[Audio] Maya Jane Coles reMixes Sam Smith’s ‘Lay Me Down’



This week saw the release of the reMix package of Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down. Smith has experienced a meteoric rise to stardom in the past year, going from ‘that guy on House records’ to Brit and Grammy Award destroying superstar who can entice the very best in production talent. Like this reMix from the awesome Maya Jane Coles. Check it out.

Lay Me Down is a great showcase for Maya’s particular brand of enigmatic vocal House. With her trademark low slung basslines and cavernous synths Smith’s song takes on a whole new persona. A haunting and intoxicating new track with a compelling groove, this one takes it’s time to travel it;s mesmerising journey, drawing you deeper and deeper in as it does.

♫ Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (Maya Jane Coles reMix)

Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down is out now.

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[Mixtape] Tensnake’s ‘True Romance Mixtape #3′



Tensnake – True Romance Mixtape #3 = For the third volume of Tensnake’s record label True Romance, the man himself steps up to the decks to deliver an hours of sweet nostalgically flavoured House and Disco slinking into deeper grooves.

♫ Tensnake – True Romance Mixtape #3

The tracklist:
01. D.K. – License To Dream
02. First Touch – Sure Feels Good To Me
03. Sunrise Highway – Some Kinda’ Fool (Tiger & Woods reMix)
04. Late Nite Tuff Guy – Love Is
05. DJ Vas Edits – The Moment
06. Inkswel – Ompai
07. Detroit Swindle – Pursuit
08. Ilo – It’s You
09. Burnski – Visions
10. Flashmob (Feat. Lowheads) – Don’t Leave (DJ W!Ld Dub Mix)
11. Mad Rey – Quartier Sex
12. Tom Trago – Hidden Heart Of Gold

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[Video] Allies For Everyone’s ‘Bunker’


BUNKER   Allies For Everyone   YouTube

We introduced you to New York based producer Allies For Everyone’s Bunker early last month in all it’s Deep HousePop glory. Now the track’s got a slick new video. Check it out.

Directed by Brian Suarez, the clip is an exploration of smoke, movement and light to create a hazy mood to match the song.

Allies For Everyone’s Bunker is out now.

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[Audio] Dots Per Inch’s ‘Sayin’ Something’


Dots Per Inch

Up-and-coming British producer Dots Per Inch has been on our radar for a while now. Flexing between free downloads and releases on labels like Tiefblau he’s already build up a fair back catalogue. His latest tune falls into the gratis category later this month, but you can wrap your ears around it right now. This is Sayin’ Something.

Once again Dots Per Inch delivers a classic House track. Grabbing tiny snatches of Lucy Pearl’s Don’t Mess With My Man he reconstructs them into a completely new tune. Pairing warm Chicago bass with a big piano hook and a Garage beat, this track hits you with a high energy club monsters and four minutes of dancefloor gold.

♫ Dots Per Inch – Sayin’ Something

Dots Per Inch’s Sayin’ Something is released 23rd March.

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[Video] Grimes’ ‘REALiTi’


Grimes   REALiTi   YouTube

Indie-ElectroPop experimentalist Grimes has shared  a brand new old track. REALiTi was slated to appear on her since scrapped and re-started follow up to the Visions album. Check it out below.

The clip follows Grimes around on her touring throughout east Asia.

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[Video] Televisor’s ‘Find That Someone’


Televisor   Find That Someone  feat. Richard Judge   Monstercat Official Music Video    YouTube

London based Dreamwavers Televisor are gearing up for the release of their new, Funk fuelled, EP; titled Venture. Here’s the frantic Nu-Disco lead track, the Richard Judge featuring Find That Someone.

This is the official video, a colourful, retro, excursion into finding that mystery woman.

Televisor’s Venture EP is released 6th April.

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[Audio] Goldroom reMixes Ekkah’s ‘Last Chance To Dance’



Dreamwave originator and purveyor of all things nautical Disco Goldroom has treated us to a brand new reMix. He’s been a bit quiet recently, since ‘Till Sunrise, due to all the constant gigging and whatnot so it’s nice to hear some fresh music. The object of his talents this time is Brummie Rebekah/Rebecca themed duo Ekkah’s single of last year, Last Chance To Dance. Soak it up.

Goldroom immediately drops you in the middle of some island bliss with rolling percussion and delicate arpeggios before launching into dreamy beach House vibes. Ekkah’s vocals have a certain soulful quality and skippy Pop groove that lends themselves perfectly to Goldroom’s piano lead feel-good soundtrack. Can’t stop vibing to this.

♫ Ekkah – Last Chance To Dance (Goldroom reMix)

Ekkah’s Last Chance To Dance is out now.

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[Audio] LACES’ ‘Love Me Sober’



LACES is the new moniker of Jessica Charlotte Poland. She previously went under the name of Charlotte Sometimes, not an artist we were previously aware of, apparently she’s been doing the singer/songwriter thing since 2008. She’s gonna a little more ElectroPop under this new alias and is about to release her début single, Love Me Sober.

Love Me Sober pairs Jessica’s introspective vocal style with huge, epic electronics and undulating rhythms. A lyrically acerbic tune, Love Me Sober counterpoints it’s moody content with and anthemic SynthPop sound. Big beats, big, chords and Jessica belting out a powerful lament . We’ll definitely be interested to hear more.

♫ LACES – Love Me Sober

LACES’ Love Me Sober is released 16th March.

Check out more from LACES on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Lo-Fi-Fnk’s ‘U Don’t Feel The Same’



Swedish SynthPoppers Lo-Fi-Fnk have dropped another surprise new single. We weren’t even sure they were still active, but they recently announced their forthcoming new album, titled, Can You Feel It?, and here is the second single following November’s title track release. This one’s called U Don’t Feel The Same, high octane stuff.

The duo turned trio serve us a monstrously sizes slice of ScandiPop on this one. U Don’t Feel The Same is a sprawling ElectroPop that in it’s three and a half minutes length offers up breakbeats, Chillwave synths, cheeky little riffs, and introspective vocals all on one track. It’s a bit of a Frankenstein of electronic styles, but the pull it off with seemingly effortless ease. Loaded with Lo-Fi-Fnk’s unique brand of Swedish quirkiness, U Don’t Feel The Same is Indie-Electro excellence.

♫ Lo-Fi-Fnk – U Don’t Feel The Same

Lo-Fi-Fnk’s U Don’t Feel The Same is out now.

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[Video] Let Em Riot’s ‘Sun Flares’


L E T E M R I O T   Sun Flares   YouTube

Sun Flares is taken from Let Em Riot’s new EP, Lines, which is released tomorrow. Just like The Manual and We Were Young it’s a deeply emotional slice of nostalgic ElectroPop brilliance.

Check the video; it’s Ryan from Arcade High playing arcade games. Nuff’ said.

Let Em Riot’s Lines EP is released 10th March.

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