[Audio] Max Lyazgin’s ‘Good Trip’ (+ Satin Jackets reMix)


Max Lyazgin

Russian producer Max Lyazgin will be a name familiar to anyone keeping one ear to the House and Nu-Disco scene. Having released a string of sweet releases on Nervous Recordings amongst others, Max has now teamed up with the awesome Pole Position Recordings to drop his new EP. The Good Trip EP is pretty stocked, with three originals and two reMixes it well worth the price of admission. Check out the title track, alongside a slick reMix from Germany’s Satin Jackets, below.

Good Trip deftly walks the line between compelling Deep House and laid back beach Disco. Riding on a punchy House bassline and eases you into it’s world gently, before launching into a full on Piano House jam that is equal parts floorfiller and chill out tune. Spikey leads and chirpy keys keep he mood light over a pounding Deep House backbeat. Satin Jackets keep the groove low down and bass heavy, and then pepper the track with a playful array of nostalgic synths. From the piercing 80s stabs to the distant synth Sax, The Satin Jackets mix is layered deep with little riffs and hooks that could have sounded over-complicated, but Max easily tames the track into a smooth five minutes of easy going bliss.

♫ Max Lyazgin – Good Trip

♫ Max Lyazgin – Good Trip (Satin Jackets reMix)

Max Lyazgin’s Good Trip is out now

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[Video] Austra’s ‘Doepfer’


Austra    Doepfer   Official Video    YouTube

Torontonian SynthPoppers Austra have released their second video from the Habitat EP. This time it’s the rapid fire synths of Doepfer that get the visuals.

Directed by Adrienne Crossman and Maya Postepski, the video used retro video effects and lasers to freak the hell out of you and make the mundane well trippy.

Austra Habitat EP is out now.

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[Download] Final DJs & Dana Jean Phoenix’s ‘We Are The Night’



Stop the press. There’s a new tune from the newly solo and still pluralised Final DJs. This time Final DJs has enlisted the help of SynthWave scene staple Dana Jean Phoenix on vocal duties, and the Canadian songstress adds that little bit of nostalgic flair to an otherwise Housey tune. Check out We Are The Night Below.

Crisp and clean, We Are The Night wears it’s Nu-Disco and French Touch roots on it’s sleeve. Warm basslines and heavy filtering underpin proceedings, creating a groaning core of some lush synth stabs and chirping leads. Dana’s vocal glides over the track like silk, tying everything together nicely and giving the track the human touch. Excellent summer evening listening.

Final DJs (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – We Are The Night (Short Vocal Cut)

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[Audio] Clancy reMixes Yousef & The Angel’s ‘Float Away’



Last week we brought you Grum’s Yousef & The Angel’s Float Away, part of a brand new reMix package for the track. Now we can share with you the other exciting mix on the release; a version of the tune from Clancy. Clancy has a EP out soon on Anjunadeep and we couldn’t be happier for him, that’s an awesome label and a good fit. This reMix just has us eagerly awaiting for the EP to drop.

In contrast to Grum euphoric endeavour, Clancy gives something a little more cerebral. A deep and funky House track with an ecclectic array of synth instrumentation. The track draws you in with a bright and sparking into before grabbing hold of you with a bassline that is part speaker shaking sub, part 80s SynthPop groover; a devastating combination. With a futuristic, and quite epic, feel, Clancy’s reMix of Float Away really will take you away, all the while rooting your feet in the dancefloor.

♫ Yousef & The Angel – Float Away (Clancy reMix)

Yousef & The Angel’s Float Away is out now.

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[Audio] Lemonade’s ‘Come Down Softly’



Brooklyn based Dreampop trio Lemonade are following on from their comeback single Stepping, released in June, with another new track in advance of their forthcoming new album. Come Down Softly is taken from their third album, titled Minus Tide which is due for release next month via Cascine, and sees them coming back even more, by the time the album is released they will have come back so much that they’ll pretty much be standing right in your face. Have a listen before things get awkward.

Contrasting smooth a R&B flavour with pounding, abrasive drums, Come Down Softly switches between the gentle and the slightly less gentle. A luscious slice of chill out electronica with a New Jack Swing. With a booming bass and a selection of synths that transcended the word ‘shimmering’ the soundtrack provides a hazy backing for a impassioned, but slightly swaggering, vocal performance. It’s the kind of song you instinctually want to relax too, but irritatingly it keeps making you want to get up and dance too. Inconsiderate, but funky as hell. We’re looking forward to the album.

♫ Lemonade – Come Down Softly

Lemonade’s Minus Tide is released 9th September.

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[Audio] GotSome reMix Moko’s ‘Your Love’



Awesome Bristol Bass duo GotSome’s latest recipient of their booming sound is London singer/songwriter Moko. The voice Of Chase & Status’ Count On Me, Moko is gearing up for the release of her new single Your Love next month and the boys, still riding high on the monster success of their single Bassline, have taken it to low down dirty places.

Unsurprisingly, this one’s all about the bassline; a woozy, speaker destroying, pummel of bass that rides on a shuffling, Garage-y House beat, dominating all it encounters. Supported by stabbing leads, GotSome skilfully deliver this hammerfall bass without ever letting it overwhelm Moko’s smooth vocal, Powerful stuff; I’d expect to be hearing a lot of over the coming months if I were you.

♫ Moko – Your Love (GotSome reMix)

Moko’s Your Love is out 7th September.

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[Download] AIMES’ ‘Burnin”



Stop the press, our boy in Brooklyn, AIMES, has just dropped a power bomb! Teaming up with NY vocalist Javi to drop a bran new track that hit you from the first bar. Burnin’ will be getting a full release alter in the year on AIMES’ own Wonder Stories imprint, complete with a host of reMixes, but until then the track is available to download right now. Careful, it’s razor sharp!

A neo-Italo juggernaut, Burnin’ hits the ground running with a rapid fire arpeggiated bassline that is relentless in it’s funkiness, it grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go for five minutes. A House track at heart, Burnin’ delivers on everything you want to fill the dancefloor, all mixed up with AIMES own unique spring synth style. Javis vocals are just the icing on the cake, soulfully tempering the edges of this hard hitting tune. Keep this in check until the weekend!

AIMES (Feat. Javi) – Burnin’

Burnin’ will be released with reMixes later in the year.

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[Audio] Shook’s ‘Violet Hues’



It’s pretty much exactly a year sing Dutch musical prodigy Shook release his self titled début album, whether coincidence or not, the man has chose this week to première his first brand new tune is what feels like ages. Violet Hues, is here to remind us of what an exceptional musician Shook really is, as he teams up with someone (who we have no idea who) with a beautiful voice to drop a hazy slice of sweetness.

Smokey vocals, waves of calm and shimmering synths, a funky but gentle bassline; Violet Hues is like a warm blanket of funk, a groovy dream. The bassline really underpins the track, chugging along with a restless groan, carrying the layers of heady sounds that life your spirits on every listen. Add to the mix the sweetest of vocals leading up to a magical synth and piano solo; and need we say more? Amazing stuff, and a welcome return for Shook.

♫ Shook – Violet Hues

Shook’s Violet Hues is out now.

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[Download] Liskka’s ‘As It Goes (I Give)’



Liskka are a brand new trio from London made up of Jana Tyrrell, Susie Wedderburn and Hannah Ashman. Whist it’s not mentioned in their bio anywhere, don’t think the fact that Jana was previously more familiar to us as part of Happy Hunting as escaped us. Her new endeavour is every bit as enchanting and hard to describe at that was. Check out As It Goes (I Give) below.

As It Goes (I Give) is the first of a handful of tracks to be unleashed this month leading up to the release of their début EP later in August. It’s a melting pot of so many different influences it;s actually quite hard to pin down. There’s a Chillwave-y haze to the track, but As It Goes (I Give) owes more to Pop and R&B sensibilities than it’s hazy brethren. Awash with lush synths and exotic purcussion, the track could easily get out of control, but Liskka keep everything tight and powerful and Jana switched between a gentle and dynamic vocal delivery. It hard to say exactly what Liskka are before we’ve heard more, but of now out interest is piqued.

Liskka – As It Goes (I Give)

Liskka’s début EP is out later this month.

Check out more from Liskka on SoundCloud.

[Video] Zoot Woman’s ‘Don’t Tear Yourself Apart’


Zoot Woman   Don´t Tear Yourself Apart  Official Video    YouTube

In case you keep forgetting (as we do) that the amazing UK SynthPoppers Zoot Woman are back, and have a new album Star Climbing coming out, here’s their latest single Don’t Tear Yourself Apart; in video form.

Uwe Flade directs this fairground clip, it’s chaotic lightshow reflecting the multi layered synth noise of the track.

Zoot Woman’s Star Climbing is released 1st September.

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