[Audio] Karin Park & Pandora Drive’s ‘Hurricane’ (+ Maya Jane Coles reMix)



One of the best things going on in Scandinavia these days, the amazing Karin Park has teamed up with London duo Pandora Drive for her new single Hurricane. Karin has been drip feeding us hint of her forthcoming new album for a while now, and while we’re not certain if this particular collaboration will appear on the full lengther, it;s more indication that we love her recent sounds. there’s a full reMix package to from Booka Shade and Karin’s buddy Maya Jane Coles.

Karin’s collaborations with MJC are obviously wearing off on her. In fact Hurricane could have quite easily been taken from Maya’s Comfort album (on which Karin appeared) but with an added Indie-Electro sparkle.. It’s a good sound for Park, the warn and mysterious experimental take on Deep House provides the perfect dark and brooking, yet unbelievably dancefloor friendly, backing for her knife sharp vocals. Maya Jane Cole’s own reMix ups the hypnotic magic groove ante considerable. The pairing of Maya’s music and Karin’s vocal is always something we really enjoy and this reMix delivers in heaps.

♫ Karin Park & Pandora Drive – Hurricane (Original Mix)

♫ Karin Park & Pandora Drive – Hurricane (Maya Jane Coles reMix)

Karin Park & Pandora Drive’s Hurricane is out now.

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[Download] Kids At Midnight’s ‘Survival’


Kids At Midnight

The wonderful Kids At Midnight dropped a brand spanking new track this week for absolutely no money whatsoever. That’s right, this silky slice of electronica can be your for the price of nothing, so you need no reason other than loving this emotional bliss to get involved and let this carry you along in your headphones all day. Jane is really going from strength to strength these days with each track deeper than the last.

Survival is like a blast of warm air. A glowing wrap of sound; resounding chords and sparkling chines, layered over a solid yet laid back beat create a comforting soundscape. But it’s the multi layered atmosphere’s of Jane’s voice that take centre stage here, weaving in and our of each other while she singer her heart on her sleeve. Both melancholic and uplifting, the perfect lazy summer song.

Kids At Midnight – Survival

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[Video] Hot Chip’s ‘Huarache Lights’


Hot Chip   Huarache Lights  Official Video    YouTube

Huarache Lights is the surprise new single from the awesome Hot Chip. A pre-cursor to their forthcoming just announced album Why Make Sense? it’s a particularly Hot Chip slice of ecclectic Indie-Electro.

Andy Knowles directs the video, A one-take visual piece and dance of lights.

Hot Chip’s Why Make Sense? is released 18th May.

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[Download] AIMES’ ‘Harmonique Cosmique’



Harmonique Cosmique is the latest single from one of our faves, Brooklyn’s Discomeister AIMES. Goin’ all musical high-brow, the man had dropped a concept single where he delivers four version of the same track, all targeted toward different dancefloors. There’s the AM Version, the Beach Version, the Late Night Version and the Disco Version; which you can check out below.

The Disco Version of Harmonique Cosmique plays to AIMES strength. It’s a synthetic Robo-Disco masterpiece, loaded with vintage futurism and late 70s/early 80s Sci-Fi Disco tropes all wrapped up in some sick synthesizer funk. The machine bass commands you to dance while all manner of popping and zapping electro plays out over a  tapestry of attention seeking lead lines. Upbeat and energetic, this is AIMES’ comfort zone and he nails it.

AIMES – Harmonique Cosmique (Disco Version)

AIMES’ Harmonique Cosmique is out now.

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[Audio] Tear Council’s ‘Anywhere’


Tear Council

Matt Van Schie sure does know how to pick his musical partners. The Van She mastermind has most recently been kicking around with MiGHty mOUse as the wonderful Du Tonc. While the mOUse is busying himself with some mOUsey stuff (more on that in the near future!) the other Matt isn’t sitting on his laurels. He’s teamed up with one of Australia’s hottest Disco producers, the Pizza Guy himself, Touch Sensitive (which isn’t that surprising, as Touch Sensitive is actually Van She guitarist Michael Di Francesco, formerly Arithmatix!. Are you keeping up?). The new project is called Tear Council, here is their first record, Anywhere.

Unsurprisingly, Anywhere is a strong Van She vibe. Think Van She’s more chilled, introspective moments with a Tropical Disco groove. It feels like these guys are staying true to themselves and their writing style, but incorporating all the influences and musical lessons they’ve learnt from he past few years in various dance music outfits. The song itself is a lush and emotional antipodean croon, a mature evolution of Van She’s carefree Indie that drapes itself over an inviting blend of laid back Disco and infectiously catchy Tropical leads. The ultimate city nights jam?

♫ Tear Council – Anywhere

Tear Council’s Anywhere is released 13th February.

Check out more from Tear Council on SoundCloud.

[Mixtape] The Penelopes’ ‘Charts February 2014′



The Penelopes – The Penelopes’ Charts February 2014 = The boy are back. London DiscoPop duo The Penelopes have dropped their monthly pick of best Disco and ElectroPop around. This time around they inject a little ecclectic-ness into proceedings. Check it out.

The Penelopes – The Penelopes’ Charts February 2014

The tracklist:
00. Intro. (Du Tonc – Every Song/Mocki  – Weekend)
01. Bipolar Sunshine  – Daydreamer (Gryffin reMix)
02. Bleu Toucan – Imagine (Reflex reMix)
03. Karin Park & Pandora Drive – Hurricane
04. Chromatics – Hands In The Dark (Unreleased 12 Inch Version)
05. The Egg – Electric City (Radio Edit)
06. Du Tonc – Every Song
07. Milk & Sugar Vs. Simon Harris – Bass (How Low You Can Go)
08. Catcat – Bang Bang (Feat. Qveen Elizabeth) (Dan Caster & Edouard! reMix)
09. Erconomics – The Lifting
10. Fritz Kalkbrenner – Void (Original Mix)
11. Petite Meller  – Baby Love
12. Mocki  – Weekend (Jai Wolf reMix)
13. Lxury (Feat. Deptford Goth) – Square 1

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[Download] Disclosure & AlunaGoerge’s ‘White Noise’ reMixed by Todd Edwards



House generations new and old come together on this pounding reMix of Disclosure and AlunaGeorge White Noise (possibly our favourite Disclosure tune) by LA legend Todd Edwards. First heard on his 2013 Essential Mix, Edwards claims to have whipped the track up on a train en route to a warehouse party Disclosure had invited him to play at. There’s no leaves on this train track!

The tune is a hard-hitter. Pumping and hypnotic. Edwards crafts a looping machine of rumbling bass and hot piano stabs set to a kick drum on overdrive. Snatches of the original tune, mostly Aluna’s refrain, pepper the track, bring you back to something recognisable. At it’s core though, this is a surprisingly Teutonic slice of late night floorfiller.

Disclosure (Feat. AlunaGeorge) – White Noise (Todd Edwards Nite Noise Edit)

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[Audio] datA’s ‘Don’t Sing’



Out next week via Ekler’o’shock is the new one from the mighty datA. The Frenchman’s tunes are few and far between, but when he does drop a tune he drops it hard; his tracks  are always so big. This latest single features Benny Sings on vocals and is possibly the Poppiest thing he’s ever done. Don;t come here looking for the chainsaw synths of old, but as far as massive Pop tunes go, it;s pretty subversive.

Drawing in influences from afar afield as rough Electro and Gospel. datA and Benny Sings have put together a massive, cinematic tune full of bombast and drama. The main focuses here are Sing’s powerful croon and a hammered melodic piano; these centrepieces driving the tone and the rousing energy of the song. This rides on a solid dance beat, although the floor-friendly qualities of the track take a backseat the the emotional power of Don’t Sing. A strange but utterly compelling combination.

♫ datA (Feat. Benny Sings) – Don’t Sing

datA’s Don’t Sing is released 9th February.

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[Download] Röyksopp’s ‘Poor Leno’ reMixed by Laberge



Röyksopp’s, Erlend Øye voiced, Poor Leno is one of our favourite track of all tie. In fact, Melody A.M. is one of our favourite albums of all time, so it is a brave producer (in our eyes) who tackles such an iconic song. Canadian producer Laberge dived in head first with his reMix, not only playing with perfection, but also doing in completely hardware style, even the sequencing. Y’know what? He pulls it off.

Laberge serves up a storming slice of House with all the trimmings. Whipping up the  tune from a summery, slightly melancholic, introspective wig-out into a bouncy, funky, House jam Laberge build his reMix from layers of loops; keeping the beats tight and energetic and the bass low and rumbling. Morphing snatches of the originals vocals and spinning them in and out of the track he creates something with the soul of the original, but who’s body lives in clubland.

Röyksopp (Feat. Erlend Øye) – Poor Leno (Laberge reMix)

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