[Audio] Paradisko’s ‘Chewing Gum’ (+ MiGHty mOUse reMix)



Out this week on the mighty On The Fruit Records is the début record from Turkish Duo Paradisko. Already getting a heap of support; the track, the product of the pairing of Thousand Fingers & Hemi, comes complete with a packed reMix package featuring the likes of Xinobi, Digits and Cosmic Disco master MiGHty mOUse.

This one’s all about that utterly infectious synth bass. Funky as all hell, the bassline works it’s way into your head and effects your feet. It’s as playful as it is relentlessly groovy, a head on collision of Italo and Nu-Disco, this robo-Boogie is bound to stay on repeat for a long time to come. MiGHty mOUse’s take on the tune is a slow builder, taking it;s time to layer intricate purcussion and rich pads until it reaches a point where it morphs into a UK House monster that owes as much to early 90s Bleep House as it does to today’s dancefloors. The mOUse delivers a nice mix of ominous bass and light Disco synths with dancefloor destroying precision. It;s an awesome collection of track you definitely need to be checking out.

♫ Paradisko – Chewing Gun (Original Mix)

♫ Paradisko – Chewing Gun (MiGHty mOUse remix)

Paradisko’s Chewing Gum is out now.

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[Mixtape] Edwin Van Cleef’s ‘Spring Selection 2014′


Edwin Van Cleef

Edwin Van Cleef – Spring Selection 2014 = Cleef is back to put a ‘spring’ in your step (see what we did there?) with this hour of killer House and Nu-Disco tunes. Keep a close ear out for a sneak preview of a forthcoming electronic rumors release too!

Edwin Van Cleef – Spring Selection 2014

The tracklist:
01. Ananda Project (Feat. Gaelle Adisson) – Cascades of Colour (Wamdue Black reMix)
02. Compuphonic (Feat. Marques Toliver) – Sunset (David Keno reMix)
03. Henry Saiz – Uncharted
04. Freak You (Feat. Bright Light Bright Light) – There You Are (Edwin Van Cleef reMix)
05. Oud!n13 – Higgs Singlet (Taho reMix)
06. Deetron (Feat. Ben Westbeech) – Rhythm
07. Marc Romboy & KiNK – Over and Out
08. Michel Cleis – Hey Lady Luck (Jimpster reMix)
09. Henry Saiz – Golden Air (Alexander Kowalski reMix)
10. Hercules And Love Affair – Do You Feel the Same?
11. Henry Saiz – The Way The Sunlight Plays Upon Her Hair
12. Mungolian Jetset – Smells Like Gasoline

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[Audio] Nine Lives’ ‘Adagio’



Manchester groover Nine Lives is gearing up for the release of his new single. The Nu-Disco producer is soon to unleashed Adagio, on Vendition Records; due out next month. If you want to start you week with the best on Nu-Disco and Boogie then you’ve come to the right place, Nine Lives delivers both in heaps. Check it out.

An utterly smooth grove, Adagio eases you into it’s flow with a punchy bassline, boarding on Italo and smokey keys. The tune is guided by a warm and soulful vocal, who’s hazy sound contests nicely with the tight synthetic Boogie. A carefree summery tune, this is one of those tracks that makes the world suddenly go into soft-focus. Beats like silk.

♫ Nine Lives – Adagio

Nine Lives’ Adagio is released 7th April

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[Audio] Awon’s ‘No Return’



Bristolian Disco collective Bedmo Disco are back with another fresh release. The Product Of Bedminster EP contains this gem from Awon who’s gearing up for his début solo EP, The Awon Sound, later in the year. Before than one drops, though, he’s here to deliver the ultimate synth funk with No Return.

What you’ll get with No Return is Cosmic kraftwerkian beats, big Boogie synths, 80s Soul Pop leads and a resonating Dub vibe. It’s heady mix that just screams summer–in-the-city. A tack that is equal parts classic Top Of The Pops and B-Boy breakin’, all wrapped up with a Nu-Disco bow, No Return’s chugging groove is guaranteed to get your blood pumping and set you up for the weekend.

♫ Awon – No Return

Awon & Bedmo Disco’s ‘Product Of Bedminster’ EP is due out in April.

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[Mixtape] Satin Jackets’ ‘Between The Beats’


Satin Jackets

Satin Jackets – Between The Beats – Here’s the latest mixtape from German Boogie master Satin Jackets. Synth heavy laid back grooves are what on offer right here, a mixtape you can just sink into.

Satin Jackets – Between The Beats

The tracklist:

01. Kartell – Sapphire Intro (Sexual) & Nevermind
02. Paskal & Urban Absolutes – White Walls
03. Seoul – Stay With Us
04. Pompeya – Slow (Acos Coolkas Unreleased reMix)
05. Luvless – Be Mine
06. Pioneerball & Lipelis – Blinkin (Pole Jam Vinyl Cut)
07. Woz (Feat. Joel Compass) – Early Morning Champagne (Adelaide reMix)
08. Monsoon Season (Feat. Miss Bee) – Green On Blue (Deep&Disco Lost reMix)
00. DatA – Soldier’s Flag (Bottin reMix)
09. KLar&PF – Circles
10. Cetranger – Stay

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[Audio] Cyclist reMixes Rogue Vogue & Patrick Baker’s ‘Until The Dawn’



We’ve already heard both the original, and the slick reMix from Bronx, of Chicago’s Chicago House master Rogue Vogue’s Until The Dawn. Now the Patrick Baker featuring anthem has been given a stunning workout by Canadian synth Disco guru Cyclist. Prepare for the clean House sounds of Rogue Vogue to be transformed into some dirty, raw, Disco grooves.

Thick synth bass and squelchy keys drift through the track, dragging the tune with them on a journey of slick retro dancefloor sounds meets analog funk. Patrick’s vocals feel right at home among the warm vintage  sound pallet. There’s tons of Boogie in this track too, the 80s Pop bassline and snappy purcussion see to that, and it gives the track a nostalgic flavour, like a half remembered tune from your youth, and a compelling call-to-dance. Get involved!

♫ Rogue Vogue – Until The Dawn (Cyclist reMix)

Rogue Vogue – Until The Dawn is released 3rd February.

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[Audio] Tesla Boy & Tyson’s ‘Broken Doll’ reMixed by Pioneerball


tesla boy

Unsurprisingly, the next single from Russian ElectroPoppers Tesla Boy’s amazing current album, The Universe Made Of Darkness, will is Broken Doll. This tune, featuring some vocal work from Tyson, is prime single material. Frequent Tesla Boy reMixers Pioneerball once again contribute to the single reMix package with this thick slice of Boogie.

This one is all about that heavy, heavy, synth Fun bassline. Popping and bubbling away in the background, the irresistible bass serves as a groovy core for Pioneerball’s arsenal of retro synth shimmers. Keeping things mid-paced and solid, Pioneerball serves up a rich vintage DiscoPop powerhouse that perfectly compliments Tesla Boy’s Anton’s vocals. The single also includes a Dub version by Tesla Boy themselves and a reMix of Invisible from Sportloto.

♫ Tesla Boy (Feat. Tyson) – Broken Doll (Pioneerball reMix)

Tesla Boy’s Broken Doll single is out now.

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[Audio] Chvrches’ ‘Lies’ reMixed by Ikonika



OK, stop what you;re dong and listen to this right now, ‘cos it’s bloody brilliant. Glaswegian ElectroPop apparitions Chvrches’ début track, Lies, is re-released with a full reMix package next month. We already posted the not-bad Tourist reMix, which, frankly, pales in comparison from this huge slice of Boogie coming from sometime experimentalist and obvious retro sounds lover Ikonika.

Ikonika delivers her very finest 80s synths and stabs on this one. Frantic B-boy beats  and a pulsating synth bass keep the energy levels so far up, choppy samples of the vocals and massive 80s chord hits just adding to the nostalgic dance party that is this reMix. The song itself is left, wisely, intact, but give a whole new twist with hints of electronic Soul retro Pop. There even a lush string section to instil little emotional connection, on and a phone ringing off the hook, which kinda’ works, lyrically. Anyway, it’s, frankly, amazing, and a definite contender for reMix of the year.

♫ Chvrches – Lies (Ikonika reMix)

Chvrches re-release Lies on 2nd December, their début full length record, The Bones Of What You Believe, is out now.

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[Download] Perseus’ ‘Shadow Of The Beast’



It’s been quite a while sine we last heard from French Express main man Perseus. Over a year in fact since his last rash of releases, the acclaimed Seychelles and Love In Zanzibar. From out of nowhere, this week saw the man dropping a brand new track, and possible his best to-date. We can’t stop listening to this one!

With a title like Shadow Of The Beast, and the eerie intro, you’d be forgiven for expecting some dark, a bit experimental, atmospheric piece. But no, Shadow Of The Beast almost instantly becomes on of the most infectious slices of Boogie you’ll hear this year. Given it’s first airing on Perseus’ Boiler Room set earlier int he month, Shadow Of The Beast rolls together a little Ashanti vocals, an rubbery bassline and a whip-crack snare with some lush 80s synths to create a Disco tinged, House leaning, R&B fuelled, retro dancefloor mover. That chime melody’ll send shivers up your spine.

Perseus – Shadow Of The Beast

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[Mixtape] Ben Macklin’s ‘Mixtape Two’


Ben Macklin

Ben Macklin – Mixtape Two = Here’s Cassette Club’s Ben Macklin’s second mixtape. A brisk thirty minutes of some of Ben’s favourite tracks around right now from the worlds of Nu-Disco, SynthWave, ElectroPop and House. Your Tuesday pick-me-up.

Ben Macklin – Mixtape Two

The tracklist:
01. Xtrafunk – Infinite
02. Motorcity Soul – Playground (Mario Basanov reMix)
03. Quadron – Hey Love (Classixx reMix)
04. Miami Horror – Real Slow (Plastic Plates reMix)
05. Nude Disco & Curtis Chip – Lumineux
06. Adeyhawke – Kodachrome Sundae
07. Monte – True
08. Bufi & La Royale – Watch Out

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