[Audio] Jensen Sportag’s ‘One Lane Lovers’



There’s a new single from Nashville not-really-Chillwave-anymore-but-there’s-no-smoke-without-fire funketeers Jensen Sportag. Which is pretty soon after their début album, Stealth Of Days, which dropped late last year. Stealth Of Days was easily one of the albums of 2013. The new single, released on Cascine of course, is titles One Lane Lovers, and sees the Sportags delve even deeper into the Funk.

Kicking off like a mid-80s post-B-boy slice of electronic Soul Pop, One Lane Lovers soon settles into the smoothest of grooves. So smooth in fact; coupled with the waves of nostalgia the permeate every second of the awesome One Lane Lovers, that you might just sink into your chair permanently. Although, being stuck there listening to One Lane Lovers on repeat wouldn’t be such a bad thing. How these guys make choppy, cut-up, R&B sounds sound so silky is beyond us. Probably just Sportag magic.

♫ Jensen Sportag – One Lane Lovers

Jensen Sportag’s One Lane Lovers is released 8th April.

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[Audio] AIMES’ ‘On Holiday’



Out this week is the new single from Brooklyn SynthWaver turned Tropical Disco guru AIMES. It’s with this vibe in mind he unleashes his latest track, available on 12” and download, fittingly titled On Holiday. The singles comes packed with reMixes from Rotkraft, Future Feelings and Sare Havlicek. Strap in for summery vibes.

For a feel-good sunshine tune, On Holiday is pretty heavy on the synths, especially when proceedings get pounding toward the end. Before that, though, the track delivers spaced-out keys against a backdrop  of infectious Disco basslines and Topical purcussion. There’s quite a wistful vocal in the mix too, that ties the Holiday theme together nicely.

♫ AIMES – On Holiday

AIMES’ On Holiday is out now.

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[Video] Box Of Wolves’ &’Let’s Start Again’


Box Of Wolves   Let s Start Again  Official Video    YouTube

A week into it’s release and the acclaimed new single from Canadian Disco Chillwaver Box Of Wolves, Let’s Start Again, is already making serious waves. With the voice of Christa Vi and reMixes from UK Producer Meloder, Brooklyn’s AIMES, and DeltaFoxx, the track is already lined up to appear in some pretty high profile mixtapes and getting some serious club play.

Now we present to you the official video for the track, directed by Monikard which perfectly captures the breezy summertime vibe of the track. Enjoy life in the dreamy lane….

Box Of Wolves’ Let’s Start Again is out now, a Beatport exclusive.

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[Release] Box Of Wolves – Let’s Start Again


Box Of Wolves

Bring the summertime to your winter months with the new single from Canadian Disco Chillwaver Box Of Wolves. Bringing you the sequel to his critically acclaimed début single, Boy, Box Of Wolves once again lets the voice of Christa Vi glide over his smooth keys and warm beach-bound beats as he delivers Let’s Start Again.

Stepping up for reMix duties on this carefree release are UK Producer Meloder, who’s intricate Deep House treatment is both nostalgic and forward thinking, Brooklyn’s AIMES, who delivers one of the biggest Tropical Disco tunes of the year and DeltaFoxx, who has the big ElectroPop arena covered.

With something for every dancefloor, the Let’s Start Again single is on target to be packing underground dancefloors this summer with the likes of Jerry Bouthier (JBAG), Ben Macklin (Cassette Club), P A U L I E, Rüfüs, Ali Jaimeson, Polar Sun and Jowie Schulner showing early support.

♫ Box Of Wolves – Let’s Start Again (Single)

Box Of Wolves’ Let’s Start Again is out today, a Beatport exclusive.

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[Download] edapollo’s ‘Breathing Lessons & ‘Tisno’



Some relaxing and intricate electronic sounds, right now, from our home town of Bristol courtesy of producer edapollo. The man has just released his début EP, Shallow Swell, via Bad Panda Records and if your in the mood for some mind-bending chilled jams with an unexpected funk, then you’re in for a treat as edapollo takes you on a music journey, laden with glitchy beats, cut up samples and bass heavy synths.

Breathing Lessons, the EP’s lead track is a symphony of broken beats and haunting vocal snatches that flow like water over a rumbling sub bass. It’s got a Chillwave air to it and, surprisingly for a glitchy Ambient track, an almost Disco like groove when the shuffling beats and slap bass kick in. Elsewhere on the EP you’ll find Tisno, a track that brings the R&B beats to edapollo’s repertoire. A rising, spaced-out tune that revels in swirling, chopped up guitars and speaker shaking bass. The rhythms on this one are so meticulously produced it’s intoxicating. Save these up for your afterparty and let the good vibes flow.

♫ edapollo – Breathing Lessons

♫ edapollo – Tisno

edapollo’s Shallow Swell EP is out now.

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[Video] Cashmere Cat’s ‘Wedding Bells’


Cashmere Cat   Wedding Bells  Official    YouTube

This is the new video from Norwegian electronic producer Cashmere Cat. The track is Wedding Bells, an impressive and enchanting tune that visits House, R&B, Chillwave and Trap on it’s beautiful journey.

Directed by Peter Marsden, the clip is a perfect recreation of every indie-flick trailer you’ve ever seen.

Cashmere Cat’s Wedding Bells is out this week.

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[Audio] Erasure’s ‘Make It Wonderful’ reMixed by Chad Valley



Last month we brought you the first of a stunning collection of reMixes of the new single from SynthPop legends Erasure Make It Wonderful. Bright Light Bright Light turned in his 90s House take on the tune, now it’s time to unveil Chillwave master Chad Valley’s enveloping re-working of Make it Wonderful. The single finally sees release at the end of the month.

As a warm blanket of synths, Chad Valley’s reMix delivers a warbling array of sparking sounds. Uplifting arpeggios and reverb washed drums curl around Andy Bell’s voice like smoke as it dips in and out to make space for spacious chiming leads. With enough of an 80s feel to seem fitting for an Erasure reMix, but not so much it dominates the sound of the track, Chad Valley had served up the perfect compliment to the more frantic versions of the track.

♫ Erasure- Make It Wonderful (Chad Valley reMix)

Erasure’s Make It Wonderful is out 24th February on Mute.

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[Download] Summer Occasion’s ‘Still Got <3'


Summer Occasion

Here’s he latest tune from LA based Tongan producer Summer Occasion. You may remember Summer Occasion from his dreamy reMix of Box Of Wolves & Christa Vi’s Boy. At the star of the year he dropped a new tune, Still Got <3, a slow jam with a New Jack swing to it. Well, this tune had it’s origins in a more buoyant dance track which the man has just uploaded to his Sound Cloud page. Check out the Tropical bliss.

The original version of Still Got <3 is a great, warbling, slice of summer gold. Existing at the nexus of laid back and upbeat. Rocking some hazy R&B samples and a plethora of hazy synth sounds, Summer Occasion brings his LA vibe to every corner of the globe. Mixing up a little Nu-Disco, a little Chillwave, a little Tropical with a whole heap of LA style Funk, this version of Still Got <3 is ripe for dancefloors once the hot weather kicks in in 2014 (or right now if you;re in LA, we guess). Check out the alternate version too, for some chilled out swing vibes.

Summer Occasion – Still Got <3 (Original Mix)

Summer Occasion – Still Got <3

Check out more from Summer Occasion on SoundCloud.

[Download] Keep Shelly in Athens’ ‘Old Time Glory’



Sarah P has left Keep Shelly In Athens. That’s some pretty sad shit right there. The voice of Keep Shelly In Athens has departed to peruse her own projects, isn’t that what they used to call ‘musical differences’? KSiA plan to carry on the good work with a new vocalist, and the occasional guest, but Sarah’s voice was so distinctive you can;t help but feel like it’s the end of an era. So, how do they give Sarah a fitting send off? But releasing her final track, one that sums up the golden era of KSiA both in sound and title. Old Time Glory.

Shiny, sparking and bouncy ElectroPop permeates every minute of Old Time Glory. Optimistic and hopeful (or maybe we’re just reading too much into it), it’s an upbeat track with Sarah riding it perfectly; dominating the track with her playful vocals. It’s a bit of a bittersweet parting gift, but it’s an awesome slice of SynthPop so let’s ignore the context. Who needs context anyway? Stupid words with ‘x’s in them.

Keep Shelly in Athens – Old Time Glory

Keep Shelly In Athens’ début album, At Home, is out now on Cascine.

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[Download] Aimes’ ‘Marvin Gardens’



Here’s the latest slice of laid-back synthetic Disco from one of Brooklyn’s finest Aimes. Marvin Gardens is a free download, ‘cos Aimes is just that kinda’ guy. In fact, this is the third in a series of freebies that the man is giving away. I know, right? Crazy! But he does it anyway. Marvin Gardens is another top quality tune from Aimes, prepare for some, as they say, ‘chillvibes’.

Injecting a bit of classic Soul into his work via Marvin Gaye’s Pride And Joy. Which Aimes sets amongst a blissful array of lush, thick synths and a rockin’ Boogie-fied bassline. Totally dreamy, the track just seems to carry you away on it’s back, and by the time the precise lead melody comes-in, followed by bouncy keys, you’re well and truly on another planet.

Aimes – Marvin Gardens

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