House into proceedings. A euphoric symphony of 90s House sounds, frenzied purcussion and filtered vocal snatches, Price’s reMix grabs the track and drags it straight to the dancefloor, and we’re happy to go along with it. The whole EP is definitely worth you checking out.

♫ JBAG (Feat. Kamp!) – Through Blue

♫ JBAG – Through Blue (Holmes Price reMix)

JBAG’s Through Blue is out now.

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[Audio] Meloder’s ‘Helios’



If you like your House Deep and maybe a little bit Techy then London based House producer Meloder is a good place to start. Having released some storming tunes for Pole Position Recordings and even done us the honour of remixing Box Of Wolves’ Let’s Start Again Meloder is gearing up for a new release via UM Records. Due for release in the coming weeks, the tune can be previewed now. Prepare for deep summery good times.

Meloder’s Helios is a juggling act between atmospheric sounds and a punchy-as-hell groove; and one he pulls off with style. Riding a powerhouse bassline and a big room beat, the track layers warbling synths and airy pads  to deliver a bit of a Balearic flavour over a tough command to dance. A floaty piano hook is the icing on this Sunrise cake as Meloder offers up a tune fit for beach party peak times.

♫ Meloder – Helios

Meloder Helios is out soon.

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[Audio] Bondax’s ‘All I See’



UK Deep House duo Bondax jump feet first into the waters of 90s House with their forthcoming new single, All I See. Unveiled late last week, All I See is due for a September release which makes it perfectly primed to take advantage of it’s commercial sound and underground groove to be a festival anthem and chart success.

We’re not sure who lends their vocal talent to All I See, but whoever it is knocks it out the park. You’ve got a big diva vocal with some absolutely enchanting vocal rhythms and flourishes here. Having that flow over a slick Chicago House track, weighted heavy with subby basses and an infectious organ hook , makes for a totally classic house track and instant feel-good vibes. Expect to be hearing a lot of All I See over the summer.

♫ Bondax – All I See

Bondax’s All I See is released 7th September.

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[Audio] Pat Lok and Patrick Baker’s ‘Could Be Mine’



Here’s a little mid-week bliss from one of our favourite Torontonians (and there’s a lot of ‘em!) Pat Lok. For this one he’s teamed up with the voice of the moment Patrick Baker for a warm and relaxing groove, perfect timing now that the sun if finally shining here in the UK. Sit back, hit play, and sink into what Pat & Pat have served up.

Pat’s (the second one) voce drifts across this deep deep House tune with an R&B lilt while Pat the first lays down a glorious subby bassline and a Garage-y beat. With a touch of vocal modulation and some enigmatic keys thrown into the mix, Lok brings the hot summer nights vibe to the track; the end result being something smooth, soulful and dancefloor friendly, but only for friendly dancefloors.

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Could Be Mine

Pat Lok’s Could Be Mine is out now.

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[Video] Ursa Minor’s ‘West’


Ursa minor WEST   YouTube

Here’s the video for West, a track taken from on of London’s Finest Ursa Minor’s new EP. It’s a deep and involving ElectroPop/House track that draws you into it’s Dubby depths more with each listen.

The vide is actually exactly what we’d have expected. It’s got that classy and enigmatic 90’s dance video thing going on; which suits the tune perfectly. It could be a Björk video.

Ursa Minor’s Earthquakes EP is out now.

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[Mixtape] Plastic Plates’ ‘Splash House 2014 Mixtape’



Plastic Plates – Splash House 2014 Mixtape = Here’s the latest mixtape from Felix Bloxsom A.K.A. Plastic Plates. Treat yourself to a whole hour of both the funky and the synthetic. Full-on dancefloor gold.

Plastic Plates – Splash House 2014 Mixtape

The tracklist:
01. Dorsia – Ghana (HNNY reMix)
02. London Grammar – Strong (Jonas Rathsman reMix)
03. Chvrches – Recover (KDA Dub)
04. Squarehead – Someday
05. Flash And The Pan – Midnight Man (Plastic Plates reMix)
06. Kelis – Rumble (Breach reMix)
07. Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Soul Clap Balearic Mix)
08. Mayaku – Bushwalking
09. Lana Del Rey – West Coast (Four Tet reMix)
10. Cajmere (Feat. Dajae) – Satisfy (Tiger Stripes & Pleasurekraft reMix)
11. The New Sins – Lights Down

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[Audio] Ali Love’s ‘Deep Into The Night’


Ali Love

House, Disco and ElectroPop chameleon Ali Love has just announced his brand new album. Released this summer on Crosstown Rebels his third LP is to be titled P.U.M.P. and sees the Hot Natured member moving further and further into Deep House territory. Ahead of the album release comes this new single, Deep Into The Night.

Ali has performed and produced all twelve track on the new album himself, and this is shown of perfectly on Deep Into The Night. An intricate and complex arrangement with a smooth production sheen that makes for an infectious and warm track. The shuffling House beat and the right and deep bassline create the dancefloor core of the track, underpinning multiple layers of samples and synth flourishes. Ali’s vocals sound as soulful as ever, with some slick harmonies, as he entices the listener into his funky Deep House world. The album should be a corker.

♫ Ali Love – Deep Into The Night

Ali Love’s P.U.M.P. is due for released 14th July.

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[Download] Pat Lok reMixes Adina Howard’s ‘Freak Like Me’


Adina Howard

OK, hold tight, ‘cos this one is huge. The Torontonian dude Pat Lok is back and he’s got something to celebrate. The man has just hit a million, yes a million, plays on his SoundCloud account and is marking the occasion by giving away this frankly immense reMix of Adina Howard’s 1995 hit Freak Like Me. We sincerely hope your listening to this jam on a system with decent bass.

Spending it;s first few moments easily blending from a 90s R&B groove into a House monster the effortlessly juggles an early Chicago vibe with cutting edge Bass House power. And that’s not mentioning the shuffling Garage shit going on throughout. This is just a killer tune that needs to be played in clubs right now, like right this second. Turn the bass up, turn the volume up, hit play. You won’t regret it.

Adina Howard X Pat Lok – Freek (2014 Booty)

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[Audio] Austra’s ‘Habitat’



Torontonian ElectroPop chanteuse Austra is gearing up for the release of her brand new EP. Titled Habitat the new one will come not only in digital format, but also in a limited run of 500 12”s. Following on from her last single, Hurt Me Now, itself taken from the amazing Olympia album, Habitat sees Katie Stelmanis returning to her more ethereal roots whilst injecting a little Deep House flair.

Long time live favourite, Habitat is an undulating, tribal epic. Moody and enigmatic, the bass rumbles, the kick drives and the uneasy industrial instrumentation rattles around the track creating a magical and futuristic soundscape. Katie’s haunting vocals temper the track’s edge and instilling a cinematic, narrative, feel. A timeless slice of electronic music.

♫ Austra – Habitat

Austra Habitat is released 17th July.

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[Audio] Ku De Ta’s ‘What’s Going On?’


Caron Wheeler

There’s already a reigning king of updating Soul II Soul’s Back to Life (However Do You Want Me), but enter London based newcomers Ku De Ta to grab a little of that spotlight. Taking the vocal hook from said track, the duo whips up a massive House monster with all the bass you could ask for.

Serving up a restrained sprinkling of Caron Wheeler’s vocals, the duo go head first into a Garage-y House track with a luscious rolling synth bassline. The track is stripped back, excising big room chaff to concentrate on the pure, distilled, essence of the dancefloor. There’s a hint of Deep House, a hint of Chicago, and a hint of a warehouse vibe, all expertly played by Ku De Ta who have delivered a crate essential.

♫ Ku De Ta – What’s Going On?

Check out more from Ku De Ta on SoundCloud.