[Audio] The Other Tribe’s ‘The Fear’



Bristol’s finest electronic rabble rousers The Other Tribe have been flexing their musical muscles with their latest tune. Usually more known for massive summer festival anthems and pounding House tunes, The Fear sees The Other Tribe charting new territory and dipping their collective toe into the waters of something a little more smooth, and something a little more esoteric. Check out The Fear.

This new tune find The Other Tribe folding a little Future R&B, and a little Chillwave, into their dynamic electronic sound. James delivers a slick and laid back vocal performance over an undulating swirl of woody bass and hazy synths. It’s got that subtly hunting quality that the best Chillwave tends to have but looses none of The Other Tribes trademark tribal twist, here introduced via a selection of understated purcussion. The whole thin feels both synthetic and organic at the same time and makes for perfect sunshine chilling music.

♫ The Other Tribe – The Fear

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[Audio] Lenno reMixes Chromeo’s ‘Jealous (I Ain’t With It)’



This, we imagine, is the last of our posts about Canadian funksters Chromeo’s Jealous (I Ain’t With It). Once the stems to a song like this are released into the world, everyone and their dog grabs those coat-tails. We already featured Ride The Universe’s amazing reMix of the tune, a slick laid back Disco stormer. At the other end of the spectrum sit our favourite Finn, Lenno, who takes the track straight to the big room. We’re not expecting anyone to do any better than these two, so case closed.

Taken from their new album White Women, Jealous (I Ain’t With It) was Chromeo’s first single from the album, but weirdly probably the album’s least-strong track. That is, before the likes of Lenno got their hands on it. As we’d expect from Lenno, he makes things truly massive with layers of hugs synths, perfectly produced, Building and building over a Boogie-esque bassline that gives the track a little Disco undertone, Lenno would have the dancefloor in the palm of his hand with this one. Dave 1’s vocals are just the icing on the cake here. We’ve got this on on repeat.

Chromeo – Jealous (I Ain’t With It) (Lenno reMix)

Chromeo’s White Women is out now.

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[Audio] Russ Chimes’ ‘We Need Nothing To Collide’



We’ve never hidden our love for the music of Mr. Russ Chimes; from Dreamwave, through to Nu-Disco, through to Big ElectroPop reMixes, through to floorfilling House, he always nails it. Such consistency must be hard to keep up, but one thing we like about Russ’ released is that he doesn’t just chuck out every old thing he produces on SoundCloud once a week, as seems to be the trend these days. He takes his time, gets it right, and because he hasn’t flooded his fans it makes each release feel a bit more like a special event.

So what’s he got in store for us now? This new tune is called We Need Nothing To Collide and sees the producer verging into new territories. Drawing a neat line between spacy 90s Dance and the current wave of UK Deep House, We Need Nothing To Collide brings a little cinematic ambiance that is vaguely reminiscent of The Orb to a relentless and compelling House groove and delivers an interesting and absorbing new Twist on a subby House sound. The track is taken from Chimes’ forthcoming new EP, titled Sula. We can’t wait.

♫ Russ Chimes – We Need Nothing To Collide (Soundcloud Edit)

Russ Chimes Sula EP is released 14th July via Uno Mas.

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[Audio] Joe Goddard reMixes MNEK’s ‘Every Little Word’



It’s hard to believe that Every Little Word is MNEK début single. The London based singer/songwriter/producer has had his fingers in so many pies in the past couple of years his name had become almost ubiquitous with the UK dance scene. As part of the reMix package for the single, Hot Chip and The 2 Bears’ main man Joe Goddard had turned in this feel good House mix of the tune.

With a big woozy bassline to draw you in Goddard delivers a version of Every Little Word that capitalises on MNEK’s catchy chorus and serves it up on a glorious House platter. With a mellow groove that belies the dancefloor tempo, this remix flow along on a wave of warm synth bass and shuffling hi-hats. You just help but vibe to the comfortable groove and soulful vocals.

♫ MNEK – Every Little Word (Joe Goddard reMix)

MNEK’s Every Little Word is out 9th June.

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[Audio] André Obin’s ‘Loaded Soul’


André Obin

Boston based producer André Obin made some ripples last year worth the release of his The Arsonist album. He returns in the first half of this year with another collection of eclectic electronic tunes called Ways Of Escape; the first track form which is Loaded Soul, and EBM lite Germanic opus that should have him nervous that Goths might like him, ‘cos then his career will be over.

A lot of people are throwing around the word ‘Darkwave’, and whilst those word throwers have probably never heard of Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Project Pitchfork or Das Ich they do have a point. The simplistic, growling synth bassline and whispered vocals are loaded with Teutonic, mascara fuelled, connotations. There’s a little House flavour in there too, and a surprising funk, amidst the synthesizer swirls and Loaded Soul turns-in a confident and engrossing SynthPop soundtrack.

♫ André Obin – Loaded Soul

André Obin’s Ways Of Escape is released 29th April.

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[Audio] Holy Ghost!’s ‘Bridge & Tunnel’ reMixed by Prins Thomas


Holy Ghost!

Norwegian Cosmic Disco master Prins Thomas has given his legendary Diskomiks treatment to the new single from New York DiscoPop duo Holy Ghost!’s new single, Bridge & Tunnel. The track is taken from their storming album Dynamics and sees Tomas deliver two reMixes, a Diskomiks and a Diskodub, alongside work from Midnight Magic.

Clocking in at seven minutes, Prins’ take on on Holy Ghosts! ode to their hometown lays the Scandinavian Disco vibes thick. Layered with a playful bassline and washes of space-age synths, the track also nods to it;s subject matter with broad vintage Disco strings and horns. There’s a nice retro crescendo around the four minute mark, before the track dives into a typically Thomas synth freak out.

♫ Holy Ghost! – Bridge & Tunnel (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

Holy Ghost!’s Bridge & Tunnel is out now.

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[Audio] Nine Lives’ ‘Adagio’



Manchester groover Nine Lives is gearing up for the release of his new single. The Nu-Disco producer is soon to unleashed Adagio, on Vendition Records; due out next month. If you want to start you week with the best on Nu-Disco and Boogie then you’ve come to the right place, Nine Lives delivers both in heaps. Check it out.

An utterly smooth grove, Adagio eases you into it’s flow with a punchy bassline, boarding on Italo and smokey keys. The tune is guided by a warm and soulful vocal, who’s hazy sound contests nicely with the tight synthetic Boogie. A carefree summery tune, this is one of those tracks that makes the world suddenly go into soft-focus. Beats like silk.

♫ Nine Lives – Adagio

Nine Lives’ Adagio is released 7th April

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[Audio] HAERTS’ ‘Call My Name’



It’s not Sunday today, but I‘m writing this on a Sunday morning, and there is nothing more perfect for a Sunday morning I’ve found recently than the new track rom New York ElectroPop outfit HAERTS. More dialled back and chilled than we are previously used to with these guys, Call Me Name shows a new facet to their music, and one we welcome.

Sounding like a moody ElectroPop take on classic American Pop, Call Me Name may be our first hint of what to expect from this Brooklyn four piece’s début album, rumoured to be being co-produced by St. Lucia,. A sweeping cloud of warm synths and gentle beats. Let the almost Chillwave vibe wash over you as single Nina Fabi’s lament rings out in the distance. Like I said, Sunday stuff.

♫ HAERTS – Call Me Name

HAERTS’ Hemiplegia EP is out now.

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[Audio] V V Brown & Kele Okereke’s ‘Faith’


V V Brown is well and truly back to the beats with the forthcoming release of Faith, the third single to be taken from her sophomore album, last years’ Samson & Delilah. This new single version of the track sees ex-Bloc Party frontman and ElectroPop artist in his own right, Kele Okereke take up duet duties adding a new dimension to the song.

Brooding and electronically ominous, the tune could quite easily fell into he trap of being cold and distant, but Brown and Okereke’s warm vocals make sure the tune never looses it’s soul. The Deep House beats and synth grumbling give the song a dancefloor twist too. At first glace it’s a melancholic track, but more intensive listening revels a buoyant optimism but lyrically and musically,

♫ V V Brown (Feat. Kele Okereke) – Faith

V V Brown’s Faith is released 28th April.

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[Audio] Punks Jump Up reMix NSFW’s ‘Getting Away’



Dutch Disco producer NSFW has just released a brand new single via New York’s Nurvous Records, a laid back slo-jam full of soul and rolling bass. The reMix package for the single picks up the tempo and energy levels a bit, especially in the case of this arpeggio fuelled post-Italo beast from London’s Punks Jump Up who’s sparking synths pretty much make the release.

Relentless beats and a pure London Electro vibe permeates every second of this reMix. It takes the dark minimal acid Disco sound of the capital’s seediest clubs and injects a little Nu-Disco fun into them. Delayed analog snyths and a hazy use of the vocal sample push the track into warehouse territory with hypnotic and evolving synth patterns. Whist not as Poppy as some of Punks Jump Up’s output, this reMix is guaranteed to lock them to the dancefloor.

♫ NSFW – Getting Away (Punks Jump Up reMix)

Check out more from NSFW on SoundCloud.

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