[Download] Ben Macklin & Le Flex’s ‘Escape’



After having him reMix his tune Dare, London Tropical groover Ben Macklin has teamed up with Le Flex to produce a brand new original track. Released this week in Macklin’s SoundCloud page, Escape is available as a free download, which is generous of him. Check out the smooth sounds of Escape below.

This is exactly the kind of poolside House jam we love Mr. Macklin for, with an added upbeat injection from Le Flex. Smooth as hell, Escape is dripping with a chilled summertime vibe built on an infectious bass hook and stabbing synths. The percussive keys give it that Topical flavour, but doesn’t overpower it’s laid back House credentials. We’re putting this in the pile marked ‘summer soundtrack’; we can’t wait for better weather to blast this one.

Ben Macklin & Le Flex – Escape

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[Audio] Hemingway’s ‘Lost Tribe’



Torontonian Disco experimentalist Hemingway always serves up something interesting with every tune he releases, which means we pay attention whenever a new track appears. This one right here comes from  the Stratford Ct. 1yr Anniversary Compilation, which is apparently a compilation to mark the one year anniversary of another compilation. It’s worth checking out if just for Lost Tribe, Hemingway’s latest compelling offering.

Hemingway offers up some seriously intoxicating Disco sounds on this one. Intricately crafted, Lost Tribe takes distant elements and melds them into an amazingly funky whole, all held in place by a hi-hat heavy rhythm and a warbling bass. Haunting sound drop in and out of the mix and lilting, emotional melodies drift around the track, making it something wildly more cerebral than it’s contemporaries, but all the time keeping the dancefloor vibes strong.

♫ Hemingway – Lost Tribe

The Stratford Ct. 1yr Anniversary Compilation is out now, get it here.

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[Audio] Betamaxx’s ‘Dreamer’



It’s nearly time for the release of the new album from Pittsburgh based SynthWaver Betamaxx. The new full length records, titled Plug & Play, is due out later this month via Telefuture Records and promises some gloriously vintage synth sounds if this just unleashed teaser is anything to go by. Featuring vocal work from Rat Rios, check out album track Dreamer.

Kicking off with an authentically 80s synth riff, Dreamer bodes well for the forthcoming album. A warm and catchy track in which Betamaxx’s lush retro SynthPop is perfectly paired with Rat Rio’s particularly 80s sounding vocal arrangement. Driving and energetic, the track builds and builds toward it choruses which explode in a cascade of energy. An absolute must for SynthPop lovers. We can’t wait for the LP.

♫ Betamaxx (Feat. Rat Rios) – Dreamer

Betamaxx’s Plug & Play album is released 12th March.

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[Video] Chløë Black’s ’27 Club’


Chløë Black   27 Club  Official Video    YouTube

Moody SynthPop songstress Chløë Black’s rousing 27 Club first broke ground mid-last year, but it now due for a proper single release next month, in advance of which here’s the brand new video.

British director Calum Macdiarmid helms the clip featuring a monochrome, film noir, vibe.

Chløë Black’s 27 Club is released 26th April.

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[Download] DNKL’s ‘Warm Dark Night’ reMixed by VUURWERK



Warm Dark Night originally appeared on Swedish enigmatic SynthPop outfit DNLK’s recent Wolfhour EP and to commemorate their début UK live appearance (this Thursday at the Lexington in London) they are giving way this reMix of the track from Belgian electronic trio VUURWERK. Both acts lean toward the moodier side of the musical spectrum and this reMix sums that vibe up perfectly.

VUURWEK play around with gloomy tones booming bass to soundtrack the original’s vocals. Set to a shuffling, suffering beat, which has a swing not often found in this kind of music, the reMix adds some passionate female vocals to the mix and it heaps on ever more layers of noisy synth work. Gloomy and funky? A combination that works.

DNKL – Warn Dark NIght (VUURWERK reMix)

DNKL’s Wolfhour EP is out now

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[Audio] Anthony & Cleopatra’s ‘Sirens’


Anthony & Cleopatra

London based rising stars Anthony & Cleopatra have spent the last year carving out quite the reputation for themselves. They’re one of those names the we’re not quite sure about yet but always sit up and take notice when you see them mentioned. Their collaborations with the likes of Beni, Sammy Bananas, and most notably, Lancelot have earned them that much. This week they released their début original single. Produced by the aforementioned Mr. Bananas; this is Sirens.

Anthony & Cleopatra (Anita Blay, as in  CockNBullKid, and Alexander Burnett (of Sparkadia) show off their Pop credential here (particularly Anita) as the exude an effortless cool and deliver a smooth mixture of laid back beach Disco and war 80s electronic Soul. With a swing in it’s step Sirens serves up a bouncy Boogie synth bass and a delicious sax solo while Antony & Cleopatra boy/girl vocals trade lyrics in a soulful style. Sink into this one.

♫ Antony & Cleopatra – Sirens

Antony & Cleopatra’s Sirens is out now.

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[Audio] Nocturnal Sunshine’s ‘Take Me There’


Maya Jane Coles

Another full length record in on the way from Ms. Maya Jane Coles. Her 2013 album Comfort is still in heavy rotation around these parts, amazing body of work that it is; and this year we will be treated to the début album from her Dubby alter-ego Nocturnal Sunshine. The first track taken from the self-titled release, due out in May, is Take Me There.

Take Me There deserves to be played on a big rig. Driven by the subs and a shuffling beat, the track is liberally layered with modulated vocal snatches and MJC’s trademark enigmatic synths. Cole’s has always has one foot in Dub styles, from right back in the She Is Danger days, and on Take Me There she revels in her bassy influences, delivering a mesmerising Dub groove and waves of hypnotic tones. This one gets under your skin.

♫ Nocturnal Sunshine – Take Me There

Nocturnal Sunshine’s self-titled début album is released 25th May on digital with a vinyl release coming on Record Store Day.

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[Video] Johan Agebjörn’s ‘You Passed Through’


JOHAN AGEBJORN   YOUNG GALAXY   You Passed Through   YouTube

Sweedish ElectroPop superstar Johan Agebjörn’s new album of quieter, more introspective pieces, Notes, is our now. The albums collaboration with Young Galaxy, You Passed Through, has got itself an companion video.

Directed by Jarrett Sitter, the clip is a dreamlike, shadow theatre animation. The perfect melancholic accompaniment.

Johan Agebjörn’s Notes Is our now.

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[Audio] MG (Martin Gore)’s ‘Europa Hymn’


Martin Gore

Depeche Mode driving force, Techno enthusiast and one of our generations greatest songwriters, Martin Gore, has just announced a brand new electronic instrumental album, due out next month. The sixteen track record will be released under the MG moniker and titled the same; it was recorded post-Mode’s 2013 tour with Gore wanting to “keep the music very electronic, very filmic, and give it an almost Sci-Fi like quality,”. Check out the first taste of MG below in the form of Europa Hymn.

Europa Hymn is an evocative machine symphony. A track that combines Vangelis-esque synth swells with factors industrial percussion. Rather that this electronic experiment being harsh and moody, Europa Hymn is actually a bright and optimistic track. Gore conveys heaps of emotion in his use of dewdrop melodies and rising keys. We kinda’ wish modern Depeche Mode albums sounded more like this.

♫ MG – Europa Hymn

MG’s MG is released 27 April.

Check out more from MG on SoundCloud.