[Video] Toddla T Sound’s ‘Acid’


Toddla T Sound    Acid   Official Video    YouTube

Old school Acid House vibes now in the new single from Toddla T’s Toddla T Sound and the new single, cunningly titled Acid.

Check out the video, a nice selection of late 80s video effects that tie into the track nicely.

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[Audio] Dubka’s ‘Deathwish’ & ‘Eumenides’



We got our first taste of Martin Dubka’s début solo single last week with the video for Deathwish. The single has been pretty eagerly awaited round these parts, the man’s production flair for the likes of Tyson, Tesla Boy and Ali Love, alongside a swathe of reMixes and collaborations have all made it right to the top of our playlists. Also, he’s the subject of the the best Future Music In The Studio With… ever (so nice to hear someone actually talking about composition, as opposed to the latest hot DJ chatting about Ableton plug-ins and then looking nervous when someone asks what Key the track is in)

Both Deathwish and it’s B-side, Eumenides, are deeper than deep hypnotic House jams. The former greets you from the offset with a mantra-of-a-bassline and a stripped back Deep House flavour. The vocal chant echoes round a track that perfectly captures the warehouse vibe. Strobe lights and peeps lost in the music. The enigmatic dance vibe is carried over int o the B-side. Eumenides works an enthralling bassline of it’s own, digging deep into robotic grooves with punchy synths that are tempered with a starlight melody. These two from Dubka are aimed squarely at late night dancefloors.

♫ Dubka – Deathwish

♫ Dubka – Eumenides

Dubka’s Deathwish is out now.

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[Audio] Holy Ghost!’s ‘Bridge & Tunnel’ reMixed by Prins Thomas


Holy Ghost!

Norwegian Cosmic Disco master Prins Thomas has given his legendary Diskomiks treatment to the new single from New York DiscoPop duo Holy Ghost!’s new single, Bridge & Tunnel. The track is taken from their storming album Dynamics and sees Tomas deliver two reMixes, a Diskomiks and a Diskodub, alongside work from Midnight Magic.

Clocking in at seven minutes, Prins’ take on on Holy Ghosts! ode to their hometown lays the Scandinavian Disco vibes thick. Layered with a playful bassline and washes of space-age synths, the track also nods to it;s subject matter with broad vintage Disco strings and horns. There’s a nice retro crescendo around the four minute mark, before the track dives into a typically Thomas synth freak out.

♫ Holy Ghost! – Bridge & Tunnel (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

Holy Ghost!’s Bridge & Tunnel is out now.

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[Video] The Young Punx’s ‘All These Things Are Gone’


The Young Punx   All These Things Are Gone   YouTube

The Young Punx have finally made a video for their current single All These Things Are Gone. Because they made you wait a while, they’ve gone and made the video fourteen minutes long just to make up for it.

The clip was put together by frequent collaborator Han Hoogerbrugge. The animation definitely deserves your whole quarter of an hour attention.

The Young Punx’s All These Things Are Gone is out now.

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[Audio] IYES’ ‘Breathe’



Brighton based Indie-ElectroPoppers IYES are back with a new single. We first wrote about these guys back in 2012, and since the they’ve been quietly making waves in all the right circles. The new tune, Breathe, features a little extra production polish from the ubiquitous MNEK who may have been responsible for injecting IYES with a little bassy UK House atmosphere.

The track is a hazy whirl of warm synths and haunting chimes. With a shuffling, almost Garage beat at it;s core, Josh and Melis’ dual vocal performance is delivered as if it were another instrument, making up the resonant ebb and flow of the song. Almost claustrophobic, Breathe is a highly atmospheric music outing that balances perfectly beats and mood.

♫ IYES – Breathe

IYES’ Breathe is out now.

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[Video] Christianoshi’s ‘Trust’


Christianoshi   Trust  Official Music Video    YouTube

London SynthPopper Christianoshi’s single Trust, is getting a massive re-release. Originally out in 2012, the new soaped up version of the Erasure-esque track comes with a reMix from Friends and Christianoshi’s first video.

Directed by Mikko Makela, the clip is all kinds of gay, and all kinds of druggy. I think it might have been Christianoshi’s birthday.

Christianoshi’s Trust is out now.

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[Audio] Kid Astray’s ‘No Easy Way Out’



OK, so bear with me a second here. The new single from Norwegian Indie-Popsters Kid Astray does get a bit guitary. I know, I know, but if you can tune out the jingle jangle it’s actually a delicious ElectroPop tune full of a summery spring in it’s step. Mostly though I provided me with my one opportunity to use the phrase “jagged guitars”. This tune has jagged guitars in it! (or maybe not, I’m not really qualified to say).

It’s fun as hell too. No Easy Way Out has an easy-going bounce that is pretty hard to shake off, and the powerful bass and hammered piano more than makes up for it’s six-stringed shortcomings. Sprinkled with the odd 80s synth line, and a vocal you can’t help but sing along to, were pretty sure there’ll be a place in your heart for No Easy Way Out. It’s ripe for a reMixing too!.

♫ Kid Astray – No Easy Way Out

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[Audio] Colleagues’ ‘Tears’



I should make it absolutely clear tha Sweedish outfit Colleagues aren’t actually my colleagues. I’m nit sure whose colleagues they are, I would presume their won. With actually makes them the most literally named band since 2 Men, A Drum Machine And A Trumpet. I guess they could be called Five Sweedish Colleagues Who Work Together In A SynthPop Band, but that’s a bit of a mouthful.

On to the track! Tears is their second single, and it’s a euphoric four minutes of bliss that takes a The Sound Of Arrows deep ScandiPop sound and gives it an Indie-Electro twist. The synths are all damned chipper and the vocals all heartfelt and earnest. It’d be pretty hard to be in a bad mood with this blaring out of your speakers, dishing out audio candy to everyone in sight.

♫ Colleagues – Tears

Colleagues’ Tears is released 14th April.

Check out more from Colleagues on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Starcadian reMixes Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’



When he’s not releasing one of the best albums around right now, New York SynthWaver Starcadian does a nice line in reMixes too. Although they tend to be few and far between, he always knocks it out of the park. the latest subject for one of his Sci-Fi Disco makeovers is Katy Perry’s single Dark Horse.

Rich. That’s the best work to describe this reMix. Rich and enthralling. Thick, rousing synths and Starcadian’s particular brand of orchestrated strings blend together with a seasoning of Cosmic zaps and pows to create a warm, emotionally evocative synthesizer soundtrack. Perfect for a slightly modulated version of Ms. Perry’s vocals, and a hint of Starcadian’s vocoder wizardry. Pure magic.

♫ Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Starcadian reMix)

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[Video] Dubka’s ‘Deathwish’


Dubka   Deathwish   YouTube

Tyson and Tesla Boy producer, reMixer extraordinaire and the subject of possible the best Future Music In The Studio With… ever, Dubka is about to release his first proper solo single, Deathwish, on AeroPop Records. A deep house grove with a mantra vocal.

Check out the video, shot by Kiran Jay Babla, which features Bugged Out! staple Alan The Dancing Misanthrope.

Dubka’s Deathwish is released 31st March.

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