[Mixtape] Ben Macklin’s ‘Spring Breaks Mixtape 3′



Ben Macklin – Spring Breaks Mixtape 3 = Kick-start your weekend with this storming collection of tunes from Mr. Ben Macklin. A selection of current monster tunes and some surprised thrown in, you can;t go wrong with this lot.

Ben Macklin – Spring Breaks Mixtape 3

The tracklist:
01. Darius – Omeo
02. Monte – You Should Know
03. Rotkraft – To Love You (Fishing Vest reMix)
04. Rise & Fool – Toy Boy (Le Crayon reMix)
05. Bon Iver – Towers (Oliver Nelson reMix)
06. Ben Macklin – Can We Talk (Fishing Vest reMix)
07. Jay West – Got Me Insane (Monte Instrumental Dub)
08. Chris Malinchak – Forever
09. Navigateur – Breathe (Luxar House Excursion)
10. Chela – Zero (Clancy reMix)
11. Max Lyazgin & Hot Sand – Nassau
12. Nude Disco – Neon Hearts (Just Another Discomendment)
13. The Paradise – In Love With you (Oh Yeah reMix)
14. Tonys Wayback Machine – In The Beginning (MiDiMAN reMix)

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[Audio] Ben Macklin’s ‘Make Me Feel’ (+ Nude Disco reMix)



Make Me Feel is the new single from Cassette Clubber Ben Macklin. Released this week the single features the vocal stylings of Rowan Arnold and comes equipped with reMixes from Tronik Youth, Nude Disco & Culture Culture. On your first listen you’ll instantly realise why Ben is one of our favourite British producers working right now. Check it out.

Neatly blending Tropical vibes and a slick retro SynthPop flavour, Make Me Feel is a nice mid-paced jam that would sit equally at home on by the poolside or on Top Of The Pops in 1986. With elements of Synth Soul, particularly in the bassline and vocals and an uplifting Island Disco chorus, it’s a track that will force a smile onto your face. Nude Disco ups the tempo a tad whist keeping the retro groove, injecting punchy snyths and an array sweeping club hooks. Covering everything from Italo to Nu-Disco via ElectroPop, the single package is strong as hell, you should definitely investigate.

♫ Ben Macklin (Feat. Rowan Arnold) – Make Me Feel

♫ Ben Macklin (Feat. Rowan Arnold) – Make Me Feel (Nude Disco reMix)

Ben Macklin’s Make Me Feel is out now.

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[Download] Ben Macklin’s ‘Can We Talk?’


Ben Macklin

One of our favourite British producers, Ben Macklin, has dropped a tasty treat just in time for X-Mas. Delivering the presents, Ben has made the track, Can We Talk?, which is taken from his forthcoming album, free to download until 25th December. Whether as part of Cassette Club or with his solo productions, Macklin always brings the warm grooves, whatever the weather.

Can We Talk? is a blistering slice of semi-Tropical Disco-y House. Filled to the rafters with chilled chords, Island melodies and a Funk that let’s you forget about your worries in life. A laid back jam fit for dancing the winter away, Can We Talk? gives the gift of rubbery bass and keys that fill you with a sense of nostalgia. This is music for the heart.

Ben Macklin – Can We Talk?

Ben Macklin’s new album is due out April 2014.

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[Audio] Cassette Club’s ‘Fire’ reMixed by Fishing Vest


Cassette Club

London ElectroPop duo Cassette Club are back next month with a brand new single of soulful Disco electronics. Fire is released in September, but ahead of the release they had made this remix of the track from recent Mullet Records signings Fishing Vest available though their Bandcamp page, just in time for another heatwave.

Fishing Vest get their Tropical groove on with this mix up between LA beach Disco and twisted synth Funk. That’s the prefect accompaniment for Cassette Club’s impassioned croon. With a nice Housey piano hook bouncing along over the Island purcussion and thick Moogy bass, this reMix serves up everything you’d want in a chilled summery floorfiller. We can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP.

♫ Cassette Club – Fire (Fishing Vest reMix)

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[MP3] Daft Punk reMixed by a whole bunch of peeps



So, we’ve been a little weary of posting any of the myriad reMixes of tracks from Daft Punk’s awesome new album Random Access Memories. There’s a squillion of them out there, every producer and his dog wants in on the action, to ride the tailcoats of hype, and they run the gauntlet from ‘better than the original’ to ‘OGM just stop trying to be a musician right now’. ‘Cos there’s so many posting about them would be like opening floodgates we really haven’t got time for.

But this morning, Cassette Club’s Ben Macklin sent us his take on Doin’ It Right, it’s very good, and we got the itch to post it. So we though ‘let’s just get this done’ and get out there a round-up of what some of the reMixes that have been rockin’ us. This is the cream of the crop ladies and gentlemen. Brought to you in association with Reflex, Wolf Saga, Tommy, Shit Hot SoundSystem, Lifelike, Simøne and Roman Kouder.

Daft Punk (Feat Panda Bear) – Doin’ It Right (Ben Macklin reMix)

♫  Daft Punk (Feat. Panda Bear) – Doin’ It Right (Reflex reMix)

Daft Punk (Feat. Panda Bear) – Doin’ It Right (Wolf Saga reMix)

Daft Punk (Feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers) – Get Lucky (Tommy reMix)

♫ Daft Punk (Feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers) – Get Lucky (Shit Hot Soundsystem Edit)

♫ Daft Punk (Feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers) – Get Lucky (Lifelike reMix)

Daft Punk (Feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers) – Lose Yourself To Dance (Simøne reMix)

♫ Daft Punk (Feat. Todd Edwards) – Fragments Of Time (Roman Kouder reMix)

Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories is out now.

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[MP3] Cassette Club reMix Cassette Kids


Cassette Kids

Remember Cassette KidsSpin? Australian Indie-ElectroPoppers Cassette Kids were the talk of the town as we entered our second year in existence and Spin, their fifth single rocked 2010. You’ll see in our original piece on the track that we mention a reMix from London’s DiscoPop kings Cassette Club, but the single, when released came with just the Russ Chimes mix. The Cassette Club mix never surfaced. Until now.

Ban and Tom have reached into the vault and pulled out this storming tune that makes us nostalgic for the summer of ‘10 (if it’s actually possible to be nostalgic for three years ago?). This is classic Cassette Club, literally and contains all the sounds that were rocking us back then, and, to be honest, haven’t stopped rocking us. A bouncy ElectroPop/Disco crossover bassline, big lush synths, summery sweeps and that kind of feel-good shoulder-shaking groove that sums up the late 2000’s. Good times, we’re so grateful the guys decided to unleash this gem.

Cassette Kids – Spin (Cassette Club reMix)

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[Audio] Ben Macklin & Yota’s ‘Controller’


Cassette Club’s Ben Macklin’s solo effort with Stockholm born, France residing singer Yota (Lifelike/Zoo Brazil/DLG), Controller, is finally seeing release next month. We covered the track a while back, featuring Cassette Club’s own reMix of the tune. Now, with imminent release, we get to wrap our ears around the original version in all it’s glory.

An order more laid back and dreamy than the CC mix, Controller is a blissfully smooth slice of hushed soulful Disco. Pairing Macklin’s SynthPop inspired, but groovy as hell, electronics with Yota’s smokey vocals creates a duality that is transcended by the whole. Like a chilled Robot disco that’s been invaded by an ethereal, emotional presence, Controller tames it;s synthetic nature and delivers classy urban synth grooves.

♫ Ben Macklin & Yota – Controller

Ben Macklin & Yota’s Controller is released 4th March.

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[MP3] Cassette Club X Ben Macklin X Yota

Ben Macklin & Yota

London Producer Ben Macklin is having a really prolific six months. Not only has his main outfit, Cassette Club come back in style, but this new solo release, featuring the vocals of Yota (Lifelike/Zoo Brazil/DLG), come hot on the heals of his Sometimes collaboration with Vern. His latest single, Controller, also comes with a reMix by the aforementioned Cassette Club, which he is generously giving away for free.

The Cassette Club reMix of Controller is a lush slice of urban Dreamwave. A warm, dreamy Disco track with a smokey, inner-city vibe, the track rolls along intertwining Yota’s ethereal vocal with vintage pads and razor sharp leads atop a sturdy dancefloor groove. As well as a slightly Italo Funk, this tune has a mysterious quality to it. One that captures all the promise of summer nights in the city with it’s infectious bassline and it;s beat that won’t sleep. One for the nightowls.

Ben Macklin & Yota – Controller (Cassette Club Night reMix)

Controller is out soon and also features a reMix from Popular Computer.

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Sometimes & Andrea Britton

Sometimes & Andrea Britton

Out today on Modal is the new single, So Many Reasons, from Sometimes & Andrea Britton. Sometimes is a collaboration between Cassette Club’s Ben Macklin and Vern of Stretch ‘N’ Vern/Reflekt/Nude Disco fame who have teamed up with London based singer/songwriter Britton to drop this blissful slice of DancePop.

Britton is pretty prolific when it comes do dance music vocals, both as a solo artist and as the voice of countless Trance tracks, she has hones a particularly soulful, yet euphoric, style that she displays expertly on this slick of relaxed, summery electronica. So Many Reasons has actually got this really nice SynthWave undertone to it, especially in the bassline with has got this subtle post-Italo feel to it that injects a little retro feel in the track. This works really well alongside a hint of a Balearic sunrise vibe and insanely infectious ElectroPop tune. More than anything though, So Many Reasons is just a timeless, classic dance tune, the kind that just feels right when you hear it.

♫ Sometimes & Andrea Britton – So Many Reasons

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Cassette Club’s ‘Flash’ reMixes

cassette club

London ElectroPop duo’s Cassette Club recent Flash single, out now on Modal, is still riding high on various music outlets sales charts. The guys have been in a giving mood recently, with their free EP of unreleased material, and that giving mood continues with two brand new reMixes of Flash for the noting-at-all-really- price of £1.

First up to have their way with Flash is LA based Dreamwave duo D.A.R.E. whose Disco influended sunshine ElectroPop melds perfectly into Cassette Clubs’ sound turning Flash into a laid back beach-party jam that has a gentle melody that washed the track like waves lapping at your toes. But D.A.R.E.’s smooth LA Funk influenced groove is only one half of this package. On the flip-side the amazingly named The Found New Hardware Wizard bring an almost late 90s Trance vibe to the table. Their reMix of Flash is full-on hands-in-the-air stuff and whilst the big Trance leads sound a little dated the tracks huge lead line more than makes up for it. We’re so glad that Cassette Club seem to be on a roll these days. Bring on the CC juggernaut!

♫ Cassette Club – Flash (D.A.R.E reMix)

♫ Cassette Club – Flash (The Found New Hardware Wizard reMix)

Cassette Club’s Flash is out now, the reMixes can be picked up on Cassette Club’s Bandcamp.

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