[Download] Avec Sans’ ‘When You Go’


Avec Sans

The incredible Avec Sans’s new single premièred this week on MTV’s new Scream TV series. That’s some top drawer syncing right there! If MTV aren’t actually going to play music videos anymore then the least they can do is feature the best new music in their TV show. Which they appear to have done. So fair play to them then. Pats on the back all round. Are we in for some more lovely melancholy moods wrapped up in crystal clean and catch ElectroPop. Yes we are. Get your hearing gear around When You Go.

Swoosh! That’s how When You Go begins. Once suitably swooshed you’ll be treated to a booming and majestic tune that sees Jack playing with an almost Dubby groove, albeit it a Dubby groove run through his humming RoboPop machines while Alice’s smokey vocal delivers that particular gloomy optimism that only she can. When You Go is possible the Sans’ most confident and self-assured track to date, a down-tempo masterpiece of cinematic SynthPop. There so much bombast in here, Jack’s thick production sounding as clean and full as ever, but never over-crammed and Alice’s performance rich with an emotional resonance. There’s a new EP on the way. Oh yes there is.

Avec Sans – When You Go

Avec Sans’ ‘When You Go’ is out now.

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[Download] Avec Sans’ ‘Resonate’



Drum roll please; it’s Avec Sans first track of the year! Well, they did that reMix for Young Summer back in January, but this is 2015’s first original. London’s finest ElectroPop duo have been on a pretty solid winning streak in the past couple of years, seemingly concentrating on quality over quantity. It’s a philosophy I can get behind. Remember when a band you like’s new release was an exciting event? When bands didn’t just throw up everything they ever do on SoundCloud in an attempt to ride a relevance wave until a new track from so-and-so just becomes a mundane everyday occurrence? No? Well I do; and Avec Sans, in releasing only the cream of their crop, only when perfectly honed, bring back a little of that new release excitement into liking a band. Anyhoo, here’s Resonate.

Opening up in constricting style with some abrasive, grinding, synth work being tempered by Alice’s sweet vocal. When he’s not cosplaying a younger me, Jack St. James has a knack for intertwining aggressive grooves with sparling melodies, bringing musical beauty out of an ominous pallet. Resonate is a thumping mid-tempo ElectroPop epic that it’s hard not to get swept up in and the starlight arpeggios swirl around an intimate and intoxicating vocal performance, all set to a hammerfall kick. We (the UK) should be dead proud of The Sans, we’re more than happy with them flying the flag for British ElectroPop. Represent.

Avec Sans – Resonate

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[Audio] Avec Sans reMix Young Summer’s ‘Severing Ties’


Young Summer

Severing Ties is the latest tune from DC based single Young Summer. It’s taken from her album Siren, and is a sprawling and moody slice of folky electronic in that particularly American vein. But more than that, the track has just been given a whopping (yes! whopping!) reMix treatment from our favourite London duo (we’d better duck for cover, ‘cos there’s a lot of London based duo’s we’ve just pissed off!); Avec Sans. There’s a play button below, use it!

Taking cues from the slightly retro vibe of the original, the Sanses serve up what is possibly their most 80s sounding tune to date (yeah, we know, a lot of people say Avec Sans sound quite 80s anyway, but they are all very very wrong. You can get ElectroPop that doesn’t sound 80s y’know!). Even their usual playful use of sampling sounds a bit SK-1 (that’s a compliment BTW) amidst the layers of lush, twisting synths. From the thick chords, to the skippy arpeggios, there’s buoyant nostalgia that permeates this reMix and elevates the original’s vocals into something entirely more euphoric.

♫ Young Summer – Severing Ties (Avec Sans reMix)

Young Summer’s Siren is our now.

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[Download] Avec Sans cover Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’



No sooner had the UK’s ElectroPop finest, Avec Sans, unleashed their brand new single, All Of Time, than they another mighty slab of Synthy Pop goodness. This time in the form of a sparking cover of the legendary Kate Bush’s Running Up that Hill. Now, you’d kinda;’ expect the ‘Sans’ bristling Electro sound not to be so compatible with the ‘Bush’s ethereal Pop, but boy do they make it their own!

Give yourselves a few listens to this on repeat and you’ll start to forget what the original sounded like without all the spikey arpeggios and Alice’s dusky vocal performance. Subtle tribal bests power the track along, imparting an epic drive while James delivers waves of buzzing and shimmering synths. Alice doesn’t try to replicate Kate Bush’s tone, rather usurps the track for her own heartfelt style. Amazing work; like we said, they really make it their own.

Avec Sans – Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush Cover)

You can download Avec Sans’ All Of Time right now, the full reMix package is released 15th September with work from Mausi, backstroke. and Brightly Coloured

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[Video] Avec Sans’ ‘All Of Time’


Avec Sans   All Of Time   YouTube

Yay! There’s a new Avec Sans single in the offing! London’s finest ElectroPop duo are back with All Of Time a rousing, emotional SynthPop track with a surprising and powerful Indie sensibility. Piercing synths and Alice’s passionate vocal delivery wash over some tight dance beats on this one. Check out the shiny new video below.

Directed by Craig Murray, the clip is all stylish wind, lights, and Avec Sans close ups. Plus creepy subliminal beasties. Lovely stuff!

You can download Avec Sans’ All Of Time right now, the full reMix package is released 15th September with work from Mausi, backstroke. and Brightly Coloured

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[Download] Avec Sans reMixes HAERTS’ ‘Hemiplegia’



Now this is a very interesting combination. Carefree New York ElectroPoppers HAERTS being reMixed by out favourite London based duo Avec Sans. Not only are both acts superb, but they are almost trans-Atlantic twins. Avec Sans are a little more cerebral that HAERTS, but they both occupy a similar space on the music spectrum. Although HAERTS are distinctly Brooklyn sounding and Avec Sans are incredible British in their SynthPop they are almost counterparts. And both amazing. So this is bound to be awesome.

Taking on the lead track of HAERTS recent EP, Hemiplegia, Avec Sans gruff things up a bit with a relentless dance beat and growling synth bass. Avec Sans take the bouncy 80s-esque chorus and run with it, stripping it of it’s Indie pretensions and allowing it to fulfil it’s nostalgic SynthPop destiny. The soundtrack to our weekend, Avec Sans have delivered another stunning slice of ElectroPop that further cements their position as one of the UK’s brightest rising stars.

♫  HAERTS – Hemiplegia (Avec Sans reMix)

HAERTS’ Hemiplegia EP is out now.

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[Download] Avec Sans reMixes Ecstasy’s ‘FRNDS 4 LYF’



Amazing London ElectroPop duo Avec Sans are turning their hands to reMxing more and more these days, which is a good thing, they always seem to come up with something that’s both Poppy and interesting, as they’ve done again with this reMix of British Indie-Duo, and generic-band-namers, Ecstasy’s tune FRNDS 4 LYF from their Exhale EP.

Chopping up the vocals and layering them over a machine beat and a popping hook, Avec Sans create a driving, energetic track with nods to both the harsher and the more melodic ends of the SynthPop spectrum. The lead synth riff alone is worth the price of admission, backed up by the rest of the track stomp-worthy Industrial grind tempered by an irresistible groove and a hint of a Post-Punk bassline. It;s a melting pot of references that all works perfectly in the end.

Ecstasy – FRNDS 4 LYF (Avec Sans reMix)

Ecstasy’s Exhale EP is out now.

Check out more from Ecstasy on SoundCloud.

[Video] Avec Sans’ ‘Shiver’


Avec Sans   Shiver   YouTube

Last week we brought you London ElectroPop duo Avec Sans’ long awaited (but worth it) new single, Shiver. This week we bring you the video! Next week we may bring you the tri-D hologram, who knows?

Frequent Avec Sans collaborator (and someone who gets Chvrches) Sing J. Lee directs the clip, so expect lines and shapes and stuff.

Avec Sans’ Shiver is out now.

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[Download] Avec Sans’ ‘Shiver’



Yay! There’s a new song from Avec Sans! The glorious London duo are back with their third, or fourth single (it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t a single these days, but we’re gonna’ go ahead and count Heartbreak Hi, The Answer and Hold On as singles, so fourth then…) of lush ElectroPop goodness. Shiver was released this week as a free download, you you’d better get involved.

Probably Avec Sans’ most polished Pop tune to date, Shiver will appeal to both hardcore Avec Sans fans and new listeners alike. Catchy, but in an intelligent way, the tune is a cavalcade of buzzing snyths and dance beats. Ms.’ Fox’s vocals sound  more epic than ever, set to a sweeping, driving, slice of ElectroPop gold.  I’m sure with Avec Sans gaining more attention, and the use of vocal samples in a rhythmic way in Shiver, that some reviewers will tediously compere them to Chvrches, we’re calling that out right now as just lazy critiquing. The two are wildly different bands, albeit ones that will probably appeal to the same audience, Avec Sans’ sound is much more rooted in the history of SynthPop than Chvrches, loaded with big, Depeche Mode style choruses. We literally cannot wait for a full length release form these two.

Avec Sans – Shiver

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[Video] Avec Sans’ ‘Hold On’ reMix


Avec Sans   Hold On  Avec Sans Remix  Remix Video   YouTube

Here is the video for the reMix of the track Hold On by London ElectroPoppers Avec Sans, by Avec Sans themselves. We’ve already written about the track, the video and the reMix, there’s not much left to do but sit back and enjoy.

It’s a re-cut of the original version’s video, which makes sense in a way. Sing J Lee still at the visual helm.

Avec Sans’ Hold On is our now featuring reMixes from Avec Sans and VS//YOUTHCLUB.

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