[Audio] Kamp!’s ‘Parallels’



Here’s the next track unveiling from the forthoming new Cascine released EP from Polish ElectroPop wizards Kamp!. Speaking of camping; we’ll be offline for a while in a few weeks, for our annual holiday, at Bestial. Our new tent has just turned up but the weather’s been so shitty recently we haven’t had a chance to try it out; and we do link to make sure it’s all in order. I mean, no-one wants to turn up at a festival to find they’re missing a bunch of tent pegs. Unless, of course, you’re the guy who actively tries to get his tent to end up in a bush, with him in it; which we are definitely not. Anyway, (*checks word-count*), the new Kamp! single is called Parallels.

Parallels is slightly more the Kamp! we are used to than the previous offering, Early Days. This one kicks off with an undulating analog synth grind which doesn’t let up for the entire anthemic four minutes. There more of a groove to this one to, at times sounding like a heavily reverbed Tesla Boy. The combination of deep pulsating bass and smoky synths leave the track in a dusky nexus spot with the vocals lift the track to new heights. The EP is coming soon and whatnot.

♫ Kamp! – Parallels

Kamp!’s Baltimore EP is released 28th August.

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[Audio] Michael Cassette’s ‘Disco Frisco’


Michael Cassette

It’s been a long time since we heard anything from awesome Finnish producer Michael Cassette; the last time we can recall was his EP for Anjunadeep a couple of years ago. But out of nowhere this week, they announced their return with a brand new single released at the end of this month on the Digitally Remastered label. This is Disco Frisco.

Re-announcing himself with a massive big room tune was always going to be the way for Michael Cassette. Disco Frisco doesn’t really touch on Disco much. Instead it’s huge Progressive House tune with severe 80s leanings. It’s got all the requisite waves of lush synths and sparking little melodies all mixed up with a hint of SynthWave in it’s vintage aspects. A pounding beat and a breakdown in just the rights place make it ripe for peak time dancefloors. In short, it’s pretty slick stuff, and a welcome return for this retro-floorfiller.

♫ Michael Cassette – Disco Frisco (Edit)

Michael Cassette’s Disco Frisco is released 29th August.

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[Audio] Orsun’s ‘Always Tomorrow’



London based producer Orsun is the latest addition to the excellent Nude Disco stable and seems to be bringing a little Space Synth to the label. Anyway, we can’t tell you much about her,or him, because there is nothing to tell. But, despite being shockingly appalling at having an internet presence (hello Orsun, 2014 called; it was wondering when you were gong to catch up?) the music is actually impressive for such a newcomer to music and it’s début, Always Tomorrow, will draw you in with it’s epicness.

Like a mid-90s take on late-70s Italo, Always Tomorrow plays with those retro futuristic themes but with modern digital sounds and clean production. There’s a slight euphoric Trance angle amidst the waves of vintage-a-like Sci-Fi synths; and the arrangement is a true journey throughout the track’s SynthWave-y five minutes with some nice changes of mood along the way. Sit back, relax and sink into Orsun’s electronic world, but be prepared for lift off.

♫ Orsun – Always Tomorrow

Orsun Always Tomorrow is released 18th August.

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[Audio] Yelle’s ‘Bouquet Final’



Amazing French ElectroPop outfit Yelle, still one of the best live acts we’ve ever seen, have just announced the release of their new album. To be titled Complètement fou, this will be the trio of Yelle, tEPr and GrandMarnier’s third studio offering and, so far, they have been getting better and better with each release. Check out the albums advance single Bouquet Final below (and yes, we know it’s been out on YouTube for a couple of weeks, but y’know, fuck lyric videos!).

So Bouquet Final bodes extremely well for the album. Kicking off with a coarse, crunchy, bit crushed beat the song soon evolves into a giddy, undulating, slo-mo SynthPop powerhouse. Huge grinding synths and a groaning bass wash in and out of the track as Yelle’s energetic vocal glides from sweet to epic. Feasting a nice line in twisted leads and an unrelenting pump, Bouquet Final is a great way to start Yelle phase three,

♫ Yelle – Bouquet Final

Yelle’s Complètement fou is released 30th September.

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[Video] LIGHTS’ ‘Portal’


LIGHTS   Portal  Official Video    YouTube

Here’s another new track from Canadian SynthPop queen LIGHTS’ forthcoming third album Little Machines. This one is called Portal an taken on an almost Chillwave drone in it’s lush and gentle sound.

Check out the video, as hypnotic as the track itself. It’s actually kinda’ calming.

LIGHTS’ Little Machines is released 23rd September.

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[Audio] Cassian’s ‘Find Out’ & ‘Could I Do’



Released this week via Nurvous Records is the new double A-side single from the king of the Sydney scene Cassian. The man has been dropping a succession of badass EP’s recently such as the Love Cuts EP and the 8 Voices EP and now he’s ready to top it all off by teaming up with the New York label for two storming House tracks. Find Out and Could I Do.

Find Out is first up and hits the ground running. layering choppy synths over a skippy Garage beat. Bring in the subs and the droning pads and you’ve got some excitement building. When the track kicks in you;re treated to haunting samples and a nod to Chicago with a hammering piano hook. The whole thing is a tough, relentless floorfiller with nothing but the dancefloor on it’s mind. Could I Do is a slightly smoother affair. Slightly. Rolling on a big, robotic boom of a bassline, the track builds up a frantic, but strangely chilled, groove, before serving up Rave samples and breakbeats that come from nowhere to whip the tune into a frenzy. Two massive crowd pleasers right here!

♫ Cassian – Find Out

♫ Cassian – Could I Do

Cassian’s Find Out & Could I Do is out now

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[Audio] The Juan MacLean’s ‘A Simple Design’


The Juan MacLean

A Simple Design is the latest epic (and we mean epic, another nearly eight minute opus) from DFA’er The Juan MacLean. Once again this one comes from his forthcoming new album, In A Dream, which is set for release next month. Alongside all those sweet vintage synths you also get frequent collaborator and fellow DFA crew Nancy Whang putting in some vocal work. Check out A Simple Design Below.

A Simple Design is anything but. A complex, multi-layered Cosmic Disco symphony as Whang, now pretty much a full time partner of The Juan MacLean, gives a New York Disco style performance, part SynthPop diva, part Post-Punk songstress, as waves of analog synths pop and glide around her. Add some skippy hi-hats to the mix, for added swing, and you’ve got an exciting, yet, thoughtful track that bodes extremely well for what the album might hold.

♫ The Juan MacLean (Feat. Nancy Whang) – A Simple Design

The Juan MacLean’s In A Dream is released 16th September.

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[Video] Röyksopp & Robyn’s ‘Monument’


Röyksopp   Robyn  Monument   Music Video    YouTube

The next track from Röyksopp & Robyn’s amazing collaborative mini-album, Do It Again, to receive the video treatment is the moody and epic Monument. Probably the albums most emotional moment, and probably the most ripe for visual interpretation.

Max Vitali directs the clip which had a distinctly abstract Sci-Fi vibe to it. All stark tones to match the synth drones. The camera work really flows with the song on this one.

Röyksopp & Robyn’s Do It Again is out now.

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[Download] Moustache Machine’s ‘Live Fast’


Moustache Machine

Some breezy Electro Funk right about now from one of the masters of the genre, French Disco don Moustache Machine. The latest in his series of Sunday Jams this new tune is suitable for any day of the week. Pay attention while the Parisian producer gets his multi-instrumentalist groove on with Live Fast.

Live Fast plays out like an entire soundtrack to an early 80s action-comedy. It’s all in here, the theme, the introspective moments, the against-all-odds bit, the triumph; all se to a funkin’ slab bass and jazzy electric piano. Moustache Machine’s bassline is pure funk heaven, and doesn’t let up for the entire three and a bit minutes, giving the track it;s core. Meanwhile the man plays out various themes, intertwining them into a whole and laying out squelchy synths, loose piano and cheeky retro stabs. Madness!

Moustache Machine – Live Fast

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[Audio] Shindu’s ‘Trust Me’ (+ Jesse Oliver reMix)



Belgian ElectroPop duo Shindu launch back into the limelight this week with a brad new single released via Silhouette Music. Trust Me is their most 80s influenced track to date and takes the twosome into a more introspective territory. The single boasts a full package that comes backed with a fresh B-side and reMixes from Jesse Oliver and Gemini Brothers.

With almost a Post-Punk edge, Trust Me eschews dancefloor beats of rampaging military drums and Chibi bringing a somewhat Siouxsie Sioux-esque vocal flair over waves of moody synths. That’s not to say the track isn’t quite upbeat and catchy, it very much is. Jesse Oliver’s take on the tune gives off a deep Tech House vibe with a relentless synthetic bassline and an enigmatic strobe-light vibe. It;s a robotic funk counterpart to the immensely human original. The single is out this week and is well worth your attention.

♫ Shindu – Trust Me

♫ Shindu – Trust Me (Jesse Oliver reMix)

Shindu’s Trust Me is released this week.

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